Sound Advice For First-Time Home Buyers

“Make sure it is not in an area prone to floods…..also check out the neighbours because bad neighbours can make your lives a misery.”
Jane Ellen

“Follow your gut feeling! If the inspector says all good, still take a second look! Sometimes it pays to get a second opinion! Air conditioning and heating systems are very expensive to change out and the second inspection could save you thousands! FYI!”
Arlene Selinger Finke

“Make sure it is a home you can see your future in…kids, yard, pets, etc…you will probably be there a long time.”
Carla B. James

“Avoid leaseholds! Go to the seller direct and offer a price that is 20% below the market value.”
Lucy Shewchuk

“Make two lists first. 1) Everything that are must haves in the house. 2) Everything you would like to have in the house. Make sure the house you chose has everything on your must have list. You can always landscape, or paint, or build that fire pit later.”
Rhonda Coty

“Make sure the house is structurally sound. Make sure the location is to your liking – get to know the neighborhood at night and on weekends so you know sound levels and safety. Don’t buy the most expensive house you can afford. Remember there will be expenses, repairs and improvements.”
Diana Roberts

“BEFORE all of that make sure the person you are living with is the right person for with them first for a year before buying anything sure they will stick around and are financially trustworthy.”
Carine Munro

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