Enhancing Lips 101


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Photo Credit: Wagner Cesar Munhoz

If you have thin lips, and still want to wear red lipstick, an orangey-red will give you a sexy, charming vintage look. After applying the lipstick, subtly blend a lighter, but complementary, lipstick color in the middle of your lower lip for a lip-enhancing effect. Darker lipstick colors are good choices for fuller lips, but avoid dark burgundy and brown if you have a fair complexion. These shades, however, illuminate darker skin.

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2 Responses to “Enhancing Lips 101”

  1. Sherry Hafassa says:

    Thank you Faby, I am glad the article was helpful to you, keep reading our faboverfifty for more tips and tricks on makeup and beauty….

  2. faby says:

    Putting a lipstick on has always been a struggle for me. Thank you for the tips. I luvvvv reading your instructions. Nothing seems impossible now!!! And I, now, use the olive oil….every night. This is great.


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