Persona Personalized Supplement Winners Give The Program “A”Assessments

Most of us absolutely require nutritional supplements as we age, for everything from sleep issues and brain fog to digestion and decreased energy. But, it’s downright bewildering and annoying to hear the constantly changing and contradictory reports about what’s beneficial, and what’s not!

Persona is a new online supplement service that makes it super simple to get personalized, doctor-approved vitamin recommendations (its Chief Medical Officer is Dr. Michael Roizen from the renowned Cleveland Clinic). Premium supplements are delivered right to your house in convenient daily packets with instructions when to take each one. And, they’re 30 percent less than other premium brands. Brilliant!

Two FOFs recently won three-month supplies of Persona personalized supplements: Michelle Price is 54 years old, from West Allis, WI. “I just turned 54 and I’m trying to be over all healthier. I have tried a variety of different vitamins and I’m looking for the right ones for me,” Michelle wrote when she entered the giveaway. 

Freya Paccione, from Brooklyn, NY, is about to turn 44. “Ever since I had a minor health scare last summer, I’ve been very interested in vitamin supplements but I’m a bit overwhelmed by all of the choices available. I would love for the process to be simplified and have exactly what I need to take every day,” Freya said. 

Learn what they thought about their Persona experiences. 

What did you think of the 5-minute assessment that helped Persona determine which vitamins you’d need? 

Freya “It was pretty thorough and I actually enjoyed filling it out.” 

Michelle “Easy and it took very little time.” 

Did you feel that the recommendations addressed your concerns? 

F “Absolutely! The recommendations were spot on and I’m very satisfied with them. I really appreciate that Persona also offers recommendations for additional vitamins/supplements that would be beneficial to me and I have the option to add them to my monthly pack without having to worry about any interactions.”

M “Very much so.”

How was the experience receiving the supplements?

F “Excellent!  I received my first shipment rather quickly (via FedEx) and I was so impressed with the packaging! I keep the box right on my kitchen counter so I’ll never forget to take my vitamins. The box is very compact and I love how it dispenses the packs!”

M They were delivered USPS directly to my door.” 

Did you get enough background info on the contents of the pack and how it would benefit you? 

F “Yes! I really appreciate the information, which is easy to understand. Everything comes inside a  professional-looking folder with my name on it.”

M “Yes, actually I was given more info than I expected.” 

Did you find the packs convenient? 

F “Very convenient! I’d been wanting to add more vitamins and supplements to my health regimen but I was overwhelmed by all of the choices on the market so I ended up settling for a basic women’s multivitamin but felt as if it wasn’t enough for my needs, which is why I’m so happy to have found Persona!” 

M Yes. I don’t have to put any thought into my vitamins now. All I have to do is grab my morning pack and begin my day and my evening pack at the end of the day.” 

Do you travel with the packets during the day or take them only at home? 

F “I mostly take them at home but there have been instances where I’d have to take a pack or two with me.”

M Yes, I take them to work with me.” 

If you had concerns about sleep, energy or digestion, are you feeling any different?  Those are things you typically feel pretty quickly.” 

F “OMG Yes!  I was surprised how quickly I felt improvements. I’m excited to experience even more improvements in the weeks to come!” 

M “I do feel my energy level has increased. I will relate more at my next assessment.”

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