{Giveaway} Hot Girls Pearls


FOF Connie Sherman is giving away a “cooling” Hot Girls Pearl Necklace and travel purse. Enter to win by answering in the comments below: Do you own a set of pearls?

When FOF Connie Sherman turned 47, her doctor found “questionable cells” in her breast tissue and put her on Tamoxifen. The medication came with an unpleasant side effect–frequent, agonizing hot flashes. “I’d literally come home and stick my head in the freezer,” says FOF Connie Sherman, now in her sixties.

Two years ago, still heated about her hot flashes–Connie began to think about out-of-the-box solutions. A former creative director in NYC for Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue and Bloomingales, fashion was always on Connie’s mind. “I wanted something I could wear, that would actually do something about the heat,” says Connie. “And I’m not talking about a bandana.” She got to work on a prototype for Hot Girls Pearls, jewelry made from beads filled with the same non-toxic icy gel that’s in medical ice packs.

Last June, when she was satisfied with her prototype, Connie rolled out her Hot Girls Pearls necklace in three sizes (16”, 18” and 19.5”) and a bracelet. More recently, she has added two new colors to her line: gunmetal and dusty pink. Her pearls start at $30.

Connie’s cool jewelry has proven a hot commodity–they’ve been featured on ABC’s The View, The Today Show and in Oprah’s O Magazine. Connie estimates she’s sold 5,000 Hot Girls Pearls in less than a year. “There’s not one woman who doesn’t sigh in relief when they put them on,” says Connie.

Enter to win a Hot Girls Pearl Necklace and travel purse invented by FOF Connie Sherman by answering in the comments below: Do you own a set of pearls?

One FOF will win. See all our past winners, here.) (See official rules, here.) Contest closes May 3, 2012 at midnight E.S.T.

Thank you for entering. This contest is now closed.

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  • Yolanda vdWeerd

    I owned a nice pearl necklace which my husband gave me on our wedding day…. -14yrs later, during my divorce; I gave them to my eldest daughter

  • Fawn M. Linschoten

    I have never owned pearls although, I love them. It would be great to have for heirloom for my daughter or granddaughters.

  • Susan Lockwood

    Beautiful! I have Majorca pearls and matching earrings that my husband bought for me on a trip to Spain.

  • kakkie60

    I am having hot flashes regularly now and these would be a blessing. I was a surgical RN for over 30 years and we used to make ice packs and wrap them in towels to then wrap around our surgeons’ necks to cool them down under the lights and impervious gowns which made them so hot. This is a beautiful way to keep cool.

  • kathyire50


  • sandy eckstein

    now i do. when i was 13, for my bat mitzvah, i was given a choice, a bat mitzvah , (this was 46 years ago), a trip to spain or pearls. i took the bat bitzvah, knowing i’d eventually get the 2 others. i did. my parents gave me pearsl for my 5oth birthday. my mom never forgot. they arew sweet and delicate.. these pearls are hubba hubba. i’d love to wear these…to calm my hot flashes first and then for style…….hoping…

  • Indianne

    I own a pearl necklace, but it doesn’t do the trick that THIS one does! I might be tempted to sleep in it! 😉

  • novokate

    I only have costume quality pearls, but enjoy them regardless. I want to tell you that not only do I have hot flashes, I am hot all the time. Everyone around me is freezing and I am hot!!! In Connecticut, in January, I sometimes need to run the air conditioner. I need help and would love to try these pearls.

  • Hotforfifty

    I don’t own a real pearl necklace. Been getting by with a fake one.

  • Ron L.

    I don’t, but my mom sure would love these!

  • Carrie Conley

    No….I do not own a set of pearls…


    I have a pair handed down from relatives but would love these.

  • Ron Miller

    Wife does but more importantly she also has hot flashes 🙂

  • deborahf2

    Now these are the pearls made for every girl!

  • Julie Pounders

    I have some pearls but I rarely wear them. THese look modern and cool though.

  • Angela K

    I do! My great-grandmother gave me a string of dark ivory pearls, which I wore with my wedding dress. She was overjoyed to see me wear them, and I was so pleased that I had decided on a champagne-colored dress (to the ire of my mother, who thought that was a “second marriage” color). It looked beautiful on my skin tone and also enabled me to wear my great-grandmother’s pearls (they would not have worked with a pure white dress).

  • Leslie

    Yes I own a string of pearls. I have a brain tumour and am constantly soaking wet from the underactive pituatary gland. This looks great to me!

    I hope I win!
    Leslie K. Punt

  • Sharon

    Yes I own two sets of pearls. One from my dear mother, who passed away in 1999, they are very vintage and beautiful. The other set is from my wonderful husband who gave me black pearls for my 50th birthday. Pearls are ethereal and timeless and the ultimate accessory. Being in menopause I can truly appreciate the value of this amazing necklace. What a “cool” product !!!

  • Priscilla

    FINALLY, a necklace that’s NOT just a Hot Flash waiting to happen!

  • Karen Mumpower

    Yes, I have a set that was given to me for graduation.


    I have an heirloom set passed down for 3 generations.

  • pam munro

    Yes, I hv pearls – long/short & real/fake!

  • orchidlady01

    I have 4 pearl necklaces in various lengths. The shorter one is the best quality.

  • mary ouchey

    This southern born girl who moved to canada and is living in a constant hot flash has moved to toronto and has no pearls. My daughters birthday is may the 4th be with you. she sure hopes its her lucky day and I have some luck tool!!! She will be leaving on vacation may 3rd when the draw is over. Happy b day sweety . thanks for finding me this contest!!!!!!!

  • Katie5

    Yes I own a set of pearls; but nothing as cool as the Hot Girl Pearl Necklace.

  • fhoagland

    Yes, I have several pearl necklaces…..LOVE pearls and they are a classic.

  • Mary a

    No. I would love to wear these to an upcoming wedding I am invited to in June!

  • mell

    I do own a set of pearls.

  • arlenes

    sure would look nice with my sleek nightie. my husband would think i was dressing up for him… little would he know

  • Susan

    I have collected pearls for a few years. These pearls are beautiful and functional. I would love these pearls to cool my flashes.

  • pattib

    Lands Sakes Alive! Pearls that cool you down; what will they think of next? Could use those anytime down here in the South. And no, I don’t own a string of pearls…..


    I have heirloom pearls. Love these.

  • marylou hundeck

    hotmail hot me Im so hot I have been trying for hours to order the hot girl pearls but live in canada. please help I have medical problems and over heat constantly with any fisical exerction. loosing mobility and hot !!!! Where can we canadians find these wonderful pearls. It is the smartest invention ever thankyou for your time marylou

    • mary ouchey

      mom you forgot to say you have no pearls only Pearls of wisdome .

  • Susan Navidad

    I don’t own any pearls, but would love to try these out! Thanks for the contest.

  • pamela howell

    Pearls? Yes. My fav is a set I bought in Hong Kong to wear upon meeting my baby daughter for he first time in Vietnam to bring her home. I’ve worn them for every imp occasion in her life since.

  • Lita Smith-Mines

    I have a pearl necklace I received as a gift 30 years ago.

