Are You Cordial With Your Ex’s Significant Other?

Jennifer Aniston had no reason on earth to be cordial to Angelina Jolie. After all, AJ had an affair with Brad while he was still married to JA. But many of you are cordial, even friends, with your ex’s significant other, for a range of really good reasons. Of course, some of you aren’t big buds, and your reasons are just as good!

“Yes, maybe not at first, but because of our situation at the time, she took care of him when he got sick. But the more time we spent on visits, we got to know each other. She was not the cause of our divorce. He died five years ago, and she and I are still friends.”
Barbara J. Novakowski

“Yes, I have a very cordial relationship with her. She was not the cause of our breakup, and she has been very nice to my daughter. When my husband and I moved to a town near them, we went to dinner with them and enjoyed it. My daughter was freaked out! We are not best buddies, but there is no point in animosity.”
Nancy Fahey McCune

“Yes, I feel bad she has to put up with him!”
Jackie Hewett  

“Yes I’ve gone on vacation with her.”
Kimberly Ann Rice

“Not a chance.”
Joyce C Stewart

“Nice to her, mean to him.”
Mary DeBold

“Always, she’s not the one who cheated.”
Lori Rodgers

“No, she is rude and obnoxious, and thank God I do not have to deal with her because my daughter is now grown, but they have no relationship with my daughter. I guess she did not fit into their lives anymore!”
Barb Viozzi

“I don’t know why this is the new style of behavior. The end of my marriage and the custody battle that ensued was the most painful and stressful thing that ever happened to me. I took my marriage seriously and I feel bad about how it ended. I could never be friendly to the ex or to any of the many women he has chosen to consort with. I do not want any of my children to copy his destructive behavior.”
Joan Isakson

“Absolutely. She’s a great stepmom to my daughter.”
Susan Hovey Slattery

“Yes, I like her very much. She raised his daughter beautifully!”
Lena Cooper-Wike

“Hell no. Why? There’s really no need to be unless there are children involved.”
Mary Davis

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  1. Shalilah Russell says:

    I don t think my ex ,swife wanted to be friends with me. Probably was afraid he d want me. Lol


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