{Giveaway} Officina Bernardi Bangle From Raymond Lee Jewelers

Dana Josephson is giving away this exquisite Officina Bernardi sterling silver and platinum bracelet (retail value: $695) from her Florida-based jewelry store, Raymond Lee Jewelers.  Enter to win by answering this question in the comments below: What outfit would you wear this bracelet with?

FOF Dana Josephson owned several retail stores with her ex-husband in Scotland during the 1970s. “We found that people were always drawn to the jewelry cases,” Dana says. When Dana and her former husband decided to move to sunny South Florida for better weather in 1983, the two agreed to use their retail experience and love of jewelry to start a new business.

The couple opened Raymond Lee Jewelers (named after Dana’s son) that same year. The store started out as a small operation, with Dana, her former husband, their daughter and son all working together. “We learned our customers’ personal styles,” says Dana. “When we’d get something in that we thought they would really like, we’d give them a call, and they’d come in to see it.”

After noticing her competitors starting to sell jewelry online, Dana opened up shop online too, in the early 2000s, with the website, RaymondLeeJewelers.net. The e-commerce site features a unique diamond search section, where customers can search Dana’s inventory by price, carat weight, color, and clarity. They ship all over the world, and have loyal customers everywhere from Asia to Australia.

In addition to carrying newer designer pieces, Raymond Lee Jewelers is also a jewelry estate buyer–they purchase unique, one-of-kind, pre-owned precious pieces from around the world and carry them in the store and online. “We carry secondhand, upscale pieces that you don’t see everywhere, and aren’t mass produced. You can buy a lot of pieces and spend a lot less money. We have five times more inventory than most other jewelry stores.”

Enter to win this Officina Bernardi sterling silver and platinum bracelet by answering this question in the comments below: what outfit would you wear this bracelet with?

One FOF will win. (See all our past winners, here.) (See official rules, here.) Contest closes February 21st, 2013 at midnight E.S.T. Contest limited to residents of the continental U.S.

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  • Amazing! Its in fact amazing paragraph, I have got much clear idea regarding from this article.

  • Patricia Assanowicz

    Wearing this beauty with my red summer open back dress that falls to above my ankle, the dress has 3 small silver buttons on the back, this beautiful bracelet to me is a conversation starter, I love silver & platinum and your attention to detail is amazing, yes my little red dress and this bracelet would be perfect together, thank you for a chance to win a uniques piece that I can share with my daughter.

  • Deborah Fleury

    I would wear this bracelet with a nice pair of dress jeans with a chiffon flowing top. I am very casual but this bracelet would make an outfit over the top.

  • Sandy Howard

    Everything except gardening clothes/working in the yard…
    Dresses, jeans and a blouse, Capri’s and a top, jeans and a blazer. on and on.

  • Pam Cass

    I would slip this on my wrist on the way to work Friday wearing a pair of black wool trousers and turquoise silk blouse. Then, in the evening it will still be perfect as I leave off the soft gray asymmetrical cashmere sweater I’ve been wearing in the office and replace it with a stunning paisley shawl in order to go out with friends for a bite to eat and some soft jazz to celebrate the end of the week.

  • Naheed

    I would wear it with everything.

  • Lanicsha Wynn

    A cute dress with a blazer, and pumps or jeans, shirt, blazer and pumps

  • Susan

    Recently started a silver jewelry collection- would love, love, love to add this gorgeous piece and wear it daily with everything!

  • Trisha

    Looks like ball bearings – so is casual enough to wear with my day “uniform” dark denim skirt, tank(or not) and button down shirt, but also appears sparkly enough to wear with a LBD for evening. I think I would wear it on just about any occasion.

  • Jean

    I would love to give my daughter tis

  • Cathy Ross

    A white button down,black leather trimmed jacket,gray jeans and taupe boots.

  • Jean

    great for parties

  • Jean

    My daughter would be a proud owner of this

  • lisa mcfarland

    everything – mainly to work with skirts and sweaters

  • merry partridge

    A nice dress and open toed shoes !

  • crystal allen

    i would wear it with everything!! esp with my brown leggings, cream colored top and boots, thanks clallen at ntin dot net

  • heather c

    The classic LBD with silver shoes to match this great bracelet.

  • Veronica Garrett

    I would wear it with my black evening dress and black pumps.

  • meme

    black boots, black jeans, white shirt and black jacket

  • Gaines Simmons

    Hello, how are you? Thank you for this opportunity. Worn with a ball gown or the Sunday best.

  • Patricia Dally

    My LBD, jeans, holoku, just about everything.

  • Cheryl

    I think that special little black dress would be perfect to go with this awesome bracelet

  • natasha tucker

    I would wear my favorite jeans and my cute black/grey top 🙂

  • susan smoaks

    i would wear with my new skinny jeans and high heels

  • Liz Neal

    I would wear it with Levi’s, a cute shirt and my
    cowboy boots.

  • gina

    I would wear this a lot! On date night with a pretty, but simple dress & also casually with skinny jeans, boots & a stylish top or sweater.

  • spcale

    Tight black jeans with a beautiful sweater or jacket and heels.

  • Peggy Rydzewski

    I have a vintage black dress that this would look great with.

  • lisagee1234

    I have a few summer sundresses that would be great to wear this bracelet with.

  • mary renshaw

    I would wear this with EVERYTHING!!!!

  • kathy pease

    I would wear this with a black dress and black flats

  • s riches

    My girlfriend would wear this with a black cocktail dress.

  • kat

    It would go well with a classic black dress.

  • Jaclyn Reynolds

    A button down cream blouse and grey dress pants. And my navy loafers!

  • Matt

    I have no idea what my wife would wear this with, but I’m sure she’d love to wear it!

  • Christina

    This would look great with a “little black dress”

  • Kari Flores

    I would where it with short white linen shorts and off the shoulder black blouse.

  • Kat Emerick

    I have a beautiful black cocktail dress that this would look beautiful with!

  • Charlene Shaver

    I’d wear this with my fave designer jeans & a red silk blouse 🙂

  • Lisa Graziano

    I would wear it with strappy sandals and a red dress.

  • Debbie Corbin

    I would wear this with the cutest little black dress ever! nice!

  • beautifrul !!!!

    The braclet is awesome..I have been ill since christmas with the flu. This would certainly raise my spirits everytime I looked at it hanging on my arm…

  • thischickwins

    a long black dress

  • tamara serrao

    with my mother of the bride dress at my daughters wedding!!! that would look beautiful 🙂

  • Vicki D.

    I have a dressy black pants suit I’d wear it with to go to the theater, a concert, or out for dinner.

  • Michelle Tucker

    I’d wear it with a black dress and some sparkly shoes.
    Michelle Tucker
    michelletucker at baconnation dot net

  • Allison

    Great black dress!

  • Jean

    Would love to wear this

  • ginny

    I would wear this gorgeous bracelet with everything!

  • Susan Ladd

    I would wear it my little black dress and heels. I want to thank you for this awesome sweep and hope to win 🙂 Thanks !!!

  • Julia C.

