{My Mother, My Muse} Elaina Spilove

FOF Elaina Spilove, a Wharton graduate and Smith Barney SVP, describes her style as “business edgy–conservative.” Still, her mother (pictured below), with her feminine style, wielded much influence over Elaina’s fashion sense today.

“My mother managed a nightclub in Center City in the 1950s. I would sit in the bathroom and watch her get dressed every night in a shirtwaist, crinoline dress with bouffant hair and high heels. Now I wear heels with everything—Louboutin, Prada and Chie Mihara, a brand I buy at Joan Shepp.

How does your mother inspire your style? Comment below.

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  1. Rita Snipes says:

    My Mother died in 1994 and I miss her all the time! My Mom taught me early to be confident with my self and who I am. We were in Williamsburg, VA on vacation one year and she walked up to Rose Kennedy! They talked for an easy 10 minutes and I remember Ms. Kennedy as being VERY cordial and friendly! I have met a lot of great people because of my Mom teaching me that confidence!!

  2. Hanan says:

    My mom was always a stylish and elegant lady, and that affected me a lot in my choice of my wardrobe with the search always for something simple yet elegant and stylish.And now in her 70’s, still an exquisite lady.

  3. Lina says:

    Great comment Frederika! You and Elaina should get together 🙂 I interviewed her for the site and she’s incredible.

  4. Frederika Thomas says:

    My mom owned and operated a restaurant and cocktail lounge for years and always looked like she was right out of Vogue. At 88 years old she still has it.


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