Enhancing Lips 101

Many of us wouldn’t mind having fuller lips, maybe not Kardashian-style lips, but plumper than they are now. They’ve definitely lost volume, not to mention shape and moisture, during the last few years. Injections are an option, but we’ll leave that choice to the celeb sisters.


Lip-plumping glosses are a lot cheaper, not to mention less painful. They’re formulated with natural ingredients, like cinnamon, spearmint, or peppermint, that stimulate blood flow by actually irritating the lips, making them tingle and appear plumper. Glosses blended with nourishing moisturizers, like shea butter, also help contribute to fuller lips, even if for only a few hours. And, gloss with shimmer brings light to your face, another magnifying trick.


Note: Avoid lip gloss if you have tiny wrinkles around your upper lip since it will smudge and look messy. Use a matte light lipstick instead, with a dry matching lip liner.

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  1. Sherry Hafassa says:

    Thank you Faby, I am glad the article was helpful to you, keep reading our faboverfifty for more tips and tricks on makeup and beauty….

  2. faby says:

    Putting a lipstick on has always been a struggle for me. Thank you for the tips. I luvvvv reading your instructions. Nothing seems impossible now!!! And I, now, use the olive oil….every night. This is great.


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