    I’d wear it in a luxurious bubble bath while sipping wine, with my pinky up!

  • Tina

    I would wear this beautiful bracelet with a black dress and my black heels of course. Thanks for this awesome prize.

  • Peggy

    Love it! What wouldn’t I wear it with? Or without..:)

  • Sherry Conrad

    Jeans, white flowing poet blouse, boots.

  • deana c

    I would love to wear this bracelet with my black knee high boots, my skinny jeans and my black lace top!

  • Irlene

    I have this wonderful black shirt, not too clingy. I would wear my best jeans and my black boots. This bracelet would set it off beautiful!! Of course that little black dress would look perfect too.

  • Lynn

    Most definitely a little black dress and heels.

  • tracey byram

    I’d wear the bracelet with my black jumpsuit and silver heels.

  • Kathryn C

    a little black dress 🙂

  • Connie T

    I’d wear it with something dressy and black.

  • Russell Moore

    My wife would look great with this as an accent to a black dress she is fond of wearing for special occasions. It also would set off the antique platinum ring she inherited from her mom.

  • jen gersch

    a cute red dress

  • Lorayne Gothard

    I would wear it with a little black dress so it would stand out

  • Brittney House

    I would wear it with one of my work dresses.

  • pam saighman

    have the perfect black dress

  • Lucy Schwartz

    First i woould start with nothing . So the beauty of the piece could shine. Scratch that idea. I would wear it with everything.

  • April Reynolds

    black dress ofcourse

  • sunday carter

    I would wear it with straight Jeans, black top , and black knee high boots

  • Sand

    I would wear it with heels and a little black dress.

  • Cindy Speigle

    Beautiful bracelet..!!,,,

  • Shari

    I would wear this with any of my outfits, especially my black skinny jeans, black jacket, and glitter t-shirt.

  • Thomas Chappell

    I would have to ask my wife what she would like to wear it with 🙂 But I would love to see it with her new black maternity dress she just bought 🙂

  • ginette4

    I would wear it with a black dress for sure!!

  • liz l

    Black sheath dress with red pumps

  • Ben

    It would look great on my greatest accessory, my beautiful girlfriend.

  • Judy

    I would wear your beautiful piece of art to work. working for Starbuck and I have to wear black and white(Pants/Shirt) with a green apron and it sure would be nice to be able to dress up my work outfit. The silver would go beautiful !!


    Anything I want to…..LOL

  • Denice P

    I would wear this with black dress slacks and a red low cut top that my hubby like. Thank you for the chance to win.

  • Lisa

    I would wear this with black tight pants and a basic white top with a black suede jacket and boots.

  • Janice

    I have a really nice black dress I would wear this with.

  • wendy wallach

    A black pair of slacks and a blank tank with a silvery scarf!

  • Jennifer J

    I don’t have anything pretty enough to go with this bracelet, I think I would have to go buy a new outfit! Thank you!

  • Emily

    I would wear it all the time. It’s versatile enough to dressup or down.

  • Ashley

    With a black dress!

  • mindy

    with anything it is just beautiful

  • Gloria S

    I would give this to my daughter

  • Cálaeb Temple

    my girl would wear a black dress!

  • Debbie R

    I would wear this dazzler with a black dress. It would be all about the bling!

  • Tara Woods

    I would wear this with a little black dress and some strappy espadrilles.
    mizztuts AT bellsouth DOT net

  • katie

    I’d wear it with a little black dress

  • Kathy

    I have a black and silver outfit that would be just right with this.

  • jules mcnubbin

    i’d wear it with a black dress 🙂

  • Eliana Gifford

    I would wear it with my black skirt and turquoise blouse. I haven’t been one to wear much jewelry, but recently I have a friend who has been encouraging me to add more bling (sparkle) to my style. This bracelet would difinitely do that.

  • margaret coltman

    Oh, this is gorgeous – I live in black as I’m a classical musician, so I would wear this with my all black togs and let the bracelet catch the lights when I’m on stage!



  • Jean


  • diane Baum

    I would wear my v-neck mini dress and funky boots

  • chrisskins

    What outfit WOULDN’T I wear this with? Gorgeous! If I must, I have a winter white dress with silver zippers and this would be fantastic with it.

  • sandor csitar

    nice styles

  • alison mcmanus

    I am taking comedy classes in NYC…(I live in the Pocomos)….I would wear this bracelet whenever I am on stage…I talk with my hands…it will sparkle under the stage lights and attract everyone’s attention…and will keep my audience focused on me! It will be a real career booster…and I will tell everyone where I got my lucky bracelet!

  • James Beck

    my t shirt and pants

  • carrie obrien


  • Rebecca Peters

    I would wear this with any of my outfits that aren’t workout ones

  • Deci MacKinnon

    Basic black dress.

  • Ashley McLure

    Any of them! Jeans & sweater, dress, etc.

  • Jennifer R

    I would wear this with a black and denim outfit. It would dress up a simple outfit and make me look for put together.

  • Margie Young

    I would wear this braclet with my little black dress, my jeans, it would go great with anything !!

  • Gaye M

    I’d wear this when I “dress up” – with a little black (or red or green) dress.

  • dani marie

    uh, every outfit? I would never want to take it off. Probably my little black dress and heels.

  • sheila k

    My coffee-colored retro blouse and jacket, and slimline skirt.

  • Ashley Morrissey

    With a beautiful blouse *hopefully on a date with my fiance* haha! We have a 5 month old son and he works and goes to school full time!

  • Rosemary Oestreich

    Very beautiful and elegant so I would wear it with my evening dress!

  • Anastasia

    All of them! It’s too pretty for just special occasions!! I can see my daughter wearing it with her prom dress though 🙂

  • Theresa Beason

    love it!

  • Jennifer Essad

    Wearing this beautiful bangle with my favorite graphite leather blazer and dark grey flannel dress slacks-I would pop the color w/my silk plum blouse and suede purple pumps with a charcoal leather crossover bag. I gravitate toward jewelry like this myself and would enjoy wearing it on every outing I take!

  • dparis

    I would wear this with anything.

  • teri

    A black dress

  • TERI

    Jeans and a black sweater

  • Laura McCrate

    I would give this to my Nanny. She loves jewellery like this (I do too, but she deserves it more) and I know she would be absolutely thrilled to receive a gorgeous piece like this.

  • Carol G

    I would wear it with a short sleeve white shirt and a short denim shirt.
    I wouldn’t want to over shadow the bracelet. I want people to see the bracelet and have this the focus of what I am wearing.
    My daughter and daughter in law of course, would want to borrow this.

  • Christine

    classic black dress

  • cheryl bowman

    Jeans and a white blouse and a spiffy scarf!!!!

  • Diana

    I would wear it to the evening meal on our upcoming Alaskan Cruise

  • Cindy Aiton

    I would wear this bracelet with everything from jeans and a tee to a cocktail dress. Thank you so much for offering such a lovely and generous giveaway.

  • Beth C

    id wear it with a black dress

  • Linda Lansford

    I would wear it with my best jeans

  • Ann

    I’d wear it with everything. You’re amazing at selecting pieces that go with everything!

