[Style Expert] How to wear a scarf–and not look old.

Stylish women wear scarves. Right? But how come when we try to wear them, we end up looking either uber conservative or, well . . . dated?

According to style blogger and scarf aficionado, Une Femme, (yes, that is a nom de plume), there are two big mistakes when it comes to wearing a scarf:
1.  Trying to make it look “neat.”
2.  Lack of practice.

“Wearing scarves is a learned thing,” she explains. “If you want to have that French, effortless chic, it has to look sort of thrown on–but it’s really not. You have to play in front of the mirror–twist, fold. Get that muscle memory going.”

Une Femme began experimenting with scarves about 5 years ago, after she returned from her very first trip to Paris. “French women have a basic wardrobe and they accessorize it. I started looking up other women online who were doing scarf tutorials. Now I wear a scarf every day unless it’s just too warm.”

We love the way she uses scarves in her own wardrobe–chic and simple. Now it’s time to T.I.Y (tie it yourself).  Check out Une Femme’s 3 simple scarf tutorials and then haul that stack of scarves out of your closet and get twisting.


Clip 1:
Three Ties for Smaller Squares

Clip 2: Large Silk Squares and Lots of Twisting!

Clip 3: Two ties for long knit scarves. (“This features one of my favorite scarves, and a great one for beginners: The Eric Bompard cashmere “voile” scarf,” says Une Femme.)

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  1. Erma Moore says:

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  4. Debby says:

    Love the scarves but really need to practice tying them!

  5. Terry says:

    That is the best picture ever. Wonder how young she’d look if she tied her scarf differently.

    • Takashi says:

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  6. Barb says:

    This is a photo of me in a scarf, wearing it in the practical way for keeping ears warm, and I didn’t think I looked all that bad http://www.over40fashions.com/site/accessories/Entries/2009/10/15_Scarf_and_Glove_Diva.html

  7. Sweetie Girl says:

    Living in a tropical climate I never thought I would wear a scarf—-that is, until I saw how to tie them. How chic! I am in love with the looks. What a fabulous way to add color and a print to my monochromatic, solid color wardrobe. This opens an entirely new dimension to my look and I thank you.

  8. Susan Tiner says:

    Une Femme is one of my favorite bloggers! I have watched all of her Foulard videos, they really help give me confidence wearing scarves.

  9. Tabitha says:

    What a wonderfully funny post!

    Une Femme – and hère was me thinking her parents were Stoic French folk who called a spade a spade – has the gift of scarf tying, scarves bamboozle me.

  10. BigLittleWolf says:

    J’adore les foulards!

    How lovely to see déjà pseu here, reminding us of their versatility. (And Diane Keaton looks divine in that photo.)

    • Janet says:

      I really like the cumiostzation. I created a custom hoodie for “Pink Lily” which is my beast cancer walk team from this year. I want to make hoodies for all the women on my team. This site is perfect for what I am looking for!

  11. Vicki Archer says:

    Love a scarf and love the way ‘une femme’ can wear them… xv

  12. That's Not My Age says:

    Une Femme certainly is a scarf afiicionado – I am always impressed by her video tutorials!

  13. Connie Snow says:

    So glad you featured Une Femme. She is a genius!

  14. Tish Jett says:

    Une Femme is a genius. She has helped may of us get that nonchalant look, which as she points out really isn’t. She understands the great Femme Française secret, “perfect is boring” even though the “I just threw it on” result often takes a bit of practice.

    What a perfect venue for you Pseu, on Geri’s brilliant blog.

  15. BlueBear says:

    The very elegant Jacqueline Kennedy wore a scarf over her head and tied under her chin and still managed to look gorgeous. Why even use a scarf if not for the purpose it was intended? Like a purse, a scarf is a utilitarian accessory!


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