    I like the sound of a cooling necklace!

  • msortet

    No, I always wanted my Grandmother’s pearl necklace but my older sister got them instead. I have hot flashes so bad that even if I don’t win, I will buy the necklace and bracelet for myself and all my friends! Please invent an ankle bracelet too – that’s how awful the hot flashes are!

  • Doloras

    I have a pair of beautiful pearls and one handed down in my husband’s family. Your pearls look to be something else. Love to give them a try.


    How amazing. I own a pair but not like these.

  • bearbara

    My mom gave me a small set of pink pearls that were hers when she was a girl. And I bought some freshwater pearls in Hawaii that I love!

  • nancdep5

    Yes, I received a set of pearls years ago after I got married. I think Iwould like the gunmetal color to try. These are definitely new and different.

  • kls_sea

    I have, but small, not like this cool Connie’s cool pearls.

  • Sassybelle54

    I do have a pearl necklace that I love, however I am currently coveting these Hot Girls Pearls. Hot flashes in the South are really a challenge! Looking forward to trying this wonderful invention. I’ve already passed this product info on to all my friends.


    No, I do not own a set of pearls. But, I would love to own these.

  • MotownGirl

    Yes, I own a set a pearls – given to me by my mother who has recently passed away. They were given to her by my father who bought them in Japan for my mother approximately 67 years ago.

    And yes, I would love a set of Hot Girls Pearls – who has gone through, or is going through menopause, who wouldn’t? Hot flashes are horrible. Would rather live in Siberia than go through this again – but Hot Girls pearls would be so much better…

  • eileenrosado

    No I don’t have a set of pearls but I have hot flashes. They were brought on by Chemo for Multiple Myeloma and after a stem cell transplant. Sent me right into menopause. The pearls would be such a great relief from at least one side effect


    My great grandmother left me a set of pearls. Love these.

  • Carla

    I do not own pearls; my mother gave me a string for my 16th birthday, and I believed I would have and cherish them for a lifetime, but I have no idea whatever became of them.

  • Shans

    Yes, I own a set of pearls. And I just got a set of pearl stud earrings.

  • Emily

    Yes, I have pearls inherited from my dear mom–Cultured pearls and fresh water pearls are so lovely. I am completely intrigued/fascinated by the Hot Girl Pearls–what an amazing, clever,considerate, brilliant idea!

  • Maria Renna

    I own several sets of pearls. They are elegant and timeless; however, The Hot Girls Pearl Necklace has that irresistable edge to it that I find very intriguing – and I can relate, since I also went through a “round” of Tamoxifen. Fie!

  • Mary Kime

    No, I have never had pearls

  • Mary1

    I own several sets of pearls, and love that you can dress them up or down. What a fabulous idea these are. To have something so fashionable that at the same time is so functional.

  • Laurie

    I do not own any pearls.. 53 years old and I don’t can you believe it! These are fabulous and given than I just had a total hyst last Friday and am now experiencing wilting hot flashes this would be a fabulous way to help me get through it.

  • Linda

    Yes, I do own a stand of pearls. My father gave my Mother a three-strand set many years before and Mom had them separated; giving one to my sister-in-law when she married my brother and a set to me when I married a few years later. It was a lovely gesture and I treasure them, however, now at the age of 61, I “really” need the Hot Girls variety!

  • JulietteC

    I love the giant size! Pearls are my favorites and I’ve always admired the extra large one like the ones Barbara Bush wears (and Wilma Flintstone!).


    I have pearls that were my great grandmother’s. Love to win these.

  • photophatty67

    My husband calls me his “hot chick”, but not so much because I look “Wow” as it is that I’m always complaining about how hot I am…and in Texas where we live, it climbs to 100+ and stays that way all summer long. I’m so ready for Hot Girls Pearl Necklace! Sounds like a dream come true for this very hot chick…

  • kay wolter

    yes but they are really old and not My style Love this idea

  • Jewel Hopson

    I own my mother’s pearls, and I have fresh water pearls. Although I cherish them, they do nothing to cool the flashes. Some women call this mid-life malady private summers: I call them private crematoriums. Ah, the thought of fashionable help!

  • Zora

    Not real ones. Would love a set of these.

  • leo39

    Yes, I brought the set of pearls from out trip to Mexico. I love to have them and they fit with mostly anything.
    Hot Girls Pearls Necklce issomething I actually need right now.

  • hofken

    I have several faux pearl necklaces but not the real thing.


  • Aggie Pearo

    The only pearls that I own was handed down from my own mother. They have a clasp the kind that you don’t see anymore and the string is so old, I’m afraid it will break. But that doesn’t stop me from wearing it proudly and remembering all the strong women in my lineage.

  • robin

    No, I do not own a set of pearls. However, I suffer from hot flashes and I would really love to win these…..

  • Rebecca Jones

    I have never owned a set of pearls. My husband bought me a beautiful single pearl on a silver chain with earrings. That’s all. I’ve had several strands of “fake” pearls, even some I’ve crocheted.

  • ragamuffins

    I do own a set of pearls. And I love wearing them!

  • Diane Souza

    No, I don’t own a set of pearls. Love them but don’t own any 🙁 I feel they are such a classic and much needed wardrobe staple.

  • Pattie Medeiros

    I love pearls of all kinds and jewelry period!!! I have a drawer in my jewelry chest just for pearls. Thanks for this opportunity.

  • sharon

    Yes, I do, but none as cool as these!!

  • cynderma@aol.com

    I would love to have the pear.l necklace and travel purse. They are beautiful.

  • mawk313

    I would love to own these pearls. I own some, but these are really neat.

  • Gaye

    Yes, several…I love pearls and this necklace is such a great idea! I use one of those scarves that you have to soak first, but my collar always stays damp. Yuck

  • Terri Pett Thompson

    The Hot Girls Pearls is a fantastic idea!! Between Menopasual hot flashes and the fact that at least 3 of the medications I’m on all cause hot flashes, I spend most of my time trying to figure out how to dress professionally while still taking into consideration the fact that my hair is usually sopping wet at some point during the day!! The necklace and bracelets sound like a terrific solution!!

  • Peggy Taylor

    I love pearls, but mu daughter nabs all mine(fake). I don’t have any of these and they sound wonderful. I’m always hot and I doubt she would nab these because she’s always cold.. Even before I started going thru menopause, I was always hot.


    Yes. They are heirlooms passed down from generations past.

  • Di

    Sadly, no I do not own pearls. They would be my choice of all fine jewelry if I had the option.

  • Victoria williams

    Yes I do own a pearl necklace, but not one that would put out the fire around my neck.

  • Kellie

    I own fake pearls only. These Hot Girl Pearls sound awesome!

  • melissa

    Yes, I Own lots of different kind of pearls some real-some not!! Found them at garage sales or thrift shops. But wow I have never heard of or owned any Hot Girls pearls sounds so refreshing………realisticlly ! No pun intended!


    • melissa

      realistically that is lol

  • Frasier5

    Yea , I do own real pearls. I think I am cool when I wear them…but to be really cool I need the Hot girls pearls.

  • kellykat

    yes, I own several strands of pearls in varying lengths—love them—-but I do not own “cooling” pearls. I live in the desert southwest so these would be ideal here.

