How Do YOU Feel About Plastic Surgery?

“I remember how I once swore I’d NEVER have plastic surgery. Then, the jowls popped out, the eyelids drooped, and the neck started looking like crepe paper at a kid’s birthday party. I’ve fixed the first two, and would love to do the third when I get the money, and nerve,” said a FOF woman.


I am all for it, if it’s done in a tasteful way. I have had my eyelids lifted because they were heavy on my eyes and making me look tired all the time. Now, my eyes are open and i look refreshed, not transformed.”

Sophie Crête

Photo Credit: William R. Burden, MD, FACS

I am all for it, just not for me, lol. The ones I know who have had it still aren’t happy. One procedure just leads to another. I say to each her own.”

Christine Yvonne  

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