Should Oprah Run For President?


Maybe. She’s much more intelligent and thoughtful than what we have now. She’s charismatic. She wouldn’t be motivated by greed. She has class and manners, while still seeming down-to-earth, and she’s used to being powerful and knows how to wield power effectively. She’d be a real improvement! But my honest wish would be George Clooney. Seriously. For all the right reasons.”
Anne Horne

No, I would not. I like Oprah a lot, but would prefer someone from the Senate, Congress or some other political or high up government position.”
Nancy Kelly

“Judge Judy for president. Now there is a lady who has it all together. She can see right through a lazy bum or dead beat parent. She is for the working people and looks down on the ones who abuse the system.”
Frank Dorsey

Absolutely I would vote for her. She is the voice of reason and for ALL the people!

I would also vote for Ellen Degeneres!”
Tamara Hayes

Well Ringling Brothers are out of a gig. Why not give it to them, circus is their bag!”
Carla Stanfield

“I would vote for Donald Duck or Mickey Mouse if it would get the current resident in the White House out of there. What a joke!”
Linda D. Arnold

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