  • Ellie W

    I would wear this with my fanciest dress…the ubiquitous “little black dress”.

  • Jennifer

    I would wear this bracelet with the best outfit I can imagine. The outfit my maker gave me.
    The one my Father and Mother crafted.
    The first outfit I ever donned.
    The last one I will wear after my life has left.
    Some people call it a birthday suit.
    It suits me.
    I would wear this bracelet with nothing, nothing at all.


    I’d wear jeans, a white crisp shirt and my black platforms with this awesome bracelet.

  • proud_mary53

    This is a beautiful bracelet, a work of art. I would wear this with any outfit. Love to show this piece off and brag about Raymond Lee Jewelers.

  • Charlotte Padgett

    If I win this it warrants a new outfit.

  • joni

    I would give it to my daughter for her wedding.

  • melissa Resnick

    i will give it to my daughter

  • RK

    Everything! particularly jeans and white blouse, or black tank. Or my favorite red cashmere sweater.

  • sharon

    love the bracelet, would wear with skinny jeans and white top, or black evening dress, or just about anything

  • tksinclair

    This is my favorite type of jewelry…jewelry that is wearable art! That makes a statement..so likely I’d wear something black, chic and let the bracelet shine! With spring and summer it would be a great accompaniment to a summer dress, short or long!

  • Sherry

    I have a teal cashmere dress that this bracelet would look awesome with. However this can dress up a casual outfit: jeans and a bright fuschia/red top. I could even wear it wit my Indian outfits because it has “Bling!!” It can be worn all seasons as a stand alone signature piece. This is truly my style: elegant, classic and timeless.

  • Derek Timm

    I am a guy so I wouldn’t be wearing this. But it sure would make that special someone happy!

  • Julie

    With perfume, a smile and my favorite sexy black dress.

  • Tonya Hickerson

    I’d wear it with everything!

  • Nancy L

    Anything & everything! This is fabulous! This would become my signature piece of jewelry! Love it…

  • elven johnson

    Skinny jeans, black tank & boots
    So it will shine!!

  • Cheryl

    I would wear this bracelet with everything I own! I think it would look so stunning with a casual outfit to add that special bling!

  • kate

    a crisp white button down shirt, Levi’s,the coolest boots and a black leather motorcycle jacket and red lipstick

  • joyzkim

    A very stylish suit or even a classic black dress…very elegant.

  • Susan

    This silver bracelet would be the star of any outfit-in Florida, it would be white jeans and a bright tank!

  • Paula M.

    I don’t usually wear bracelets, but I would make an exception for this one. It’s gorgeous! And I would let my two daughters wear it, too for their special occasions. I would wear it with party clothes and with sparkly earrings.


    I would wear this beautiful bracelet to my son’s wedding in April. I want to look great.

  • Rosa Parson

    I love to wear beautiful accessories with my timeless style clothing, and this gorgeous bangle would feel very much at home in my collection.

  • Linda Letto

    A little black dress!

  • Sheila Hickmon

    I would wear it with a little black dress.

  • Sarah Hirsch

    With all my outfits! From a little black dress with heels, to jeans and a sweater, this bracelet would be the star of any ensemble. 🙂

  • Kristen m

    Gorgeous bracelet! I would wear this with a nice black t-shirt and a pair of super dark blue jeans, I know that sounds sort of casual, but I think it would really show off the sparkle of the bracelet!
    blue65829 at aol dot com

  • Keith Stevenson


  • Rosemary T. Wisniewski

    I have a bright pink top that I wear with black pants. This would be perfect for it. I would wear simple silver earrings and a three-chain silver necklace with it. They would be simple, so not to over shadow the bracelet.

  • Monique Rizzo

    A little black dress!
    Thanks for the chance.

  • Holly C.

    I would wear this stunning bracelet with a pair of skinny jeans and cute tank top to my sisters b-day party. then I would wear it with everything, everyday!

  • kathy dunaway

    I would wear it with my little black dress.

  • Jean

    This would be great for holidays

  • krystal wethington

    with my cute skirt and top

  • Nancy

    What a fabulous piece! I see it with something sleek and sleeveless …

  • alicia wallace

    a sleeveless black dress

  • Kristi C

    I would wear it with a white button down shirt and jeans.

  • Mimi DeHoedt

    First let me just say that this bracelet is a work of art. It’s just a stunning piece of jewelry.
    This bracelet would look fabulous with my new black cocktail dress. It would be that “wow” piece that would send my outfit over the top.

  • Toni

    I would wear it with several other bracelets and I think it would go with most outfits!


    I would wear this beautiful bracelet with a long slinky knit sleeveless travel dress.

  • ALfred Reyes

    My wife would look beautiful with this… no matter what she’s wearing.

  • Gary Emes

    I will give it to my sister to wear at her wedding

  • strawberry3d

    it would be my mother of the bride dress

  • Rebecca Wood

    I would actually not wear it, I would give it to my mother. I’m sure she’d have the perfect outfit for it, too!!

  • Deb K

    I would wear this wear my favorite black dress!

  • Sherri Kreissig

    Black 3/4 sleeve tunic blouse with a long flowing black skirt. No other jewlery would be worn to accent its beauty. Except for my wedding ring of course of 42 years.

  • Sue Ellison

    I would wear this with everything, but I have a sleeveless red dress that would look great with it.

  • Chris Noe

    A little black skirt, cream top and strappy sandles.

  • danielle lima

    with everything. This could be dressed up or down.

  • Barbara Osburn

    Well I am a Blue Jean kind of Woman so thats what I would wear with it, and a pink sweater top.

  • diana shenderovich

    little black dress

  • Katherine Donovan

    I would wear the GORGEOUS bracelet with my little black dress!!

  • Kelly D

    I would wear this bracelet with a new outfit that I will buy for an upcoming wedding I am going to. Maybe a navy blue dress.

  • kyl neusch

    with some jeans

  • Tamar

    A dress that I’d wear over the weekend.

  • Dave

    For my wife. She has a flowing long black dress with silver highlights this would set off.

  • Kim W

    All my work outfits would look so much better with this beautiful bracelet

  • Elizabeth

    Although this bracelet would go with anything, I would first wear it to church!

  • Mariah Wilson

    I would wear it with a Little Black Dress (TM).

  • Debra

    I would wear this bracelet with a black dress or dress a jeans outfit.

  • Mary A

    I believe you can wear this bracelet with just about anything and look stunning. I would love to wear this for an upcoming social event. It would be black pants, sparkly grey top and my hair pulled up.

  • Lorena Keech

    Dark wash jeans, riding boots and a bright white oxford shirt.

  • katherine

    I would wear it with the navy blue dress I have picked out for my daughters wedding

  • Maureen Frost

    Evening Gown

  • michelle

    I would wear it to my daughters wedding this April with m y long black gown and the silver earrings my husband got me for valentines day!

  • John Hutchens

    my significant other would wear it with her little black dress with black silver toe pumps

  • Shannon Baas

    I’d wear this with about everything.

  • Rats

    This would look great with anything, but will look the best with my black/ silver dress.

