Gay Divorcée Or Made For Marriage?

It’s pretty safe to say that many divorced FOFs aren’t interested in remarrying. Living with someone?  Perhaps. But only if they still can enjoy their independence.

“Never say never,” advise others, who have found their soulmates and expect to live happily ever after!

I couldn’t start over. It would be too tough.”
Myrna Barajas Cardenas

I’m 60 and like being active. He would need to run, cycle, swim, row, sail and hike, like wine and, of course, be Vegan, also like dogs. If there are any such men out there lol.”
Janice Marshall

“I watched an older couple marry and then watched the step children fighting over the estate once they both died (even having wills and “all their ducks in a row” etc.) It was not pretty. Why do this to your kids? Live together and don’t mingle your money. It makes life much easier for your loved ones. And I might add the only people that benefited were the attorneys. They ended up with a big part of the estate.”
Robbie Feliz

Absolutely. I like being married and having someone there supporting me in every way. I’ve never been in a cheating relationship so I can’t say how that would feel.  I was a stay-at-home mom who never worried about stability. I have a career now, but I’d still want to be married to a loving man to come home to and share my life with, and vice versa.”
Paula Earley

I’m widowed and would like to marry.”
Jill Chun Luber

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