Are You Cordial With Your Ex’s Significant Other?

Jennifer Aniston had no reason on earth to be cordial to Angelina Jolie. After all, AJ had an affair with Brad while he was still married to JA. But many of you are cordial, even friends, with your ex’s significant other, for a range of really good reasons. Of course, some of you aren’t big buds, and your reasons are just as good!

“Yes, maybe not at first, but because of our situation at the time, she took care of him when he got sick. But the more time we spent on visits, we got to know each other. She was not the cause of our divorce. He died five years ago, and she and I are still friends.”
Barbara J. Novakowski

“Yes, I have a very cordial relationship with her. She was not the cause of our breakup, and she has been very nice to my daughter. When my husband and I moved to a town near them, we went to dinner with them and enjoyed it. My daughter was freaked out! We are not best buddies, but there is no point in animosity.”
Nancy Fahey McCune


Gay Divorcée Or Made For Marriage?

It’s pretty safe to say that many divorced FOFs aren’t interested in remarrying. Living with someone?  Perhaps. But only if they still can enjoy their independence.

“Never say never,” advise others, who have found their soulmates and expect to live happily ever after!

I couldn’t start over. It would be too tough.”
Myrna Barajas Cardenas

I’m 60 and like being active. He would need to run, cycle, swim, row, sail and hike, like wine and, of course, be Vegan, also like dogs. If there are any such men out there lol.”
Janice Marshall


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Are You Friends With Your Ex?

Just because he’s your ex doesn’t always mean you have to ex-cise him from your life. One FOF wrote that she now gets along better with her former husband than when she was married to him! We love these responses to our question: Are you friends with your ex?

“Yes, we made it work for the kids. Attended bday parties, shared xmas with ex and our spouses. Made a huge difference for the stability of our kids.”

Jean Farrell

“I was married to my husband for 21 years when we finally decided it was time to divorce. Our kids were 21 and 16 at the time. Instead of taking the traditional route of two attorneys, we did mediation. It is a completely different process when you sit across from the father of your children, discussing all aspects of how to end the marriage. We agreed to ‘agree’ to whatever the law said was fair. We didn’t argue about a single issue, even though there was significant financial issues at stake.

“Over four years later and we have very civilized conversations with each other, mostly about our kids. We have on occasion taken our kids to dinner together. They think we’re nuts because we get along better now that we are divorced!”

Joannie Matter

“Tried, but the first one threatened me at a family event because I wouldn’t do what he wanted and the second ex got angry because he thinks it’s unfair that I stopped him from continuing to run the business in my name, for which I never received any compensation for. Guess I give up-never again because I don’t want to be controlled ever again.”

Dorothea Kay

“Friends, sure, but after a while you start to remember WHY he’s an ex.”

Suzanne Houston Nash

“Nope, he was a cheater and controlling.”

Chris Hartzell

“I tolerate and act civilized. Friend? No!!!”

Nancy Hammarstedt

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