  • Evelyn B

    An elegant black dress with ever so slight white trim 🙂 But really….with anything! 🙂

  • Antoinette Meyer

    I would wear this with any outfit! Everyday I would style it around the outfit I am wearing. Simply beautiful!! It would make me feel amazing with any outfit1


    I would wear a navy blue pantsuit with a silver blouse and silver shoes. Since the bracelet is so stunning and stands out it is the only jewelry I would wear.

  • Audrey Langstroth

    I would wear this beautiful bangle with jeans, a white T-shirt, boots and a little black sweater. That way, it’s the star…which elevates your outfit AND you!

  • alexa niccolini

    I would wear this with a dark and classy cocktail dress and high heels.

  • Val

    This bracelet would go fantastic with anything, it’s versatile enough to wear to work or on the weekend with the kids!

  • Tanya Boerhave

    This would go perfectly with the studded stars on my Christmas outfit. Would also turn my everyday clothes into party fare.

  • Margaret Smith

    I would wear this everyday with both casual and work outfits. It’s really beautiful. Thanks so much.

  • Adrienne gordon

    my red strapless dress

  • cathylwood

    This bracelet says “timeless elegance” to me, and that means dark-wash straight-leg jeans, white t-shirt, interestingly chic structured jacket OR long flowy unstructured sweater plus a great pair of shoes and hair up in a ponytail.

  • Nicole Hansen

    This would work great with any of my work outfits!

  • HilLesha

    I’d wear black sateen capris, zebra print heels, and a sleeveless white, ruffled bloused paired with a black cardigan with quart inch sleeves.

  • Nancy

    A nice simple classic accent piece for the LBD

  • Marilyn Wons

    I would love to wear this bracelet with a silver and black gown!

  • Emily Rangel

    Its such a pretty bracelet, I think I would use it to snazz up EVERY outfit

  • Bonnie Florentine

    must have

  • Judi Roode

    I would wear this wear my favorite black dress!

  • Michelle W

    I have this amazing purple dress that could use this sparkle, thanks for the giveaway

  • Michelle

    I would wear it with a blazer, top, skinny jeans and high heels.

  • diane

    I would wear this bracelet with my little black dress

  • Leah Brooks

    oops! didn’t see the question: I’m not sure what outfit my mom-in-law woud wear it with; we might have to get her one! lol But seriously, this would just make her day; my dad-in-law died a few months before their 50th wedding anniversary and this bracelet would be perfect.

  • Janis Tinsman

    I would wear any outfit with this bracelet. I probably wouldn’t take it off. Really though, I think it would go with anything from casual jeans and a sweater, to the formal gown.

  • Leah Brooks

    I think this would be perfect for my mom-in-law! She lost her hubby over a year ago and doesn’t have anything super nice like this; she deserves it.

  • msortet

    I am a jewelry fanatic and this bracelet is right up pmy alley! I love the look and style of the Bernardi! I would wear it everyday with my work clothes and into into the evening for dinner. I would even keep it on with my pj’s and sleep in it! LOVE it!!!!!!

  • christine brady

    with everything from jeans to a little black dress

  • Jerold A. Sauer

    Great looking brqcelet

  • Jean

    I’d love to wear this for a special occasion

  • Cheryl Schroeder

    jeans, sweater and knee booots

  • diane schroeder

    i would definitely wear it with everything. i love it!

  • laurie nemeth

    Wow just love this and wish I could win

  • Ashley Morrissey

    Something sleek and chic. Maybe a little black dress?

  • Leroy Boardman

    Very nice

  • Theresa Dell

    I have a black and silver dress and this would be perfect with it.

  • christine tyer

    When i first saw this dress i said a black dress. But then i thought how FABULOUS this bracelet would look on my wrist for my birthday in May LOVE IT!!!!!!!

  • Michelle

    I have been trying to find a bracelet to go with a great summer outfit I bought last year. Have not worn yet, because I could not find the right accessories. Is light blue/white shirt and skirt. This would be perfect. Also, would love to wear the white sandals I bought at the same time.

  • Jocelyn Rice

    My little black dress, of course.

  • Maria

    The bracelet will make an statement, so I will wear it with my little black for a formal event, and if I am in the mood to be sassy will wear it with my little red dress!!!!!!!

  • Brenda Smith

    The Officina Bernardi bracelet is just beautiful. The first thought that came to mind when I saw this bracelet is my 21 year old daughter. She is a beautiful young woman inside and out who just happens to be very stylish and would love this bracelet. This would be a wonderful timeless piece of jewelery that she could wear with jeans while working on campus at the college she attends. She could also wear it with a formal dress for a sorority function. This is a piece she would have in her wardrobe for a life time!

  • Michele Oliver

    I’d rock this with most everything, from my crop jeans this spring & summer (I have many colors) to the green satin dress I got to wear at a wedding this August! This is gorgeous!

  • Gail

    This beautiful classic can be worn with anything! I would be absolutely thrilled to be the lucky winner!

  • plumleez

    I would wear the bracelet with just about everything! For work it would be cute with a nice top (shorter sleeved of course to show it off!) and dress pants. Or I like it with jeans, boots and a great T!!

  • Nancy Kidd

    I would wear my black chaps and leather jacket it would be the perfect accessory for all our motorcycle rides, it would real shine in the sunlite as we rode down the open roads, thank you for hosting such an awesome giveaway, and I have my fingers crossed this would be a could accessory to add to my bike collection~

  • Laurie

    Jeans, white blouse and black jacket and diamond earrings.

  • Jean

    “This would be great

  • Lucinda Blanton

    One simple but amazing black dress.

  • kay wolter

    I would so love this all year even in Michigan’s cold like now It would make Me feel amazing

  • janet hughes

    i am 64 and have a beautiful beige suit my granddaughter bought me and this would look really pretty

  • Cheri Stewart

    I would wear this bracelet, with almost any outfit. But for something special that is coming up with my husband,a black thin strapped dress heels ear-rings to match the bracelet and a smile of thankful-ness that I am here and alive to celebrate our moment.

  • Darlene McKnight

    I would wear it on ~special occasions~ because it looks beautiful,classic, & timeless, yes I would wear it ~everyday~ 🙂

  • Candicech1

    I would wear it with my little black dress.

  • hofken

    This is so amazing. I would never take it off!


  • Janet Carbone

    I would def wear a long black strapless chiffon dress. Hair down with long diamnd earings with no necklace. Keep it elegant but simple enough that the bling of the diamond bracelet is eye catching! Too much unecessary jewelry makes you not only look older but it would take away from what you want your special look to be. Again with a black dress, diamond earings and of course the beautiful diamond bracelet ahhhhhh that is what you want people to be saying! (and were did you get that GORGEOUS bracelet so eye catching!)

  • linda

    I think this beautiful bracelet would stand out on a all black outfit….whether it be a casual black pencil pant with a little delicate silk blouse or a smart and sleek dress.

  • Rose


  • Maryellen

    jeans,best shiny red heels, white tuxedo shirt and a great attitude!!!! LOVE the bracelet!

