What You’d Buy If Money Were No Object

We got a mighty broad range of answers when we asked what you’d purchase if money wasn’t an issue. One is political, but we HAD to include it because it’s was a pretty clever way to respond!

A surgery that would let me walk again with no pain.  That’s all I need.  I’d be happy living under a bridge as long as I was healthy.”
Sharon Bartok
A beach cottage on the coast of Washington State for me and my BFF Lisa Rothery Luna to enjoy the rest of our days in total happiness!”
Debbie Cramer Roncal   

“Every commercial dog breeding operation in the US, with the codicil that they never have anything to do with breeding/selling/owning another animal ever again.”
Cate Bernhardt
My freedom.  Quit my job and travel the world.”
Debbie LeMasters Kueber

I would pay off my family’s debts, create college funds for grands, then travel around the world.”
Iris R. Kuhn

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