{Timeless Style} Alice Lusk

FOF Alice Lusk says her style is “modernist” and always has been. “A gentleman who ran couture at Neiman Marcus taught me that there are three main styles: modernist, traditionalist and romantic,” says Alice. “I’m modernist because I wear monochromatic, straightforward, architectural clothes.”  Like many FOFs, high style was in her blood before she had the means to afford it . . .

“I’ve always had a signature style. In high school and college I couldn’t afford designer clothes, so I bought classic Vogue sewing patterns and made them in monochromatic fabrics.” —FOF Alice Lusk

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  1. Robyn says:

    These girls look great ! I so remember these styles,
    we are all a “Classic” piece of history. To think that
    all of the manufacturer’s now are trying to duplicate
    what we worn ! I think it’s great, the pencil stick skirt, bell-bottoms, poodle skirts, pea jackets etc. I loved those days, they are “memories” that can not ever
    really be reproduced.


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