Georgia On My Mind

THE MIGHT OF WHITE: O’Keeffe loved black and white clothes, such as this 1920s cream silk crepe“ flapper style” tunic, which she created herself and  probably wore over a matching slip or dress. The narrow sleeves sport mother-of-pearl buttons at the cuffs. 

OH CHUTE!: This 1954 “Chute” cotton dress, one of the first Pucci dresses to be sold in the United States, shows O’Keeffe’s interest in contemporary fashion, and, like her abstract paintings at the time features pure geometric forms.  The artist added the black bands at the wrists and neck.  

ASIAN INFLUENCE: A spectacular kimono-style evening coat, in rayon, with a painted silk crepe lining, and an appliqued satin ribbon motif. O’Keeffe wore it around the late 20s and early 30s.  It is handmade, although it is not certain that the artist created it.   

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