  • Marsha Curtiss

    My husband gave me a set of freshwater pearls on our honeymoon over 10 years ago and it was the first time I had ever been given any kind of pearls from anyone. I love those pearls so much but I would love to have the Hot Girls Pearl necklace because I have hot flashes all the time.

  • pameladw

    I own several pairs of pearls of varying lengths, and number of strands. Pearls can dress up the most casual of outfits and make them look classy! I love the idea of these cooling pearls and need them desperately! I get so hot and nothing seems to cool me off other than a wet towel to my neck and face! The pearls will be so much more attractive!! LOL

  • Pamela Nielsen

    Sadly, no, I do not own any pearls.

  • wetc87

    Yes, I do, but at this time of my life I need Connie’s cool pearls. Relief please!

  • Nancy Jachcik

    Yes! Pearls are my favorite gem. I have pearl earrings, necklace, bracelet and rings.

  • janis

    not any real pearls but a nice small set of fake ones

  • Marilyn

    Yes I do own a set of pearls. I prefer them over diamonds any day. Hot Girls Pearl Necklace are the coolest ones I’ve ever seen or heard of.

  • Anne

    Yes ….my mom give each of her four daughter a copy her pearls that we each wore when we got married…Cooling pearls are the answer to my prayers…Ahhh relief

  • Kathy

    Yes, I do own pearls my husband gave me years ago. They have a luster that is aquired with age!

  • marysuefinn

    I have a little pearls, I love them. I’m not like Barbara Bush!

  • Penny

    I have two sets of pearls from my Mom’s Mother. One string is long and graduated, the other is a triple strand with sterling clasps. I love them both!

  • Julia Lowy

    Real, fake, choker, short, long, multi-strand…I love them all and they reciprocate by lighting up the mature face!


    Have pearls but none that keep me cool during hot flashes,10 years and still suffer!!!!!!!

  • judychildress

    Love to win the Hot Girls Pearls as I am a polio survivor & wear a full length leg brace made of titanium & lots of leather enclosing the leg. So when I have a hot flash the leather accentuates them & I gets stickier.
    Thank you

  • Barbara M.

    I used to. 🙁 My husband gave me some pearls after six months of exclusive dating, and then we broke up. I didn’t think we were getting back together, so I gave them away. Six months later, he showed up at my doorstep, asking me to marry him. I told him I’d give him a full week to talk and then I’d decide “yes” or “no.” I decided “yes,” and it’s going on six years. I think six is our lucky number.
    These pearls for hot flashes are absolutely brilliant and I’d love to have them!!

  • aj

    OH YES- I really need these pearls!
    I have been wearing sleeveless shirts in 30 degree weather- anything to fight the dreaded flashes-my co-workers think I have a very odd fashion sense!!

  • marie

    No. I do have freshwater pearls given to me by an elderly woman but I have not worn them.

  • Anne Normandin

    No, not real ones.

  • IntoTheMist

    I don’t have a necklace of pearls and yet I have loads of costume jewelry. I have some type of pearl like item found and almost eaten from a shell in the Caribbean. It was grayish in color range. Always, hoped to make it into something.

    This is an item that I have never come across. I suffered from anxiety, panic attacks and I would get overheated in the summer. Running into air conditioning cooled me off too much and made me worse. It is wonderfully creative and a great help to others for such inventions to hit the market.

  • Kai W.

    Yes, I do have a set of pearls from necklace to bracelet and earrings.

  • Rebecca L

    Yes, I own pearls, but not that SIZE!

  • brendell

    I own a pair of “fake” pearls

  • Maureen O’Neal

    Yes, I do, but I don’t WEAR them, just KEEP them!

  • hrbeck_98

    I do own a set of lovely pearls that I received on my 40th birthday, but I could really use these. I am unable to tolerate temperature extremes due to an autoimmune illness and I usually spend the whole summer indoors. These would help for the times that I must go out.

  • Marsha Gallinger

    I do not own a set of pearls but I have always wanted a set. Maybe I should give my kids a hint??

  • Mrsfitz

    I do have pearls however, my sister and best friend are turning 50 this year so I’d “regift” them to one of them (and probably buy a set for the other…). Marvelous idea!!!!

  • Dori Williams

    No – I don’t own any pearls, but would love to.

  • Donna Yates

    Yes U do own a set of pearls. I wear them on special occations.

  • Catherine

    I have tons of pearls, wear them with everything. My mother has given me some of hers, love those, my daughter has given me gifts of pearls, I treasure all of my pearls. They remind me of all the different generations of women in my family.

  • Debra Barber

    No I dont own any pearls!! I saw Whoopie Goldberg wearing these. They are awesome!! I would love to win these Pearls!!

  • sgoulet660

    No I don’t have a set of pearls.

  • Joann Langdon

    Yes I have pearls my husband gave me for a wedding gift. But would love to give these a try!

  • Soledad

    I have fake pearls. Don’t have occasion to wear them often. These however I would. I take Estroven for the hot flashed but still sometimes have a few creep up on me. These would be a good back-up.

    • Soledad

      Oops, of course I meant flashes. I’ve never flashed anyone in my life. 🙂

  • Nancy

    Yes, I do own several sets of pearls. All gifts. Mine and my daughters birthstone is the pearl.

    My daughter has given me my early Mothers day gift………..a chillo pillow for night.

    These pearls for day would be great!!!!

  • joyce

    I do own a strand of freshwater pearls and wear them often. But I would love to try yours. They look absolutely wonderful.
    Thank you.

  • kariann

    Hot flashes gone, sign me up!!

  • Jeanie

    I do own a cultured pearl necklace, bracelet and earrings that were my Mom’s. I do not wear them as I was always told how expensive it is to have them restrung. Mom wore them on a few special occasions. I need to get them checked and wear them!! I have cheap pearls that I wear. I love the clean, sophisticaated look of pearls. By the way, what a neat idea you came up with!

  • JayneRae

    I do own a set of pearls but none as helpful as these might be!!

  • Katherine Persons

    Yes My husband gave me a set at the birth of our last child~

  • Andrea

    I have opera length pearls that were my mother’s(I don’t go to the opera so I loop them). They are real and more valuable than people think(because people I know would think I was wearing fakes)

  • Maurina Veres

    Thankfully, I’m finally the dreaded hot flashes but have several friends who are still suffering. I’m forwarding this information to them. Great idea.

  • NancyLee

    So excited to receive my new pearls. So fashionable & great looking!

  • DarcyO

    Not real pearls, only simulated ones.

  • Lisa

    Yes, several, some from my Mom, some purchased in the Carribean.

  • Linda Carver

    I do not own any real pearls but have always wanted some.

  • nancy homapour

    Yes, I own a set of fake pearls “a la Chanel” which i get a lot of compliments for when i wear them. This lady is a blessed genious. GOD bless.

  • Susan Searcy

    I have never owned any pearls ever in my life.

  • A.J.

    Yes, I do own pearls. I wonder where they are? I have not had them on in years.

  • Judi

    Pearls? NO……pearls of wisdom I’m learning from FOF and
    if pearls can cool you HELP ME!!

