Sharryn’s Got Style to Spare

We discovered Sharryn, a FOFashion Stylist in Australia, while browsing through the trillions of Instagram photos. “I am a stylist in Melbourne teaching women of all ages how to dress for their body shape and proportions,” Sharryn writes.

If the photos she posts of herself are any indication, Sharryn has style oozing from every pore.

The temperatures are moderate all year round in Melbourne, so many of Sharryn’s recent photos show her enjoying the gorgeous summer and fall weather in one splendid outfit after another. (Australia’s seasons are completely opposite from ours.) We’ve chosen three of our favorites.

Flower Girl

Don’t the sunny yellow jacket, bright red sandals, and cool kelly green belt with matching head scarf, look smashing with Sharryn’s dress in a muted floral print? Even though there isn’t a drop of yellow in the dress, the jacket color works perfectly. Notice how good Sharryn’s big round earrings look with her round glasses and the rings in her shoes.

Go With
The Flow

When you’ve got arms like Sharryn, why not show them off? Here, she pairs a sleeveless baby doll top with a pair of palazzo pants. Although both pieces are flowy, neither is overpowering, and the Thai-inspired print looks wonderful against the pure white. Again, Sharryn accessorizes with a kelly green head scarf and red sandals, and adds a statement necklace with a bright yellow inset.

On The Loose

Sharryn smartly partners simple and slim black pants with a flowing animal print top and scads of necklaces. Her neutral cream-colored, open-toed shoes play nicely off the print, and her back earrings play off the pants. Clearly a comfortable outfit for an afternoon out with the girls or for a casual day at the office.

Which of these is your favorite outfit?

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0 Responses to “Sharryn’s Got Style to Spare”

  1. fashion shopping says:

    love#2 and #1,I must say i am impressed with your stylish outfit,u are sooo amaizng!

  2. Cheekybab says:

    Love #2 and 3. I wish she had a blog site. I would be a loyal follower.

  3. Bettie Claxton says:

    I like On the Loose. That looks fabulous AND comfortable.

  4. Diane says:

    Without a doubt, the third outfit is a winner. While the other outfits are loud and funky (almost clown-like), this look is fun yet sophisticated. It is slimming and youthful. Even her face seems slimmer.

  5. Patti Stern says:

    I like the first ensemble best! The pop of the yellow jacket pulls the orangey yellow flowers out of the dress and makes the outfit cohesive. It is light and airy …I wish that she would change the hairdo so we can see another side of her .


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