What He Wants To Change About Her After 46 Years Of Marriage

While the marriages of fellow baby boomers disintegrated all around them (about 50 percent of boomers have weathered at least one divorce), Sarah, 66, and Richard, 70, celebrated one anniversary after another. On Christmas Eve, they’ll be married 46 years! Even when each of them partially retired, and started to spend the majority of the week together, their love has stayed steadfast.

In light of their strong union, FabOverFifty thought it would be fun to have each of them independently answer the same 19 questions. It’s enlightening, not to mention, fun to read their responses side by side.


1. When and where did you meet?

Richard: Labor Day weekend 1969

Sarah: August 1969 in New York City

2. How did you meet?

R: Dating service

S: Computer dating service

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