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Unsurprising Fact #1:  78 percent of us use lubes before having sex, according to an exclusive FabOverFifty survey of 75 women.

Surprising Fact #2: 57 percent of us don’t know the ingredients in our lubes.

Unfortunate Fact #3: The ingredients in the best-selling lubes in the United States can harm our delicate vaginal tissue (which becomes even more delicate as we age!)  Many lubes actually dehydrate our already dry tissues, when we erroneously think they’re hydrating the tissues. Not to mention, they’re sticky, icky, gummy and gooey!

Happy Fact #4: 500 lucky FOFs* will have the chance to try a new lube from Pulse.  It’s absolutely the silkiest, smoothest, most sensual and spa-like lube in the land. And, it’s completely safe and hypoallergenic.

One lucky FOF also will win the sleek-looking, seductively lit Pulse Personal Lubricant Warming Dispenser, valued at $199, which delivers a deliciously warm lube right into the palm of your hand. 

The Pulse Promise

*Once 500 FOFs request a gratis sample of the luxurious Pulse lube, there will be a $1 charge to receive a sample.  

Since we have reached 500, 

to try Pulse’s exquisite lubes for only $1 A SAMPLE!


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