{FOF Recommendation} A FFF Cream (Fab Firming Face!)

Fifteen FOFs recently tried Laurie Hermann’s Skincare Face Lift Firm It ($49 for .5oz). Her #1 best seller, the luxurious moisturizer, can be used daily on the “face, eye and neck,” according to the manufacturer. The “all-natural” cream includes Moroccan argan nut and pomegranate seed oils, which promote collagen and elastin production to “firm up your skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.”

Did this all-natural product bring out a gorgeous glow? See what our testers had to say!

We averaged the ratings of the 15 testers—check them out!

1. Did you like how it hydrated your face?

2. How well did it diminish your fine lines and wrinkles?

3. Do you think that the product made your skin smoother?

4. Did you like the fragrance of this product?

5. Please rate this product.

“I really enjoyed this product and it hydrates my skin like no other. I really feel like this will continue to reduce my fine lines and wrinkles,” says LaTia of Baltimore.

Angela of East Williston, NY, reports that she has “gone outside with nothing on my face but this product and got lots of compliments on how good my skin looks.”

To learn more about Laurie Hermann’s Skincare, visit her site here.

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