How Do YOU Feel About Plastic Surgery?

It is as much a personal decision as an individual decision. Some people have great bone structure and genes to begin with. So, depending on what you have been given, will likely influence your decision.

“For some of my friends, they decided to have some plastic surgery, one for her nose as the bridge bothered her. I personally saw no difference, but she did, and it made her happy. No big deal to me. Another attractive friend did not like her sagging breasts so had her breast lift surgery and she was happy.

“Both of my friends told me the costs of their surgeries and they were not overly expensive.

“Myself, I had my neck lift done because of what I inherited and it had bothered me since I was a teenager but got the surgery done at age 57. I am really happy with the result. And, I don’t care what anyone else thinks or says. ”

Terry McCrossan

Photo Credit: Houtan Chaboki, MD

“If one can afford it, and it makes them feel better about themselves, I say, ‘go for it.’ For myself, I will hope that I age gracefully and accept it accordingly.”

Paulette Greyn

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