  • Reva Shader

    I do own a pearl neckalce and consider it one of my classiest pieces of jewlery. Cooling pearls would certainly be a gem!!

  • Connie

    I own a sweet tiny string of real pearls that my husband gave me yeeeaaaaaars ago. But I mostly wear my super long stands of fake pearls a la Coco Chanel!

  • Ilene

    I love my pearls.dont wear them enough. Maybe I’ll wear these Hot ones!a

  • rita sewell

    COOOOOOOOOOL idea! Love it.

  • BJ Larsen

    Yes, I do own a set of pearls and I wear them with everything.

  • Bev

    No, I dont own any pearls real or fake….

  • Vicki

    My mom has her set of pearls in what is now called my “hopeless” chest that she was given when she first married got married (1953). Guess I need get them out and enjoy them and not wait any longer 🙂

  • Shari Roe

    Just fake ones! Oh, and some fresh water pearls I plan on making a bracelet out of.

  • ann fennessey

    i have some pearls but do not wear them because they are too hot temp.-wise. i am currently going thru menopause sweats 2.0 and am too hot to wear most jewelry.

  • cranepuffin

    I do own a set of pearls that I inheirited from my grandmother.

  • sweeteepie965

    Yes I do

  • Judith

    Yes, I do own one set of nice pearls. I can definitely use a set that cools me off! Would love to try them out.

  • Jan Mardis

    I have a beautiful pearl necklace an earrings. And I know the artist that made them. I always feel like Aubrey Hepburn when I wear them. A girl can never have too many jewels! I would love to win.

  • Janice

    YES!! I am a long time pearl girl and own many, many strands and earrings. Nothing will ever compare to the organic look and feel of pearls. Would love to try these!

  • gratheeus

    Yes, I love my pearls!

  • casey04

    I like pearls and would wear.
    Presently, do not own.


  • v

    Oh, would I love (and could I use) these. They’d be great not only for hot flashes, but to help me stay cool during our tropical summers. We don’t have a/c! And I have SO many friends and clients dealing with hot flashes, it’d be great if I could remove and let them wear my necklace for a few minutes.

    Bet I’d sell a lot of them for you! Can’t afford to buy, because I run an animal-rescue shelter and have no personal “spending money.” But when I find things I love, I’m great at passing them on to others.

    Fingers crossed!!! V

  • S Chou

    This item would certainly be the ideal solution for
    my hot flashes. I’ve had them for over ten years
    now. I have to carry bottles of water, paper towels
    to wipe the sweat off me, samll battery operated
    fan. Always making sure a clean restroom is available when running errands too since I have to replenish
    my bodies supply of liquids to keep me hydrated. It
    becomes burdensome to carry all that in a large purse
    or bag. With this necklace, I would no longer have to
    carry all that or need for a large purse or bag either or
    all those items to keep me cool when I have a hot

  • velder dixon

    no -love these

  • Allyson Baker

    I experience the exact same thing as Connie does. I just finished up my radiation treatment for breast cancer and have been put on tamoxifen. Same hot flashes occur for me as Connie experienced. I would love to own a necklace that would keep me cool! Dusty pink for breast cancer!!
    Thanks so much,

  • Linda Schorel

    I have a regular pearl necklace but unfortunately it doesn’t help with the “hot flashes”. Would love to win these!!! I am 53 and have had hot flashes since my medical hysterectomy at 33 and am not a good candidate for hormones. Anything that could help me with the hot flashes would be greatly appreciated!!! Did I mention I also live in humid Florida?

  • saintm

    I don’t own a set of pearls,,,,,yet, but I’m hinting hard!

  • Becky Worley

    I do not own a pair of pearls, I sure do wish I did now that I know they could help me. I have had hot flashes for 14 years.

  • Donna

    Yes, I do own pearls – doesn’t everybody? What a “COOL” idea – I’d love them.

  • Maggie Jirouschek

    Yes, I own two sets, a peach set and a white set

  • Regina Pellegrino

    No, I do not own a set of pearls.
    This item seems to be just what I have been looking for since medical menopause ( due to surgery) at 48, and thyroid cancer, I have terrible flashes and sweat profusely. It is embarrassing and life limiting.
    I hope I win a set, it seems it would truly make a difference in my life.


  • chillylily2

    I own a 3 pce set given to me as a gift in 2004. Always wanted them, finally got them. Next on my list is a pearl ring, something I have been craving

  • darlene fowlks

    No, I do not own a real pearl necklace.

  • rubyblue9

    I don not own a set of “real” pearls but have several “faux” pearl necklaces which I have always loved.

  • dmnyes

    A solution to my own tropical vacation!

  • Clara Baker

    Yes, I do own a strand of Hot Girls Pearls, 19.5 Gunmetal & they are fabulous. Please enter me in the contest for the giveaway!!

  • Deretta

    I do not own pearls, but I would LOVE these!

  • Lynn

    My husband bought me a string 20 years ago at an Outdoorsman Auction. All the rest of the husbands bid on wildlife art and rifles! Smartest husband ever! They always make me smile and think of how he put me first ahead of things he might want/like.

  • Donna

    Phoenix heat and hot flashes blend smoothly together. Your invention is brilliant. I’m still trying to figure out how to punctuate life without a period. No meds just pearls would nice.

  • Sue Tucker

    Yes! My Mom brought me home a lovely set of Mikimoto pearls many years ago from Japan. They almost didn’t get them through customs, so that made them all the more precious!
    I love my pearls! All the girls in our family got a set and we treasure them!

  • sattalia

    I don’t own pearls. I would love to own yours. I need those pearls, I have the worst hot flashes from everyone I know. Help me

  • jankeyser

    I do, but not like the ones featured here! They seem like a winning combination with the bracelet!

  • Debbie Colchagoff

    I own two lovely sets of pearls that I wear whenever I get the chance. One is a beautiful pale pink, the other is the gorgeous “genuine” pearl color. I would really love a chance to win these pearls however, as I have suffered from hot flashes since 1999, and cannot take any hormones since I have had numerous clots. Antidepressants help a bit, but I am so tired of looking and feeling like I just got out of a sauna or pool, especially when I get all dressed up, and still look like I have been forgot to dry my hair, and my makeup is running down my face…..


    I own a set of pearls and love them. But I really need the pearls for hot flashes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate having to work with the public and suddenly start sweating!

  • wizardewu

    I own one pearl necklace but these Hot Girls pearls would be great.

  • Vickie

    Dont own any genuine pearls but desparately own Hot Flashes and would love to sport these babies and the bracelet around to cool me off and make a fashion statement ; a tthe same time! This has got to be the best idea yet! I love it!! Ingenius!!!

  • Helen

    Love wearing pearls – especially long wrap necklaces (Faux pearls)!!

    Just went to the doctor yesterday – going to try HRT – really could use cool pearls!!! thank you kindly

  • Laurie Coffman

    I do not own a set of pearls. These are a ingenious idea and would love anything that would relieve my hot flashes and make me look more stylish to boot!

  • Terrie

    I do own some pearls that were my grandmothers and a couple of pearl-ish necklaces, though none like these.

