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Do I have to have an eye doctor refer me first to have a surgeon to do my eyelids?

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I am 26 years old and wanting to get a mastopexy (breast lift) with no implants. My breasts actually have a lot of “good tissue”, but after 2 pregnancies, of course, they are now sagging and lost their fullness. I had a consult with a PS and she is board certified and I checked her credentials and all that before meeting with her, however after looking at some of her “before and after” mastopexy pictures, I was not happy with what I saw.

Is it smart of me to keep looking for another surgeon just based on the photos? Or do I need to consider that my case could have a better outcome because my breasts aren’t in too bad of shape? I feel like I see so many after photos where the breasts look “square” or “boxy”, and that is absolutely not what I want!

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After you have a tummy tuck, can you have more children?

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Butt surgery on right implant due to stitches opened up/tunnel not healing. Implant was sterilized & open wound inside & outside stitched up. Then I formed a capsular contracture – bad scar tissue that formed all the way around 1 implant and I got seroma (fluid collection). From the build up & fluid made the implant fall out of place and butt has sagging skin. I need a butt lift now. Any suggestions?

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I am 54. I have an upper denture. I have “lost” my top lip. Am I a candidate for botox above my lip or is a lip injection a better option?

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Margaret Maks

I am a licensed Realtor for Re/Max Impact in Westerville, Ohio. I serve buyers and sellers throughout Columbus and have been in business for 8 years. Please let me know how I can help you with any of your real estate needs!

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Betsy Stretar

I blog at The Journey Within ( I am a married, mother of eight, flight attendant and writer. I write primarily to middle-aged women who are in any type of transition and feel a bit lost with the process of shedding old roles and identities to embrace the new person they are becoming. This project is called FOUND IN TRANSITION, which I hope to eventually become a published book. I am looking for an audience of women who need some encouragement and guidance as they navigate through these often tumultuous waters. I offer an honest, faith-based perspective that is meant to help women embrace their new identity with boldness, confidence and inward courage and faith. Thanks for this opportunity!

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Florence Lathen

I provide executive, professional, and life coaching to individuals and to groups in business, private, and non-profit settings.

I have extensive practical knowledge to coach senior executives and high potential leaders to realize their full leadership potential within their organizations.  My coaching approach is facilitative partnership, fostering both optimization of leadership strengths as well as development of the expertise needed to fill behavioral gaps.

Education and Certifications
• Associate Certified Coach (ACC)
International Coaching Federation
• Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) Coaching
Training Institute
• Hogan Assessment Certification
• Prosci Change Management Certification
• B.S., The Ohio State University

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Phyllis Syracuse

Are you unknowingly using products that are disrupting your endocrine system or are linked to birth defects, diabetes, obesity, autism, ADHD, or cancer?

The Presidents Cancer Council reported that just 10% of cancer is genetic; 90% is environmental, caused from what we breathe, eat, drink, put on our skin. As a matter of fact, It’s actually more dangerous to put a product on our skin than to eat it! What we eat is detoxified by the body while what we put on our skin goes into the bloodstream.

There are over 80,000 chemicals in commerce, most untested. But some have been proven harmful and are heavily in use in products we use every day!

Ava Anderson Non Toxic offers safe alternatives, including skin products, cosmetics, scents and hair products for us, baby, men and home. Our products are made from organic botanicals and pure essential oils and have been tested.

If you’re interested in healthy alternatives, email Phyl at for the current party number before ordering.

Linda McCoy

Formerly a Chicagoan, Linda now lives in the Cincinnati area. She has over 30 years of painting experience.

Linda’s diverse body of work, including still lifes, landscapes, wildlife and portraiture, reflects her passion for colorful, sunlit scenes. She enthusiastically paints the joy inspired by light as it makes its journey around and through everyday objects and places. Collectors love Linda’s eclectic, impressionist-like palettes, combined with her sense of form and light. She works in both oil and watercolor, which look magnificent hanging side by side.

Linda teaches oil and watercolor workshops for the galleries where her art is represented.

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