A Fact-Filled–And Fun–Guide For Every Woman, From 18 To 118!

It will surprise me if a new book, called The Complete A TO Z for your V, A Women’s Guide to everything you ever wanted to know about YOUR VAGINA: HEALTH, PLEASURE, HORMONES, AND MORE, doesn’t become a best seller.

It’s smart. It’s friendly. And, it’s funny. It’s a must read (and easy to read)  for every woman, whether she’s started menstruating, or stopped getting her periods years ago! That means you and your sisters, your daughters and your nieces, and every single one of all their pals.

The author is Dr. Alyssa Dweck, a respected OB/GYN who has a vast knowledge of women’s sexual health and happiness, and was determined to share it because most of us are big dummies about our vaginas.  If you don’t think you’re a dummy, do you know the meaning of transition zone, when you can stop using contraception, and how you can treat a Bartholin cyst? Have you even heard of a Bartholin cyst?  I hadn’t, and I didn’t know the answers to 12 other questions on the 31-question quiz in Dr. Dweck’s new book, which she calls a “doctor’s guide for the laywoman.” I know the doctor personally, have interviewed her numerous times, and enjoy learning from her about this subject, which has too long been treated as a taboo!

Not only is The Complete A TO Z for your V packed with valuable information; it’s presented in an appealing, simple-to-follow format. Each chapter is divided into lots of small, digestible sections with big headers and cute, colorful illustrations, including the one of the vagina on page 25 that clearly labels each part of it! You’ll learn how to find your G-and A–spots; what’s going on when you’re about to peak, and then lose momentum; whether to use birth control in perimenopause; what stokes the flames of hot flashes, about fragrances, perfumes and foul odors, and worlds more.

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