  • StChienne

    I own the strand my mother in law gave me as a wedding present, and lots of faux strands in different lengths too. But having a necklace that could keep me cool while dancing would be fabulous!

  • Michelle

    I do own a set of black pearls that I inherited from my Aunt. But I LOVE these!

  • Jane

    I am lucky enough to own several sets of beautiful pearls, but none of them cool me off! I used to save them for special occasions, but lately I have been wearing them more and more. I would love to have a necklace that is not only pretty, but functionally cool. I not only have hot flashes, but I work in an un-air conditioned building! These would be a life saver!

  • smfsprout

    I own a set of pearls but would love to try a set of these magic pearls and say goodbye to the burn.

  • sbowen521

    Pearls, whether a single strand or multiple strand necklace, are an integral accessory in my daily wardrobe. Pearls can be dressy or casual and I love them all!

  • Diana Brockmeier

    The pearls sound fabulous!

  • LadyM

    I have a few beautiful pearl necklaces- but these look fabulous and ever so cool!

  • Elaine Thatcher

    I own a number of pearl necklaces, starting with the graduated pearls I inherited from my mother. But I’m a pearl fanatic and have small, large, colored, white, fresh water and salt water. Pearls are just so lovely. That said, I would love to ease the flashes, which I have suffered ever since I went through menopause 15 years ago!

  • sscatlady

    i do not own any pearls. would love these.

  • sscatlady

    oh please let me win this! My life is hot flashes. Thank you

  • joy

    I do, my mom gave me a strand of my grandmother’s pearls when I turned 16. I plan to pass them on to my daughter when she turns 16 too. 🙂

  • sandy haber

    Yes — one ‘regular’ white pearls and one twisted black and white seed pearls. Don’t wear them too often —
    I’m usually in blue jeans! — but do wear them whenever i get ‘dressed up’.

  • Thomas K

    Yes, but these are great.

  • Leslie Harris

    I earn two sets of pearls–the most recent, a birthday gift.

  • MaraKaplan

    I used to, but they broke. But I did wear them on my wedding day.

  • Nikki

    And yes I do have a peal necklace and braclet.

  • Nikki

    Hot flashes suck! I have my make up on, ready to put on my clothes – and here comes a hot flash. Yuck!

  • Jo McCready

    Yes, two. One was a gift from my sister and one is my grandmother’s that are over a hundred years old.

  • yoga lover

    I would LOVE to try the Hot Girl Pearls! I really need them.

  • njbear

    Yes, they were my Mother’s. I could really use these hot flash pearls. Do you have to put them in the Freezer?

  • welshgirl

    I do! My son bought them for me in Hawaii. The necklace is long and wraps nicely in many attractive ways!

  • kay kaduce

    No I don’t have pearls. These sound almost too good to be true.

  • gshep

    How neat ! I am always hot , running here and there. When I first wake in the morning my body heats up and I start to sweat. Help!I own a nice set of cream pearls and a pastel pink.

  • Paula Williams

    Can you own too many fashion Pearls? While I do not own cultured pearls in necklace form ( I have earrings) I love playing with costume jewelry and love the idea that this jewelry would help the Personnal Summers I seem to have frequently. Can you wear them at night? LOL Thanks for thinking of such a helpful piece of jewelry.

  • onehsancare

    yes–one short (family) natural string, one longer freshwater with studs, and (soon?) these really cool ones!

  • Gayle LaSalle

    Of course, I own pearls. Not only are they classy but Pearl is my birthstone. Love them!

  • Laurie

    I do not own pearls. I do have hot flashes and they are so miserable. I can’t sleep and I get then all day long…it’s embarrassing and unbearable. I would love to try these pearls. I love the black set! I would try any thing for some relief.

  • Terri Kirby Erickson

    Yes, my beloved friend and fellow Southern Belle, Susan, gave me a set for my birthday years ago, because every Southern girl, she said, needs a string of pearls. But as cool as they are, they are not cooling, and boy, could I use cooling! I “glisten” so much at night, I’ve come to think of my pillow as a flotation device, and I have multiple hot flashes all the live-long day. I’m a poet by profession and have written three books of poetry–so when I get up in front of folks at a poetry reading, I sometimes have hot flashes so bad, I feel like I’m going to spontaneously combust. A COOL necklace would so help me out, and I’d be a walking advertisement for them! Hope I win! Thanks for the chance! :o)

  • SuZanne Crosby

    Yes, I do have my mother’s pearls, but I really like a more up-to-date fashionable strand of of “COOL” pearls to take my personal “TROPICAL HEAT WAVE” away.

  • Janet N

    I own a set of fake pearls. 🙁 Something that stops hot flashes is better than real pearls. 😉

  • twinklegirl20

    The necklace looks great i’d love to win it

  • Dotty

    I have a beautiful string of pearls given to me by a lover when I was quite young. I’ve always loved wearing them. They change the look of an outfit, giving it a more elegant look and feel. I’d love to try the “Hot Girls Necklace” for the “cool” look and “cool” feel!

  • CDSmile

    I own a set of pearls passed on to me by my mother and grandmother! The pearls I have don’t compare to your unique pearls! I have suffered with hot flashes for five years!

  • Jodelle Brohard

    I do own a set of pearls. But I would love to win these. They are not only stylish but practical.

  • Ginger

    Yes, I own a set, but nothing like this and I SOOOO need these pearls, some days fans just can’t do enough.

  • Cherie

    Yes, I do own a set of pearls and belong to a former Red Hat Group who now call themselves The Pearl Gems!!!!! (went from Red Hat Chili Peppers to the Pearl Gems “pearl jam”)


    Every woman should have pearls!!! I have two pearl necklaces – – 17″ and 28″

  • sblewis

    I desperately need this. I’ve been suffering from hot flashes since having a hysterectomy 11 years ago and have tried everything to stop them, without success.

  • grandma jan

    My pearls are almost as old as I am, and I am a senior citizen.
    I would love a new warm set set!

  • ann heffner

    I do own one small set of pearls that are over 50 years old. Hardly ever wear them, because they’re too fragile.
    hmmm…something pretty that will replace the washrags soaked in ice water that I use now to keep cool…now there’s a great idea.

  • WavyGravy

    I own an inexpensive set of costume pearls my daughter bought me. Whenever I wear them I feel like Jackie Kennedy or Barbara Bush. Pearls are so empowering and these just take that to the next level!

  • Kathi Elster

    I own 5 different stands of pearls I believe that pearls make women look beautiful, they give our faces a glow. So I have 5 different lengths of pearls. But, I do not have pearls to cool me off!! I must have them now!!

  • Tina Renee

    No, I don’t own a set of pearls. I certainly need a set like this! 🙂

  • ter

    I have a set of fake pearls only.



  • etangel18

    No I don’t, but I would love these!

  • Alanna

    I do have a set of pearls – my favorite aunt bought them for my 16th birthday…

  • Bette Butcher

    I have my Grandmother’s pearls. Would really appreciate and need the cooling pearls.

  • Cathy M

    Yes, I own and love pearls. At 52, I would love to own this set!

