How Do YOU Feel About Plastic Surgery?

“l had a Lifestyle lift and I’m so happy I did, not to look younger but to get rid of the loose skin under my chin. I didn’t want to be pulled tight so he didn’t, just a little bit. So glad I did! It’s been five years and I may do it again in five more. I did it for me.”

Jimmie Lynn Richardson

Aging is a part of life; It’s too risky! If we take good care of ourselves, plastic surgery could be avoided.”

Nina Nicolas Fiefe

It’s affordable and there are payment plans. I have those big bubbles under my eyes. I don’t mind a few nips and tucks but nothing major..I don’t like pain and there is a measure of risk.”

Maxine Tiger

I’m 50 and I think about it once in a great while. (I honestly don’t think I would ever do it). As long as I’m healthy and happy, I think I’ll be okay.”

Irmalu Gauna Noriega  

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