CTI Ambassadors: Canada


With over 40,000 people trained globally in Co-Active coaching and leadership skills, CTI (www.coactive.com) supports the growth of its alumni Community, through a team of Ambassadors who represent the company in cities across North America. This passionate team of Co-Active learners and leaders provide opportunities for our alumni to deepen their learning and expand their personal network through continuing professional development events. Ambassadors also invite local businesses to learn more about the value of building conscious interpersonal relationships; contribute to the local community through social responsibility programs; and provide opportunities for the local community to create new connections and friendships. At all times there are many opportunities for people new to CTI to experience the transformative power of Co-Active coaching and human connection. We look forward to meeting you!

*CPCC = Certified Professional Co-Active Coach


Nicole Owen, CPCC

Within the first 10 minutes of her first Co-Active Coaching course, Nicole saw the untapped potential that had been hiding inside—which found expression in working with artists and women. As an artist and performer herself, Nicole understands their need to embody creative purpose through authenticity, belief, and courage. It is her desire to help others uncover their own personal wholeness and untapped potential so they may create the life they long for. Inspired by her experience in CTI’s Co-Active Leadership Program, she co-founded In The Change Room, a community to create conversation around body image and reconcile the relationship women have with their bodies.

Tel: (403) 617-2534

Leah Halvorsen, CPCC, PCC

Leah is passionate about creating a vibrant and connected community in which coaches find success by blending CTI’s teachings with their own unique contributions and motivations. As a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) and a graduate of CTI’s Leadership Program and an active mentor with the Leadership Mentor Program, Leah is a fierce advocate for the ongoing nurturing of leadership learning. Leah is the Founder of What if…Life and Leadership Coaching. Her 13 years of experience working in crisis intervention helps inform her coaching specialty: Heart-Centered Discovery and Empowerment Coaching. Leah also provides unique Leadership Development experiences to youth and other organizations which focus on Compassionate and Empowered Leadership.

Tel: (403) 279-5324


Jason Billows, CPCC, ACC

As a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) and leadership consultant, Jason helps people become more effective leaders so they can have a lasting, positive impact on themselves, their relationships, their organizations, and the world. He specializes in working with new and emerging business leaders, and with individuals who want to become more effective leaders in their personal life. Jason is a multiple Ironman triathlete and believes that a healthy lifestyle is a key factor to being a truly effective leader. He has worked with numerous charities as a board member, committee member, and volunteer, and is proud to have played a pivotal role in raising millions of dollars for youth, education, health, and arts initiatives. Jason is also an Accredited Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation, is certified in The Leadership Circle assessment and methodology, and has studied Organizational Relationship Systems with The Centre For Right Relations.

Tel: (510) 714-8852


Kristen Bentley, CPCC, C.P.D.C.

Kristen is a former Optometrist and business owner turned Co-Active Coach. After being introduced to CTI and Co-Active principles in 2011, she transformed how she lives and works, and is driven to inspire others to do the same. Kristen is passionate about transforming individuals, homes, and workplaces into their best and most vibrant versions. She revels in the similarities that people have in common and appreciates the creativity and innovation that comes from differences. She believes that the Co-Active approach is a perfect blend of this reveling, appreciation, and passion, and is the answer to bringing humanity and sanity into the world. Kristen is a graduate of CTI’s Co-Active Leadership program and is also a Certified Physician Development Coach. She is driven to share how powerful this work can be for the individual healthcare professional as well as the healthcare system as a whole

Tel: (705) 795-4906


Susan Jordon, CPCC, ACC

Sue is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) and a graduate of CTI’s Co-Active Leader Program. She is an entrepreneur at heart with a background in business, having co-founded a national organization and other smaller ventures. Her private coaching business specializes in leadership, small business and entrepreneurial coaching, as well as workshops to various associations and groups. As an inspired mother (her oldest son is a cancer survivor) and grandmother, Susan feels it is part of her legacy to ensure that future generations are not shackled by their own self- limiting beliefs or the ways of living dictated by society today. She especially embraces her newfound profession to not only coach but to support others in their dreams, bringing this work into everyday lives and business communities to really make a difference.

Tel: (604) 417-5214