  • eddyrobey

    I have three: from my father, husband, and son. Sometimes, I wear all of them at once, so my neck can feel loved.

  • Wanda Powers

    no, I have never had pearls myself, I have bought them for my daughter & grand daughter. It would be lovely to have a set of my own and better even a set which would also chase away those NASTY hot flashes!!!

  • Barbara

    I own several pairs of faux pearls and I love them. However, if i win these I will also wear them to bed so I can feel “cool” all night long in more ways than one! (lol)

  • Catherine

    Yes, a boyfriend gave me a beautiful pearl necklace and matching earrings when we were dating — and they are the real deal. I’ve had them restrung several times because I wear them often. I’d love to wear pearls with the cooling properties of Hot Girl Pearls though.

  • Sue Carter

    Alas, I do have some pearls, but they do *nothing* to help the hot flashes. My whole head turns bright red, my ears light up like a Christmas tree, and I need a bath towel handy to mop off the glistening pearls of *sweat.*

    Oh, I do hope I win the Hot Girls Pearl Necklace.

  • Becky

    Yes, I have a beautiful strand of pearls.

  • B.J. Moore

    Are we talking the kind that come from the poor oyster or the fake kind, or these Beauties?? I could honestly be much more appreciative at 51 (on Friday) of a lovely set of these pearls.

  • Adina Weinstein

    Yes, I inherited pears from my mother but these are the “coolest”. What a great idea and jewelry. I could use relief like this because I am that age that it would help.

  • Gerrie Maixner

    Yes, I do have a couple of pearl necklaces and bracelets which I wear all the time. However, they don’t help with the hot flashes!!!

  • Marsha Crain

    I don’t have any pearls. But these pearls would even be better since my doctor just took me off my pills!!

  • Patricia

    Well, I do own a set of pink fresh water pearls. They are pretty, but as far as cultured peals, no.
    These hot flash pearls are pretty and I like all the colors.

  • Jan Toor

    I do not but as a just turned 50 woman, I am suffering through multiple hot flashes a day. I could really use a cool set of pearls!

  • bkatamom59

    Please I can not take any more of these hot flashes.
    Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllpppppppppppppppppppppppppppp.And yes i do I have 2 one from my Husband of 30 years 4/24/82 and one of my Grans.

  • Jo McGee

    I have a beautiful set given to me by my partner’s mum on my 50th birthday.

  • Dani McGrath

    Yes, of course I do.. handed down three generations (family myth that they’re originally from a set of rosary beads).

  • Janet Atchley

    I do own a pearl necklace and there is nothing like wearing a set of pearls. I always feeling elegant when I wear them even with a pair of jeans. But, I would gladly love to try these pearls as I suffer from hot flashes terribly so, run a fan on my desk constantly.

  • puertoricolady41

    I had one, but my ex stole them.

  • jmb0923

    Yes, I do won a set of pearls but one as “cool” as these!

  • Cathy Tully

    I’ve never had pearls before, but I ALWAYS have Hot Flashes! During meetings, hotflash!, during conversations, hotflash! — my collegues do not understand — I’ve tried everything! What better way to make a fashion statement AND relieving the embarrassing red, sweaty flashes?!

  • Bonnie Dowers

    I own a set of pearls that I bought on Okinawa

  • Susan Cergol

    I love this idea! I live in Manhattan, where the subway platforms sizzle in the summer (temps upwards of 120 degrees!). Last year I took to wrapping a scarf around a small gel ice pack and wearing on my commute, but these pearls are so much better. They would be my first set, and even more cherished than a family heirloom because of their fabulous functionality.

  • KatieQ

    What a fabulous idea! If you didn’t know their cool secret, you would just view them as a stylish necklace. I do wear pearls, mine are simulated, but I love them a much as if they were Mikimoto.

  • Camilla Wilson

    No but I would like to.

  • Renee

    This would be great and so fashioable!

  • Elaine

    I am not a big fan of “traditional” pearls but do have a couple of interesting pieces that include pearls and other stones. Nothing fun like this Hot piece.

  • kristin

    I own a set of pearls but not like these! I would love to have this necklace!

  • mtwheat

    Have 4 or 5 Faux Pearl necklaces and 2 pair of Faux Peal Earrings. Love the look of Pearls. They seem to give you a Glow. Plus a Classy, Sophisticated look.

  • Inky

    I own a pair of pearl stud earrings and a pearl and gold bracelet, both of which were first communion gifts when I was eight. What a clever idea this cooling pearl necklace is!!

  • Sandra

    I don’t own the pearls yet. This is such a beautiful and great idea. The summer weather could be more pleasant
    wearing these.

  • darlenecom

    Yes, a string of black.

  • Margarida

    Yes, I own several sets of pearls which I inherited from my aunt in England when she died. Thanks for showing me the statement pearls and thus encouraging me to wear mine.

  • SuperNeena

    I do not own a set of pearls.

  • Sandi Hall

    I would be ecstatic with this great innovative product! I love the idea of looking stylish while getting much needed and appreciated relief. Thank goodness for such inventive insight. Better than real pearls anyday!

  • holly

    Boy, do I need these. I’ve been suffering from hot flashes for years and to have a product that I could wear at work and look good is a godsend. Pick me please!

  • D’ Forman

    I need all three lengths – maybe wearing them all at once! HA. Please enter me in your drawing and yes I do have a real pearl necklace, but my favorite one is the one pearl on a chain my brother brought back from Guam when he was stationed there and I was about 8.

  • Kim Swann

    oh please hot flashes are dominating my existence I need this necklace and the braclet!

  • Ryann

    No! 🙁 This is why you must give these to me.

  • sallyjenn

    wow, would love to have this, beautiful!

  • Paula

    Wow! I could sure these! It is awful being hot all of the time. How fabulous it would be to stay cool and look cool at the same time. What a wonderful idea! If I don’t win, I may just have to purchase some of these. Love them!

  • Akrew24

    I own many pearls and they are my favorite to wear.. The Hot Girls Pearls sound like the best ones yet! I would love to try them to cool off in the wonderful AZ heat where I live. And it would be great for my hot flashes as well.

  • Dara Tyson

    Yes, I own a strand of pearls but my 21 year old daughter absconded with them years ago! So, now I’m pearl less. Now these cooling pearls make a statement and can only be fully appreciated by the over 50 crowd of “hotties”! Would love to be sporting them…a conversation starter for sure!

  • debbie

    But of course…owning a set of pearls sits right up there with the little black dress as they are Classic,Timeless & Chic!

  • Donna Brooten

    Yes, I do own a lovely set of pearls, given to me by my husband on our wedding day…33 years ago. I treasure them and him! I have had hot flashes for 13 years now–and am always looking for things to help that are not medicine. These pearls sound perfect!


    Yes, I have a necklace that was my gradmother’s.

  • JWeaver

    This is FABULOUS, FABULOUS, FABULOUS! I have a pearl necklace, but it doesn’t accomplish what this necklace would! Wow!

  • Louise Olson

    I am just excited about something that looks nice and can help get through that flash! I am having one right now!!
    Have already emailed the website to a friend! Don’t like the looks of the bandanas or a wet cloth in a professional setting!

