{Weekly Roundup}

BRAva FOFs! You made it through the week! But did you catch all of these great new posts from around the web?

“I love clothes. It’s an illness,” says FOF actress Diane Keaton.

40 years with 82-year-old “Mrs B” on the front lines of fashion

A chat with a famous FOF director or a novel feast with an FOF author

This dress “reminds me of being young and watching Eva Gabor in Green Acres.”

How to wear velvet

Age before botox

Is an asymmetrical face a sign of aging?

Croissant smackdown

Tom Ford ‘Very Much Likes Beautiful Wrinkles

Until, Monday FOFs!

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  1. Pedro says:

    I have been a HARDCORE fan since I first heard them in New Orleans. How do I get those free tickets? I don’t want to miss out.


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