  • Jean

    I would love to wear this

  • Roxanne

    I would wear this with a nice white blouse and black slacks

  • Laurie

    I would wear this bracelet daily! Jewelry is meant to wear and not be put away in your jewelry box for that special occasion… This bracelet would look great with “that little black dress” to my favorite pair of jeans for a girls night out!! Diamonds are a girl best friend and I would love to have this bracelet as “my friend”!!!!

  • Anne

    What a stunning piece of craftmanship! This piece would be the focal point of any outfit you chose to wear it with, absolutely beautiful.

  • Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

    In super typical New Yorker Style, this would certainly be paired with one of my many ‘Little Black Dresses’ although I could also see this totally ‘chic-ing’ up a boho jeans and crisp white blouse look as well!

  • Cyndi

    I would wear this beautiful piece of jewelry with every thing I own! It would make everything special!

  • yyoerger

    Wow – almost any outfit: my white denim “biker” jacket with silver buttons and brads; my black dressy, swing jacket with silver trim and a chunky silver necklace. It looks versatile enough to be dressy, funky or casual.

  • Becky

    I love jewery, I always wear jewelry, and my outfits arn’t special; the jewelry is!

  • Eileen

    I would wear this bracelet with any outfit I chose to wear, it is BEAUTIFUL!!

  • Helen

    I would wear the bracelet with my black dress for a date night!

  • Lu Ann Bernard

    I would wear this stunning bracelet with jeans and a simple white shirt and silver colored sandals.

  • Kathy

    My turquoise and white stripe Chicos blouse.

  • Claudette Douglas

    everything, except my uniform lol

  • Nancy Coupland

    It’s a beautiful bracelet. I would wear it as my signature piece. I think it would look terrific with my little black dress as well as with my jeans and t-shirt.

  • Conchita

    I would were this bracelet with my “little black dress”, strappy red sandels on the cruise that I am going on to the Bahamas in July.Hair up with diamond studd earrings.Simple and elegant-like this bracelet…..

  • ann heffner

    any outfit at all. Once you’re “old enough to wear purple”, you can wear whatever jewelry you please. Gee, there has to be some benefit to getting old. D

  • lynda

    Truth is I’d wear it with every thing. When I get something nice it gets used. My best outfit would be my horse riding outfit, it would be just gorgious with it. Thank you !!!

  • Kathi

    Oh My Gosh , the bracelet is So Beautiful and I would be honored to wear it! I read that your business is Florida based and that Is where I would wear it , In May I am going to Florida as I do a few times a year and have so many outfits that the bracelet would look so nice with. In Florida I like to wear sundresses long and short and the ones that I am taking with me would look so nice with a golden tan and your bracelet. Thank you for this opportunity the bracelet is what I need to complete my Florida wardrobe for my upcoming trip. 🙂

  • tamara carus

    I will wear a beutiful red dress that i got for xmas !!!!!!!

  • Barbara

    I would wear my Heart on my sleeve with my Bernardi sterling silver and platinum bracelet ! 🙂

  • Karen

    I am attending a wedding this coming fall and I would wear this bracelet as a matching accessory with my midnight blue velvet dress which has round diamond buttons down the back of the dress. Also my vintage drop necklace and earrings. Diamonds are still a girls best friend…even if they aren’t real!

  • ptorpey

    everything from casual to formal gowns

  • ptorpey

    like the glitz and glam of the piece

  • renee

    would wear this with any and everything simply lovely

  • renee

    i’d wear this outfit with any and everthing simply luv it!

  • Lespa

    What couldn’t you wear with it? This is a great bracelet to have simply because it matches every outfit, casual and formal.

  • Shelly

    I’d wear this with any outfit but it would look amazing with the new skinny jeans, blouse and crazy sexy black heels I bought myself for my birthday a few weeks ago!

    • Texas Drama Mama

      My kids would love this. I could wear it when I go teach my Drama Classes! They think it is cool when I wear my “Drama Mama accessories”. This could be a new one to wear all the time. Then maybe I could wear my silver sequined hat!
      Sandy Detamore aka Drama Mama

  • Crystal Sell

    A simple black dress. I wouldn’t want to wear anything that distracts from this gorgeous bracelet!

  • Deb

    Wow!!! this is drop-dead gorgeous. I love that it’s hip, modern and timeless all at the same time. I would wear this with black skinny pants or jeans (e.g. AG stilts), heels for sure, and on top my signature white shirt with the sleeves pulled up to show off the cuff. If its cold, I’d throw over a man-style blazer (still with the sleeves crushed up) or a cashmere v-neck boyfriend sweater for a more laid-back look.

    Really stunning piece, Dana.

  • gretchen henderson

    The bracelet, is the oufit I would be wearing!

  • Lorena Shaw

    I would wear this gorgeous bracelet with my new elegantly simple black nightgown and perhaps a pair of sexy new slippers. The bracelet will sparkle while sitting by the fire as my husband and I sit sipping cognacs, sharing our stories of the long week and deciding our plans for the weekend.

  • Marcia Miller

    EVERYTHING! Okay, not my swim suite. It might blind everyone and make one unusual tan line, but everything else.

  • Cindy Kublin

    My outfit would be built around this piece.

  • Ida

    this braslet is so unique, it can be wored with anything from casual blouse to gown for holidays

    • Sue Brown

      I would wear it with my white tasteful nightgown and in the morning my black boots, sweater, jeans and sparkly necklace and earrings !

  • Roz Rickman

    Would wear this to a party in my beautiful navy pants, a silky burgundy top, a silver gray shrug, gray suede shoes, and this “knock-out” bracelet. Also would wear out to dinner, a night out with friends, or a night out to a sporting event.

  • Andrea C.

    Anything black

  • MBissaillon

    Wow, I could use this daily. Have a great black dress for evening, but I can see it with most chic outfits as a beautiful accessory.

  • Sandy Wells

    Blue Jeans, Brown cowboy boots and a crimson Alabama Tank top. Roll Tide.

  • Loandra

    I would wear this fabulous bracelet with a black skirt, red top,black heels and a nice neutral makeup to complete my look. this will be a cute outfit, but not overdressed for a dinner or a girl night out. simple but kind of elegant at the same time.

  • astrid

    I would wear this gorgeous bracelet with anything to anywhere. its such a staple piece. You can dress up or dress down. I love it.
    fingers and toes crossed. pick me!!! 🙂

  • Sheryl Colaw

    Every outfit
    it would make the outfit!!

  • Michelle Court

    I would wear this bracelet with a blouse and trousers. It’s lovely!

  • Lindsey

    I would wear it with anything from an evening gown to a t-shirt with jeans because it’s so beautiful that it could really go with anything!

  • stephanie

    That would go with ANYTHING it is beautiful!!!!

  • Rosetta Major

    Love to have that beautiful sophicated bracelet

  • Blair Scott

    I would wear it with my pink HL bandage dress and silver shoes! I think I’d also want to wear it with white jeans, navy blouse and red cowboy boots!

  • Belinda MacDonald

    Its beautiful enough to be a piece that would only come off when I’m in the water, I live in the jewelery I love.