  • NoreenB

    Yes, I have a lovely pearl choker that was given to me as a service award from a previous employer. It is “cool” in its own right – but not as “cool” as the one being given away! (crossing fingers and wiping sweaty forehead)

  • Janet

    What a wonderful idea! I do have an opera length strand of pearls, but would love a strand of these…

  • honeykins2

    I don’t have pearls,but I do have hot flashes.What a great idea,and it’s undercover!I need something for bed too,besides the ice bucket next to my bed 🙂

  • merlin78639

    Yes, my mother’s, which I wear often, and which always remind me of her. Do you ever stop missing your mother?

  • travelgirl

    Oh my gosh – these pearls sound FANTASTIC!!!! I really must get some of these. I travel to the beach in the summer, and whoa – the hot flashes are really tough in the heat. These would make such an awesome accessory to wear on the warm summer evenings to dinner, and maybe then I could go dancing too with these on!

  • Laurakb

    Great idea!! My staff has adjusted to my frequent need to want to rip off my clothes which I DON’T do. I own a natural gold pearl on a chain, white pearl earrings, and a bracelet that I had my jeweler add a safety chain too which shortened the length so now I don’t wear it, sadly, I loved that bracelet! But when I found it in the tomato patch and then on my boyfriends porch I figured it was time to do something.

  • Phoenix

    I do own pearls, but they’re nowhere near as big as this kind!

  • beachwoman

    Although I own very little expensive jewelry, I am blessed to have two strands of pearls. My husband gave me a beautiful pink set when our daughter was born. When my best friend passed away, she left me her long strand of white pearls. WInning these HOT pearls would make me “sigh in relief” as well!

  • harriet42861

    No but I would love to

  • MissPriss48

    I don’t own a “set”, I do own several pearl bracelets, necklaces and earrings! I don’t like to wear them all at once, too much for me.The purse would be lovely to win as well!

  • 1955nurse

    Ooooh – what a FABulous idea! I would LOVE these – I’m always the “Hottest” chick in the room, no pun intended! My Hubby would really love them too, he says he freezes all the time because he has such a “HOT” wife, LOL!

  • kathyire50

    OMG MY SISTER AND I SUFFER SO MUCH FROM HOT FLASHES, PLEASE LET US WIN. We have inherited this from our mom who suffered all of her adult life, even after menopause. We get dress and are soaked from sweat, it is so annoying. Nothing the Drs have given us helps.

  • tarheel4ever

    My husband recently gave me a necklace that has tiny, freshwater pearls but I do not own a strand of pearls. Would love to win the Hot Girls Pearl Necklace. Thanks! 🙂

  • Gus Grinstead

    Real pearls???!! Are you kidding?? All I have is the fake ones I bought 25 years ago when my son was born and, as a baby, holding him in my arms, he sucked on the pearls and sucked the paper covering over the plastic bead right off!! Needless to say, I still treasure them and let that “naked” bead remind me of when he was still small enough to fit in my arms. No, don’t have any pearls – but these are very timely for any FOF!!

  • kakkie60

    I own more pearls than a person needs, but I love them so much. I had a 3 strand natural pink necklace that I loved. I gave it to my new daughter-in-law. She was surprised, but happy. I believe in sharing your passion with others. The fact that your pearls help cool off our over fifty hot flashes is a bonus.

  • Janet B

    Not yet! But I will. I’m so tired of being the wrong kind of hot all the time.

  • Julie

    great idea, now she needs to invent night time sleep pearls so I stop getting night sweats

  • bedford1tom1


  • Tamara L Myers

    What a wonderful and great idea ! Since my husband passed 6 months ago, I take an anti-depressant and have the hot flashes that come with them. I thought I was past that ! I would love to win these pearls to show off (and cool off) to my girlfriends who are even “hotter” post menapausal chicks than me !


    I don’t own a set pearls, only because I never found one as cool as these!

  • mmimilinda

    I do own a very conventional set of white pearls, which are classic. This is one of the best ideas ever! I love the look of the Hot Girls Pearls, but the thought of their cooling properties is just amazing. I definitely would love to win a set to wear in steamy Florida!

  • superdumb

    I still have my add-a-bead pearl necklace that my grandma started for me as a baby and gave to me when I turned 16!

  • Pamela H Rice

    I bought the pearl “Hot Girl Pears” 18 inches last year. Oh boy…those hot flashes are for the birds. Now, I really use my pearls all the time. I use them while cleaning, working in my flower garden and even putting on my make-up. I’ll bet my neighbors think I really go all out to be seen working in my shorts and wearing my pearls. LOL!!! When I finish, I wipe them with a damp cloth and put the right back in the freezer. I’d love to have the pink ones. They match more of my outfits! Thank you, Connie, for coming up with this genious idea. I only wish I had thought of it!!

  • Soledad

    I do have pearls, earrings and necklace. Yours are an interesting idea I would love to win.

  • Susan

    I have a nice pearl necklace that I bought for myself a few years back. Also, for my five year work anniversary, I picked the pearl bracelet as my award. I would love some Hot Pearls to keep me cool.

  • gingermclendon

    What an intriguing idea–between hot flashes and SW heat, it sounds like a winner!

  • DDDamron

    Love, Love, Love Pearls. My wedding ring is a pearl. This necklace is gorgeous!! I own a small antique necklace my husband gave me our first year of marriage and a few fun pieces that aren’t real but very fun to wear. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  • Connie Sherman

    WOW!!! You ladies are too fab no matter how old we are! I’m so gratified that you love the “Pearls”! Never, but never, say “IS IT HOT IN HERE OR IS IT ME?” AGAIN!!!!
    I wish all of us ladies the COOLEST of times-
    Connie Sherman
    Chief Cooling Officer

  • Candace

    What a fab idea for work, so much more subtle than having fans setting on the desk or flapping paper at yourself during a “power surge”. In answer to the question, no, I don’t own a set of pearls.

  • Carolyn

    Of course I do. Back in the day pearls were required for every “proper” lady. I have also inherited pearls that were my mothers and grandmothers.

  • Michelle

    I own a pearl bracelet and earrings. I have always wanted a pearl necklace. They are simply amazing looking. My mother’s pearls, from her mother, were stolen about 10 years ago. My sister and I had always hoped we would be able to share and then pass on to my niece (her daughter).

  • melissa soucy

    yes I own a string of pearls

  • Ianete

    I own several sets of pearls. I read either a book or an article in a magazine entitled “Put on Your Pearls, Girls”, and I embraced that. I like to have them in different cm, lengths, and colors. I have one pair of “real” ones and some Majorcan which are fabricated from the sea. I think the idea of these is fabulous. I live in the tropics and want to fee (as well as be!) cool.

  • Toni

    I do have a set of pearls. Small but long that I have had for close to 30 years. I did buy them for myself and I love everything about them including the lovely case they came in.

  • Ellie

    I loved the chunky look…and it’s brilliant that they are cool, too. My pearls are only costume, but they are decent fakes.

  • RarnChild

    Yes – I inherited my mother’s freshwater pearl necklace – her retirement gift in 1985. She passed in 2006. I think of her whenever I wear them.

