{Beauty} Your hair changed color…should your wardrobe?

So, you dyed your hair. Or, maybe you’re going gray, gracefully. Do you need to revamp your closet and cosmetics case to match?  We consulted FOF color guru Jill Kirsh to help us get to the bottom of this color conundrum.

Jill believes that since your hair frames your face, the colors you wear should coordinate with the color of your locks. “If you change your hair drastically, you need to change your clothing and makeup,” says Jill. “If you’re just adding highlights, no big deal. You don’t need to wear different colors.” A few months ago, Jill helped three FOF sisters find new colors to work with their new hair. “When I let my hair go white, I panicked because I didn’t have one color that looked good on me,” says Mary Ann Milhous, one of the FOF sisters. “I called Jill and said ‘I need help!'” Read about the color changes Jill suggested for these FOFs  below.

Mary Ann (left) — “Mary Ann had reddish-brown locks but has let her hair go white,” says Jill. “Burnt orange (see ‘before’ photo) used to be one of her best shades. Now, not so much. It seems fragmented and makes her appear older. A bubble-gum pink (see ‘after’ photo) works so much better with her now-white hair. Your eye is drawn up from the color to her face to her hair and she looks totally put together.”

Janice (right) — “Janice had warm-blonde hair but has gone gray,” says Jill. “Camel (see ‘before’ photo) used to be a really good color for her because it brought out the warmth in her hair. Now that she’s gone gray, camel looks muddy. It makes her gray hair look dull, almost greenish. A chambray-blue (see ‘after” photo) is a much better choice with her gray hair. The cool blue is in sync with her hair color and she looks much more alive.”

Best colors for cool grays:  french blue, mint green, lavender, dusty rose, burgundy, taupe, dove gray, raspberry, off white, winter white and more.

Judy (center) — “Carnation pink (see ‘before’ photo) may have worked for Judy when she was an ash-blonde, but not anymore. Now that she’s added warm, golden highlights to her hair, the pale pink washes her out and makes her newly-caramel colored locks appear a bit brassy. This warm green (see ‘after’ photo) works better.”

Best colors for Judy and other golden brown and redheads: teal, mustard, rust, champagne-white, poppy and more.

“I’m enjoying the freedom of not having to dye my hair every three or four weeks,” says Mary Ann. “And, I’m in the process of changing my wardrobe thanks to Jill. With each new color I wear, I get more compliments than ever!

Want to know what your most flattering colors are? Ask FOF guru Jill Kirsh, here.

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  1. Julie Moffitt says:

    This ladies are friends of mine! You did a marvelous job and they are enjoying their transformations!! Congratulations!!

  2. Rosemary Simm says:

    Oh Jill, You put the happy in their lives!! They are beautiful with wonderful glows. Color is such an easy make over when done correctly. Kudo’s!

  3. Ali says:

    They really do look so much better. Great advice from Jill!

  4. Norma Byrd says:

    This made so much sense! Good job! I had been a redhead (NOT the purple henna shade—more orang-y!) for many years when a new stylist recently decided I should go to a streaked ash blonde. I had doubts but let her do her thing. BIG MISTAKE! Not only did it make me look washed out and tired and my skin appear sallow and colorless, but none of my clothing in the beautiful colors that went with it before worked. I love rust, copper, gold, warm browns, caramel and teal all of which compliment my skin tone. Now all of these just made my hair look gray-streaked and I look OLD. I am returning to the color I was before and can’t wait to get my sense of well-being reinstated! Lesson learned: Not every “expert” knows what’s best for YOU. Rely on your own intuition and common sense.

  5. Beverly Fedorko says:

    Absolutely remarkable – what a wonderful pick me up and life changing advice! Would love to have that done for me!

  6. Chelly P. says:

    Wow! What a difference. Each woman looks younger and more energetic in their new colors. It’s lovely what you do Jill.


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