    I have a black evening dress and this bracelet would look great on me

  • Jean


  • Sherry

    Dress it up or dress it down. Personally I think jeans, a white T or peasant shirt and boots would be my style. It’s a beautiful piece of jewelry that would compliment any style!

  • Maryann

    With everything! I would take it on a cruise for formal night.

  • Nancy M

    Hard to choose just one since it is so versatile. But if I had to choose, it woulb a liitle black sheath dress.

  • MARY K

    Everything but I could see myself wear it with some black.

  • Jana Hayes

    A fabulous little black dress or jeans and a white T – the bracelet would looks great with both.

  • Larisa

    It would be amazing to win this exquisite bras let. I would wear it with almost everything I have. It is good with casual and with evening wear as well. Beautiful jewelry!

  • Barb Betts

    I would wear it with everything. Jeans, a dress and dress pants. It would look great with anythign I would wear.

  • dmnyes

    I might even wear this beautiful bracelet with just my birthday suit!

  • Pam Flynn

    My pretty little black dress!

  • Debra Simning-Chapman

    I have an evening wedding to go to later this month. I would wear my black velvet and satin jacket with my black velvet pants. This would be the greatest bling to add to this outfit!

  • Jayne Cameron

    I would wear this bracelet with a red Dress that I have that is classic and simple, yet elegant.

  • elr

    I can’t think of a outfit it wouldn’t go with!

  • MoonRae

    My new LBD!! this is gorgeous


  • Linliu

    With my favorite black pantsuit and jewel-tone top

  • linda

    I absolutely adore this bracelet-and I think I’d wear it with lots of things-from black jeans and white tee to black dress. This is a candidate for a signature piece….

  • Tina

    I would wear this bracelet with jeans on a casual day, with a pant suit for classic elegance, and with any dress or suit.

  • Kai W.

    This bracelet is so simple and beautiful that it could worn every where.

  • Linda

    This awesome bracelet would go with just about everything 🙂

  • Paula Pile

    I would wear it with a cute silk Emerald sheath Dress for its grand debut. I Ould imagine wearing it to cocktail parties, work and out to diner with my husband. It is a beautiful fashion statement that I would see as quite versatile and would be proud to wear.

  • Deborah

    Everything or nothing at all.

  • Diane

    I could wear that bracelet with everything!

  • kellykat

    this bracelet would add the perfect finishing touch to just about any outfit in my wardrobe from casual to dressy—!I love it

  • amy

    I would wear this with everything! I love to dress up jeans with an unexpected bit of sparkle.

  • cher

    I agree with many of the posts. THis is such an elegant and beautiful peice of jewelry that I could wear it with jeans or dress it up. Certainly a nice peice that stands on its own.

  • Sheila W.

    A great big smile anything I wear with a smile makes me and it look hot!

  • Mary

    I would wear this bracelet with everything. What a classy look!

  • jacque

    my little black dress!

  • Dawn

    I would wear it everyday

  • Beth Williamson

    The bracelet is simple and classic so it would go with the most elegant outfit ,like the LBD mentioned by most, yet also would go with casual outfits to give them a little bit of zing! Just the bit of jewelry to class up any outfit!

  • krista pellerin

    I think I would wear it with almost anything. This bracelet has such a stunning look to it that it could go with my jeans and t’s or any of my dresses .It would also compliment all of my other sterling silver jewlery I wear.

  • sgoulet660

    I have a great little black dress that this bracelet would look wonderful with.

  • Christine

    my LBD

  • ellen schull

    I would wear it with nice jeans, a casual tee shirt, and boots. It would really dress things up.

  • Susan

    I will wear this often and with anything, as it is so beautiful! I will feature it for special occasions!

  • Paula

    I would wear it with the new outfit I would treat myself to. Hey, it would be a good excuse to go shopping find that perfect something! 🙂

  • Cherie Lee

    This bracelet would look great with my jeans, boots, white shirt, and pinstriped boyfriend blazer! It would also look great with my black dress and silver scarf. It’s the best kind of jewelry piece, one that’s versitle enough to go with almost everything!

  • krisann57

    What a beautiful bracelet. I could dress it down with jeans or dress it up with my black party dress.

  • mimi

    Wow. This is sparkly. Not an everyday piece. Definitely would wear this with a dressy-dress.

  • Jennifer Kielty

    I would wear it with my red floral dress to my cousin’s wedding in August.

  • mintjulie

    I can see myself wearing it with jeans & a dress T or a simple dress.

  • beth

    I would simply throw on with a white tee and jeans, nice!!

  • janet

    It would sparkle with my black dress and with jeans and a white blouse!!!

  • Mary B

    I wear this bracelet with an elegant black cocktail dress, a gown, or black leggings and a funky jacket

  • jfscott1948

    You could wear this with anything.It is so beautiful tha it stands alone. Wear it with casual clothes in the daytime or dressy clothes fo a night on the town.

  • pam boyd

    It would be perfect with anything

  • Tracy C

    When wouldn’t I wear this gorgeous bracelet? I would wear this all the time! This timeless beauty goes with everything; the button down shirt to fancier outfits.

  • Marta

    What a fabulous bracelet! I would wear this both dressed up & dressed down, to work & to play…. Love it!

  • Diane

    That lovely bracelet goes with anything. It can be worn with a fine suit, a long skirt and sweater, my jeans and boots. It is a multi-purpose piece and I would love to own it. Thanks~

  • Fran Kahn

    I’d pair this with a little black dress-simple but elegant.

  • Jan

    A bracelet like this could be worn with anything from jeans to a formal!

  • beth w

    what a beautiful bracelet! i wouldn’t discriminate…i would wear it with any and all i have. up with my dress blacks and down with my jeans and sweaters.

  • Nyra

    Absolutely most anything. It’s gorgeous and will go with so much. I can really see it with my black a-line dress with the v-neck and gathering at the waist. Nice bit of bling for all that black. 🙂

  • Ann Russell

    Everything from my birthday suit(it is Valentines Day)to an evening gown. This is a timeless,ageless piece and a splendidly beautiful work!

  • Kathy Hecimovich

    Anything and everything that I own and would buy would look great with that bracelet.

  • Basya

    It is so elegant and beautiful, I would wear it only on special occasions with my little black dress. Would be nice to win it today – at the Valentine’s Day. And wear too!

  • Deed

    Strappy silver heels … and a smile!

  • Dorothy Borgese

    It would have to be something sleek and sexy to compliment the dazzle

  • Elisse

    OMG! What a fab piece of jewelry! You could wear it with anything, but it would fun to wear it to glam up jeans and a cashmere sweater & booties, and definitely with a classic “Little Black Dress”…

  • starsmom

    Everything I own (just about!)!!!!

  • Karen

    I would wear all black to show off this beautiful bracelet! Black is one of the colors I look best in, so I like to accessorize with jewelry, especially silver!

  • ruthing73

    I would wear anything with this stunning piece. It’s simple, elegant and a real knock out and would make any article of clothing stand out.