  • DebraS

    I have a small necklace that belonged to my husband’s Mom that she let me wear on my wedding day. I don’t know how I got them around my neck because they are so short, but they are beautiful and I cherish them greatly.

  • Steve

    Interestingly no I don’t own a set of pearls

  • Jayne Ehrens

    I love my pearls and love giving them as gifts to my girlfriends, no matter what their age. They not only look fabulous but they really, really do work. Now that summer is coming, I will be wearing them to the ballpark to cheer on my favorite team (the Nationals). Hey Connie, how about my teams colors….red, white and blue?

  • mandrada

    My husband gave me my first pearls, he picked each one of them and had it string each one uniquely. It’s been 17 years and has been passed on to my daughter since. This was my husband’s way of making my being a mother for the first time memorable and special! 3 pearls fell off and we made a ring and a pair of earrings out of them. Now, my husbands’ legacy remains every time it is regally worn.

  • elisse

    These look like such fun! I do have a great “illusion” bib necklace of multicolored fresh water pearls from China that I got when buying for our gift shop a few years ago (can’t get ’em anymore at the silly low price I paid!) , but the most fab ones I have are fake- my aunt’s fab 1950s paste necklace from when she was a model!

  • nonstpcute

    yes I do own a set of pearls…..but not like THIS! Wow…I LOVE this idea!

  • Sharon

    I love pearls. The last set I received was a set of dainty pink pearls from my Employer….for being an RN here for 20 years. They are lovely. These are too! I would love to win them 🙂

  • javierl22

    I own faux pearls……….I would be happy to wear these innovative faux pearls.
    These are great idea!
    Would love a pair.

  • Kathi

    Wow! They are Beautiful!!! I don’t own a Pearl Necklace and would Love to Win! I would be Honored to wear it because it is Gorgeous!

  • Diane

    I have the HOT GIRLS PEARLS on my Mother’s Day “Wish List”! I definitely NEED them before this Summer to keep me COOLED off….actually anymore for me….wearing them ALL YEAR will be a TREAT!!!! What an INVENTION !!! They need to be available at GYN offices …. Marketed with Mother of the Bride/Groom Dresses ….even for Sale at Church ….I sit in Church fanning myself and to think to put COLD Pearls on instead !!!! I can’t wait for my first Set of HOT GIRLS PEARLS !!!!

  • AJB

    No, but I wish I did!

  • Ellen

    I actually don’t own a set of pearls. I think though this idea is fabulous. Given the fact that I feel like I’m boiling inside all the time, a Hot Girl Pearl Necklace would be a comfort to wear while adding to the glamour of this aging grandma. 😀

  • Jenny

    I have no idea how many sets of pearls, pearl earring and bracelets I have, including 2 set of B. Bush style pearls. I can tell you I bought 3 bracelets, and 2 ropes this year and wore a 4 strand pearl choker in my wedding and my eight year old daughter already has her own string. Yes a confirmed pearl lover!!!

  • ogdenkruger

    Yes! Real freshwater, fake regular!

  • Kathy Bratton

    Yes, I have 2.

  • Marty Craig

    I love,love, love my pearls. Have pink,black ivory. Wear them single or in multiples. Pearls are classic. Wear with everything from jeans to long dresses. Have even worn them with a hospital gown. I too am a breast cancer survivor. The loss of estrogen pills plus chemo makes life pretty testy. I could power a major city when I have one of my famous flashes. Would love to replace my cold wash cloths with pearls. That sounds like a very southern lady thing to do. Why didn’t I think of that and printed compression sleeves first? What a great idea!!!!!!

  • Cheryl

    No I don’t own a set of these pearls yet but I need to get them soon. These “personal summers” are killing me!

  • Polly

    Among my varied pearl collection, I do own a set of 19 inch Hot Girls Pearls, and I also gave my mom a HGP necklace for Christmas. There are so many girlfriends I would like to give these to, should I be a winner…

  • Casey Anderson

    No, I do not own a set of pearls. I have been shopping for a set for quite some time but just can’t seem to find what I want.

  • Dianewf

    What a wonderful idea! The “hots” are over (thankfully) but the pearls would be a perfect addition to my summer wardrobe. Too hot for scarves.
    I have various strands of pearls but none large enough to replace a scarf.

  • klrc

    My pearls are from my grandmother. She gave a necklace to each granddaughter. I wore them on my wedding day.

  • Tracy

    I do not own a set of pearls but for my wedding I borrowed my Aunt’s which had been my grandmother’s.

  • TERRI Mac

    Great idea! At Christmas last year, I had to go outside and stand in a snowbank for a few minutes to cool off! It would be brilliant to put on a set of “pearls” instead!

  • MaryBenson

    Yes, I own 2 sets of pearls: 1 set I bought myself (hurrah for being good to myself!) after lusting after them for years. The second set was in trade for some work on software for a local pawn shop. He offered me the pearls in exchange for about 5 hours of work, and my face lit up as I took them. He snorted and said, “In my world, those are worth $15.” (That was the price he paid the person who pawned them.) For obvious reasons, I ended up not treasuring them as much as my first pearls.

    While I never had a hot flash–I was very warm for 4 years, though–I do live in an area with hot, dry summers and would welcome these cool-pearls just for everyday comfort!

  • tranch

    no not real ones just the fake kind

  • Beth

    I love my pearls – got them as a college graduation gift. But these Hot Girls Pearls would be great at work – I work for an outdoor retailer and those uniforms were designed for young athletic men, not middle-aged hot mamas. We ‘glisten’ all day long – they just sweat and get it over with! And, these would certainly dress up that drab green….

  • Debbie Chaney

    I’ve never owned a set of pearls, but would love to have some!

  • Marianne P.

    What a great idea! Would love a pair. Do not own any pearls – strike me a cruel. I would be happy to wear obvious faux pearls.

    Great giveaway!

  • Mary W

    It seemed while growing up that everyone owned and wore pearls. They were usually gifted or passed down from relatives. I own several sets- all from loved ones.

  • PKW

    Beyond Hot Flashes, I would wear these to read a book under my beach umbrella. I would keep a set at our Beach Condo and always with me during the “muggy season” in Houston. Heck, I would have three sets – one for the condo, one for my home in Houston, and the one I keep with me as a run around doing errands, etc in Houston. What a great innovation. I think these would be great for soccer and baseball moms as well!

    • PKW

      And to answer the question – I own 5 sets of pearls! I bought them for myself as birthday gifts on my 30th, 35th, 40th, 45th and 50th birthdays!

  • Felina M

    Yes, 1 set, 2 multistrand necklaces & a set of teardrop shaped pearl earrings.

  • Gayle Hodgins

    Absolutely brilliant! Would love to win these pearls to cool down this hot mama 🙂

    • Connie Sherman

      Hi Gayle! Thanks so much for your kind words! I hope you will give them a try, they have saved me from higher Con Ed bills over and over!!!!!

  • Lyn

    Those pearls are an amazing idea!
    I own a set of pearls that my grandfather gave me (as well as a set to my two cousins) when I was 11. Obviously, it was a few years before I wore them! But I’ve had them 40 years, and always think of him when I put them on.