8 things to do before it’s too late









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  • Only 2 I’m really interested in. Forget the rest. Find me something better

  • I’m 6 out of 8. The two that are missing…I’ll try one and forget the other. I would add: learn to snowshoe, visit Antarctica, volunteer in another country, sail the seven seas, take a one on one trip with each grandchild and go on at least one more romantic trip with my husband.

  • Cecile Wheatley

    WOW!!!!! Seven out og eight!!??? Not bad!!

    • Geri

      which are you missing, Cecile?

  • Victoria

    Well, all of you folks who are outraged by the suggestion to try pot, please consider the fact that pot really helps people with a variety of medical problems that plague older people, such as cancer, chronic muscular pain, and major depression. Beyond that, there is no medical evidence that would suggest that occasional recreational use harms the user in any way. In fact, it could help you calm down and enjoy life a little more. it has been legalized in several states, and in many others it is nothing more than a $100 ticket if you are “caught” with it. Using the term “illegal drugs” lumps pot in a category with cocaine, heroin, etc., and it simply does not belong there. Like anything else, overuse causes problems, but there are many other substances (such as tobacco and alcohol) that are legal, and cause far more social and personal problems than pot does. Have you ever heard anyone say, “My husband smoked pot and then beat me up?” I would direct your outrage to something that really does cause serious problems.

  • Carolyn

    I WAS interested until I saw that you promote use of illegal drugs. I don’t read every word of every article, so perhaps there has been more “promoting illegal activities” that I have missed. I hope NOT & I pray “NO MORE.” I’ve lost respect for FOF entirely. GROW A BRAIN! Perhaps yours died w/use of drugs? THIS IS AGAINST THE LAW! Really disgusts me.

  • Karen Cunningham

    Eight out of eight for me. Got more suggestions?

  • Annette

    I think it’s time for some do overs. Or maybe something new and different, aside from the memorable meals and astonishing sex! Now I want to come up with 8 more things to do before it’s too late. I recently crossed these things off my list – zip lining in the mountains, hot air ballooning, and going to see girl’s roller derby (I know, I know, but it was an entertaining experience to see the NY’s Queens of Pain and the Brooklyn Bombshells). Thanks for the renewed inspiration!

  • Oh yeah, go back to Paris, restore a passion for gardening…ummm pot! which i will have to learn process thru test trials. Skinny dipping is now chunky dunking for some of us. Either way it feels GREAT. the amazing sex part count if its electronic?? OR MEMORIZATION? Once again, either is good for me. The story about myself was for my grandkids as they were included as exoctic animals”IT’s FUN BEING B”.Thanks for taking me on a mind trip!!

  • Ter

    I have no desire to see Paris. Otherwise, thanks for the memories!

  • maxie

    Paris is on my wish list.

  • Yes to all of these! More than once, too!

  • Rosemary O’Koren

    I haven’t done 4 of them and I’m not interested in do so. I want to travel more and be more productive in my passion for sewing. I love wine dinners.

  • Diane

    Everything but the pot…..I am turning 70 soon…Should I??? Maybe I will….

    • Geri




  • OMG! 8 out of 8. Does it count that I did most of those things 30 years ago or do I have do them all over again?

    • Geri


      it counts, but do them over again! 🙂


  • Well, 5 out of 8 isn’t too bad for a 50-ish gal!

  • Aileen Coles

    Just have to see Paris & write about it! 🙂

  • Shari Roe

    Mary Jane and skinny dipping, her I come!!! I guess that’s pretty good for 53. Paris was by far the best of all though, even though I only had 48 hours there.

  • The 7 things that are legal are great. Are you really advocating use of illegal drugs? Seriously?!

  • Halfway there – I need to get busy!

  • Terri Timmons

    Great List, done some, will get started on the rest!!

  • Skiwoman61

    All done

  • patti bell

    Well 6 out of the 8 isn’t bad! Enjoyed some more than others but would do it all over again, maybe with more gusto!

  • Linda

    Hmmmm. The only one I haven’t done is write a story about myself… 😀

  • I have done them all!!! I need a NEW list!

    • Geri

      hi alisonwonderland,


      We’ll do a new list but Paris will have to stay on it 🙂


  • Sharyn

    Have done 6 out of 8!