  • pamela =

    I would wear it with everything it’s beautiful

  • karen

    skinny black jeans white tank and black 3/4 length sleeved sweater

  • Felina M

    everything, my casual jeans & cute sweater to my little black dress

  • Pamela Lloyd

    I love the braclet and I would wear it with lots of things. I have great date night dresses and some sassy jeans that this would compliment.

  • mell

    This is perfect for almost anything, but I would wear it most with my LBD or my little red dress.

  • Georgiegirl

    I think this would go perfect with my LBD to wear to the two weddings I have this year. It looks beautiful.

  • gracie

    Anything…..Its so pretty will go well with any style….

  • Gonhikin

    Perfect bangle to wear with my LBD!!

  • amy mayer

    anything–to me that is the beauty of this simple design –it could be the “sparkler” with jeans and a t-shirt or compliment for a dressy look on the town.

  • skipheart

    What a elegant and beautiful piece, would look great on my wrist….now just need to save up for a new outfit.

  • Tanya


  • Barbara wicklund

    Summer dresses!

  • Susan Bradley

    Makes me reach for the little black dress at night or some leather wear for daytime…very eye catching!

  • vasslt

    With everything, all the time, it is stunning!

  • Zenaida

    I would wear the bracelet with a black top and black slim jeans.

  • Margarida

    I would wear this with a classic black velvet dress!

  • kmariem18

    Anything dressy and sometimes to dress up a plain outfit

  • Christine

    What better way to showcase the Officina Bernardi sterling silver and platinum bracelet than with a sexy black sleeveless dress.

  • velder dixon


  • Pat

    I think this bracelet is so lovely I would NEVER take it off!

  • Beth Lowe

    I would wear it with my “little black dress” for a nice dinner out with my husband.

  • heather holmberg

    This would look fabulous with jeans and my wooly shall ! very nice !

  • tksinclair

    This would go with SO MANY outfits, Date night:…tight black leggings, tight fitting white tank and over it a slightly oversized gauzy white shirt, with 3/4 sleeves and sexy high strappy black shoes….or sandals

    OR for work or evening: Stella Mccartney buttoned back sweater in blue, with dressy wide leg black cuffed pants, very high black shoes with silver spiked heels and drop silver earrings.

    OR perfect fitting dark blue jeans with a great scarf around the neck, white long sleeve tee with short denim or leather jacket, large calf tan purse and navy blue leather flats…

    Or white jeans, heather grey scoop neck tee with Elizabeth and James Heather blazer in Navy blue, sleeves pushed up to the elbows…

    Or any LBD, casual or dressy….

    OR spring or summer maxi dress…

    OR black leather mini, with cashmere black sweater, oversize black bag, black ankle boots – New York here I come…

    The possibilities are ENDLESS….

  • Christine

    I would wear it with my sexy black short sleeve dress; what better way to show off the beautiful Officina Bernardi sterling silver and platinum bracelet!

  • Ruth Wherley

    This bracelet is a definite dress and high heels accessory!

  • Pamela

    This bracelet can dress up formal or informal clothes. But I’d let my daughter wear it to her first prom!

  • Ursula Masles

    This is gorgeous and yet able to go casual with dark jeans, black heels, and pretty solid colored top or dressy a solid colored dress.

  • Laura Royal

    I would wear it with a floral print wrap dress

  • Mary G

    Black tunic and leggings with some killer big silver earrings!

  • Nancy Jachcik

    I’d where this with anything at anytime because I think it would make a statement with any outfit!

  • Carol Hansen

    This would look great with my “mother of the the bride outfit” later this year. Excellent promotion. Keep up the good work.

  • mrsbecky

    I see this being worn with the “Little Black Dress” for an evening event, but would look good with casual clothing as well. Would to win this one!

  • Janet Keyser

    I would wear this with anything in my closet; jeans or a dress! It is nice!

  • donna.gordon

    I would wear it anytime I wanted to. I have learned “not to save anything for good”. Live for today! It is beautiful!

  • Naomi

    Umm, everything from jeans to gowns. Looks very versatile.

  • Nancy Olson

    simple ande classy, –we older folks soeetimes are to flashy, this is just right. Love it.

  • Sharron

    I am defnitely a “BLING” girl and I wear pretty bracelets that look alot like this most all the time! I LOVE getting compliments, (sho doesn’t?) and this would certainly catch some eyes! Most all of my jewelry is cheaper costume jewelry…..LOVE them but it would be so nice to have a dramatic, NICE piece such as this bracelet you have designed! I LOVE layering my bracelets also…..I could wear this beauty both ways! Dress it up or down. Definitely I would wear it each time we go out to be with our Karaoke friends! And when they ask, whose design are you wearing, I could comment, well of course “BERNADI”! Keeping my fingers crossed!

  • Christa

    I would wear this with my favorite jeans and a pretty blouse!

  • Brenda

    What a fantastic bracelet to wear with jeans or when I get dressed up. It will be my signature piece that I wear all the time. My birthday is a week away on the 21st and it would be a wonderful surprise birthday present as my husband rarely gives me something for my birthday.

  • Linda

    Oh, wow, with what wouldn’t this bracelet look wonderful? I’m picturing it especially with a soft gray cashmere cardigan, bright white tee, jeans, and buttery leather black boots. Maybe offset by a red coral necklace. Yum! Happy Valentine’s Day, btw!

  • Rhonda Dunford

    Definitely the traditional LBD (little black dress). The simplicity of the dress, as well as the basic color black, would showcase the bracelet; allowing it to be the star of the show. I love the combination of diamonds and a bangle…and of coarse, the LBD.

  • Sheila Chaffins

    I would wear it with my black dress and pumps.

  • Fay Swenson

    I could wear it with everything from jeans to something very fancy. I think when you wear something with great bling it really dresses up an outfit.

  • Pat

    A long flowing but casual dress.

  • a1nettie

    I would wear this with every chance I got. I love jewelry but do not own much because of the cost. It is a great investment because you can have it for forever. I am starting to get in to purchasing more these days. A simple jeans day and a simple solid top this can make it look more fashion forward than just a blah day 🙂

  • Barbara C

    This bracelet is awesome!

  • njr312

    I would wear this bracelet with everything!

  • Linda Clark

    I think you could wear this with nice jeans and a nice top or it would also be great when you get all dressed up too.

  • Tammy Allen


  • Sharyn

    I would wear this bracelet with absolutely everything. It would look very cool with jeans and a t-shirt or the basic little black dress. Love, love, love it!

  • Rosita Eizenshtein

    I’d love to wear it with some elegant top – I like darks in the evening of course. I have other shinny jewlry that I enjoy wearing. Thanks for the give away.

  • Fran Herzig

    Jeans and a fitted white shirt, with some high octane stilettos.


    This piece is gorgeous and I would wear it as often as possible!Would wear it with my little black dress and with my casual clothes too.Beautiful!

  • Jen

    I think this would look great with a black turtleneck sweater and black pants

  • Jean Hoult

    I’d love this

  • fran

    I’d wear this with everything with the exception to the gym for exercising and sauna…..love it with denim or lace and everything in between. It would look especially nice with a little black dress with the only other accessory a simple pair of earrings in silver.

