Top 10 H*O*T Shopping Hacks

Why is it that when we’re in the dressing room, things seem to magically fit and feel comfortable? We’ve all been there, standing in front of the mirror and convincing ourselves that these skin tight pants actually feel good, and we really don’t have to lose five pounds for them to look amazing on us. This is the time to be honest with yourself and ask, ‘am I buying this for the person I am now, or is it for some past version of myself or future version of who I want to be?’ Be brutal!

No matter how good the deal,  it’s no bargain if it’s something you’ll never wear. It’s better to pay a little more for something you’ll enjoy for a long time, and that’s versatile enough to mix with other pieces in your closet. Of course, if you see something you love at the beginning of the season, but can’t justify buying, watch it like a hawk and then pounce when it goes on sale. You’ll be surprised at how you can almost always get that thing “you can’t live without” by exhibiting some patience.

Metal zippers last longer than plastic ones. Fabric patterns should match up at the seams. Stripes and plaids stick out like a sore thumb if they’re not aligned, and  sloppy match-ups are sure signs of poor quality. Good seams will prevent fraying and maintain quality through wearing and laundering, so be sure to flip clothing inside out to check them. French seams (with raw edges hidden), overlapping seams that are sewn flat, and bound seams are best.

If you find an item you really really adore, buy a second one. How many times has something you love worn out or become stained,  and is no longer available?  And, you must nab more than one if it’s on sale!

Store all your jewelry in different size boxes. The pieces will be easier to find, and you’ll always remember what you own, so you’ll avoid buying pieces you don’t need. Your jewelry also will last much longer when it’s protected in a covered box. Consider using a free wall in your closet or bedroom to hang your necklaces, a great way to see what you have at a glance.  It looks cool, too!

  • All good points. I am a big fan of buying more than one of something you adore but as a jewelry designer I have to disagree with the last point of making a hanging “collage” of your jewelry so you can see it. Hanging necklaces is the worst thing you can do, especially if they are strung on silk or cord. Most necklaces have to be restrung in a year or two anyhow, but hanging them will shorten that period, stretch them out, and expose them to dust. Ideally jewelry should be stored flat. I recommend storing your jewelry in thin flat pull out drawers (kind of like architect’s trays) or even in clear plastic or cotton bags so you can see the designs but they can still breathe. Also If you know that you will always wear the same earrings or bracelet with that necklace, you can pair them for convenience. Just saying…