What’s Your Sleep Number?

I’m a beast if I don’t get my 10 hours!”
Susan Maxoudian


Aim for 8. However, normally only get 5 (Sun-Thurs); Fri & Sat I get at least 8.”
Sharon Makin

Five hours, then I’m uncomfortable and bored.”
Tony Jayne Miskiewicz


Lucky if I have 6 hours. Got used to it. But I’m taking care myself. Try to do the exercise before going to bed.”
Edith Velasco

I take a Xanax and a five mg Ambien. Sleep about 5 hours if I’m lucky. Wake up tired and shaky.”
Debbie Myers-Kassing


Reading all the comments I now know I am not alone…3 or 4 hours is usually the norm and then dozing from 2 am or 3 am onwards until getting up. I can’t for the life of me sleep in anymore, even if I go to bed late. Makes life very tiring.”
Dianne Becker

Tell us below how many hours of sleep
you get each night.

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