  • debbie emmerich

    Wow! This is a great looking piece; modern and classy. I think it can be ‘showcased’ either dressy or casual. Jewelry shouldn’t be saved for ‘special’ occasions… Wear it! Have fun with it! Enjoy it!
    I love ‘layering’ jewelry, so I’d show off the fabulous style and sparkle of the this bracelet by teaming it with several slender, silver bangles, my Tiffany charm bracelet, a pearl bracelet and a great watch… badda-bing! Gorgeous to look at and to admire 🙂

  • olympicgirl

    That is beautiful. I’d wear it with my best dress and heels on a night out on the town.

  • jamorela2002

    This is meant to be worn either way – casual (jeans) or elegant (after five)! It is breathtaking!

  • Tonya Hickerson

    Anything I wanted 🙂 this is just stunning!

  • Geri

    I love this bracelet! I had one similar to this one that was on the same wrist that a gift bag was on, when I was collecting 50/50’s for a charity event, and I lost it. My husband bought it for me as an anniversary present. 🙁 I’m happy that I still have the matching earrings. I wore this bracelet mostly with black. Gorgeous!

  • AJB

    I think this bracelet would be very versatile and go with a lot of outfits from dressy to casual.

  • Susan

    I would wear this with just about anything. It’s one of those “dress up, dress down” pieces. Gorgeous!

  • Tracey

    Great looking bracelet – sophisticated yet edgy! I’d wear it with skinny jeans, my black leather tall boots with silver buckles, and an eggplant colored sweater. I’d probably wear one or two silver chain necklaces and a pair of large silver hoop earrings.

  • Theresa Buchle

    I would wear it with just about everything! Basic black, jeans & soft shirt, bold red. I can’t think of anything it wouldn’t look great with.

  • Stormy

    Classic accessory to wear with many outfits, but if I had to pick one, I say a steel blue cashmere tunic, leggings and boots!

  • skonko

    My sexy little black dress and some great heels!

  • smfsprout

    I don’t currently have a fancy outfit that I would wear this bracelet with, but I would sure like to win and have the excuse to go buy a fancy outfit.


    I would wear this next Valentine’s Day…. with nothing else at all!!!

  • Rebecca

    This piece is so beautifully versatile that I would wear it with nearly every outfit I own!!

  • Kathy

    Black skinny’s, booties and an awesome top!

  • Sacha Schroeder

    It’s so pretty! I would wear it with everything!

  • Nancy Luebke

    What a beauty. Certainly could go with anything black but so many other things I could wear it with. It would work with anything classy or casual.

  • S Kay DeGroot

    A beautiful bracelet that will go with many outfits. My favorite would be my black skinny jeans, black boots, and a white top!

  • Kathi Elster

    Since I mostly wear black I could see wearing this daily.

  • joyce

    Anything and Everything!!!!!!

  • valorosa

    I would wear this bracelet with the dress I wear when we go to the symphony in Cincinnati. It would be a fabulous addition to my outfit.

  • travelgirl

    my little black dress, of course!

  • Nancy

    This would go with everything! It would dress up jeans and look perfect with a little black dress! Love it, very versatile.

  • Marcia

    I would wear this with everything.

  • Marilyn Tompkins

    This bracelet would go with anything. I would make this my signature piece.

  • Pat Noel

    I would wear this bracelet as a signature peice, WITH EVERYTHING!

  • Monica Platz

    It would have to be a black dress and heels! Beautiful bracelet!

  • Sandy

    I would wear this beauty everyday! It would look good with everything — work clothes, jeans, fancy — asleep in bed!

  • Patricia Gallant

    Well, I wouldn’t wear it with yoga pants and a hoodie, but whenever I’m dressing up whether it be dress pants and a nice top, or a dress, this bracelet would be perfect.

  • debra

    this would go with everything-casual jeans to a black skirt and sweater

  • Lelani

    Than is beautiful bracelet, I love it!

    I have so many outfits that this would look great with, I even have a pair of earrings that are very similar that I would definitely pair with the bracelet!

    Lets see though, I would get more wear out of it with my black leggings and boots and my tunic style lace sleeved top. I may even have to “do up” my eyes to make it a more special look!

    I hope you have a sparkling and platinum day!

  • Catherine

    I’d wear it with a black turtleneck and black palazzo pants and high heeled black boots. I have blond hair and like bright red lipstick. I think the bracelet would be a stunner with my outfit.

  • Dorothy Campbell

    Gorgeous and would look appropriate and stunning with many different outfits, from dressy to casual but chic!

  • Denise

    I would wear this bracelet with everything from jeans to formal wear, but the special outfit I would wear it with is a little black dress and the diamond earrings and necklace my husband gave me. I would wear the outfit on a very special date with my husband.

  • BlueBear

    Just what I need for my new gray cashmere turtleneck box sweater and gray slacks! Perfect bangle to enhance the color gray and offset the often heavy look of wool!

  • Jill

    This is Beautiful!!! I would wear this with everything, Dress up or jeans. It is just stunning!!

  • tarheel4ever

    I would wear this bracelet with many outfits but one in particular is a holiday silver dress that it would complement beautifully! Thanks – I hope I win! 🙂

  • Barb

    I wear mostly silver jewelry so this would most outfits, casual to dressy.

  • wizardewu

    I would wear this beautiful bracelet with my little black dress.

  • Jerrilynn Atherton

    I like to mix it up so I’d probably wear it with skinny jeans, stilettos, and a cashmere sweater!

  • ebaranch

    I would wear it to a black tie dinner I am attending in March.

  • AC

    What I love about this piece is how versatile it is! It makes a clean modern statement. I’d pair it with a fitted, cap-sleeve knit top (which I wear under a jacket at the office) and my signature trouser-cut jeans during the day. I’d put it on my right arm for a meeting, so when I shake hands with the men, they notice my power bangle.

    Then when I go out after 6, I’d ditch the jacket and let it add sparkle to my left arm. That’s what drew me to this piece! It can go with so many looks.

  • Ann Spence

    That is one pretty bracelet !!

  • Tfabglam5

    This bracelet is simply so elegant and divine! I would wear this all the time … especially when going out in the evening. It is so classic and a real stunner!

  • Debi

    The possibilities are endless with this bracelet! Hmmmm, let’s see;

    a pair of jeans with my black snap up shirt and black boots,
    my little black dress, my awesome denim dress and high heeled leather sandals… I could come up with endless possibilities!

    Thanks and have a great day!

  • Helene

    I would absolutely LOVE to own this bracelet!!

  • Michele Cox

    Gorgeous addition to a jewelry collection!

  • missdeb1

    I’d wear this with a little black dress, a pair of black strappy heels, and a pair of simple drop earrings.

  • Tanya Dvorak

    My little black dress…perfect!

  • Carrie obrien


  • Theresa Elliott

    Hi this would be so fabulous with the “little black dress”!

  • mag

    I would seriously wear this with jeans and a great top and a some high black boots! It is beautiful and I love it.

  • laurie nemeth