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Woman: Jackie Zeman

Jackie Zeman
Malibu, California


Actress on General Hospital, Spokeswoman for Zestra

Marital Status

Attended New York University briefly but left after landing a contract with One Life to Live.

Her Fab Quotient

You might say that FOF Jackie Zeman was destined to be a soap star. At nineteen, she was cast in a commercial as the Jergen’s soap girl. “It was one of my first acting gigs. I was in a bathtub with bubbles,” says Jackie.

You are beautiful

have you had anything done to your face becasue it is flawless.how do you keep it wrinkle free.im 58 but my face has some wrinkles around my lips and sides what do you recommend


I have always thought she was pretty. I never was a soap opera fan, but did see the shows years ago in between jobs. I have seen her face change just like the rest of us, I'm 59, and to say she is pretty, that's true, but her face is full of fillers and that you CANNOT say, no way. I have no problem with natural fillers, but her face looks like its full of collagen. Chemicals will catch up with you eventually.

Beautiful inside and out

Jackie is totally beautiful inside and out. She has managed her career and her family with grace always making sure she has time for everyone. She is a lovely person through and through and I am so lucky to have her as a friend.