How Do YOU Feel About Plastic Surgery?

Not for me. I’d like to look my age and set an example for my girls. The media has influenced women to unrealistic expectations of how women look.”

Lesley Boyer

Best thing I ever did was get rid of my frown lines 10 years ago. Got tired of people telling me I was angry when I wasn’t. No longer perceived as an angry Beeeeitch.”

Carol Schriner

Having been brought up by a mum who had no knowledge of nutrition, and thought that good parenting was to feed us as much as she could, I became a very overweight teenager who then spent years struggling with my weight. I have an unsightly belly fold left over from the stretching of my skin, that I have been upset by for years. If I can ever afford to have it removed, I will.”

Alison Mitchell

Personally, I think most end up looking less human and more plastic. I also would never say that to any person that chose to have plastic surgery.”

Karen Johnson

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