What 72 Percent Of You Are Doing Wrong In The Shower!

You pop into the shower to begin your morning (or evening) beauty routine.

You grab your body wash or bar of soap, and maybe a loofah or body sponge, and get to work on your arms, legs, back, butt, torso, and vagina! STOP RIGHT THERE. Using body wash or soap on your vagina is definitely a no-no, but it’s never too late to start giving this precious body part the tender loving care it deserves.

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Win A Supplement To Help Your Dry Eyes!


At one point or another, you’ve probably experienced a symptom of dry eyes, a common condition in which the tear ducts don’t produce enough tears to lubricate and nourish the eyes. Now that winter is almost here, the dry air can make our eyes even drier, and lubricating eye drops simply won’t help us produce tears more naturally (or help our eye health in the long run). Contact lenses, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and LASIK surgery also can affect tear production.

Dry eye symptoms include irritated, scratchy, or burning eyes; feeling that a foreign particle is in the eyes; and excess watering, blurred vision, or redness. Healthy eyes, on the other hand, are constantly bathing themselves in tears, which helps protect against eye infections, wash away foreign matter in the eye, and keep the eye surface smooth and clear. When your eyes become dry, you become more susceptible to these infections.

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The softgels, taken orally, are doctor-recommended vitamins that provide consistent comfort against dry eyes by delivering a powerful blend of vitamins A, D3, and E, as well as fish oil, Omega 3, and other natural ingredients.


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What You Should Know About This Year’s Flu Season

The holiday season is upon us, and that means it’s flu season! To stay in tip-top shape throughout the winter, we joined the #StayHealthyWithCVS campaign, sponsored by CVS. These tips and tricks for fighting the flu are nothing to sneeze at!


FOFacts: Olive Oil As The Great Therapeutic

olive and quote

Hippocrates, the ancient Greek father of medicine, called olive oil “the great therapeutic,” and identified more than 60 medicinal uses for it.

After two and a half millennia, modern science is beginning to catch up. Many clinical studies have demonstrated the preventive health benefits of olive oil, including the large-scale PREDIMED nutritional study in Spain. Started in 2003, this ongoing trial has involved more than 7,000 people to date in its evaluation of the role of the Mediterranean diet, supplemented with olive oil or nuts, in the primary prevention of cardiovascular diseases. PREDIMED sub-studies also have focused on the prevention of diabetes, dementia, and breast cancer.

A delicious component of a nutritious diet, olive oil may be considered preventive health care, with topical therapeutic uses, too.


Get Your Kegel Muscles Back In Shape

It may be time for you to start exercising down there. Join FabOverFifty in the #Kegelface campaign, sponsored by PeriCoach, so we can all work together to strengthen super important muscles that many of us ignore.

We want to do everything we can to feel and look our best, yet many of us aren’t paying attention to one crucial component to good health, and we aren’t even aware what it is!

Life events, including childbirth and menopause, can thin vaginal tissue and cause our pelvic floor muscles to weaken. This can result in bladder leakage during routine activities like exercise, or even just laughing.

Chances are, you’ve heard of Kegel exercises, which involve clenching and releasing movements of the pelvic floor muscles and tissues, to strengthen them and guard against bladder leaks. If you’ve tried these exercises, however, you may have given up because you weren’t sure if you were doing them properly or having a hard time sticking to an exercise schedule.

“I’m one of the millions of women who experience bladder leakage,” says Geri Brin, Founder of FabOverFifty.com. “I always thought Kegels would be a pain in the neck to do, and besides, I was so busy with my life, I never took the time to try them.”

Geri has completely revamped her diet and exercise routines, however, and has decided to give Kegels a try. We encourage you to give them a chance, too. 

The Science Behind Avlimil, A Menopause Relief Supplement

Whether we experience occasional hot flashes or suffer from consistent night sweats, most of us will try anything to seek relief.


‘Blinded’ By Smoking

unnamedMarlene Klein sensed something was wrong with her vision, about 20 years ago, after her bathroom was renovated.

“When my husband came home, I told him we weren’t going to pay the guy who put down the tiles because they all zigzagged. ‘No,’ he answered. ‘They’re perfectly straight.’” Marlene remembered.  When John and I went into Manhattan, the right side of all the billboards looked like wisps of clouds.  I couldn’t make out the whole billboard.”

Dry Eye: The Menopause Symptom We Often Ignore

When we hear the word “menopause,” we usually think of night sweats, mood swings, and hot flushes, but a common health condition often goes ignored or improperly treated.


Sixty-two percent of menopausal and perimenopausal women suffer from dry eye, according to a survey conducted by the Society for Women’s Health Research.


[GIVEAWAY] Start Your Day With Super Foods!

DISCLOSURE: We received product and additional compensation from Institute for Vibrant Living in exchange for writing this post to help promote the Feel Younger, Be Vibrant campaign. The opinions of the products mentioned in this post are our own. Any results we experienced from using these products are our own.

You’ve probably heard the term ‘superfoods,’ but do you know how they can really help you?

Superfoods are greens and fruits packed with vital minerals to help detoxify your body, reduce your risk of heart disease, lower cholesterol, and much more. Think tomatoes, blueberries, broccoli, kale, pomegranate, and pineapple.

Win A $500 Sexual Health Makeover

Like we did throughout our lives, ‘boomer’ women continue to push the boundaries when it comes to getting what we want.

lubrigyn giveawayAnd what we want is for our sex lives to be as vibrant today (well, almost as vibrant) as they were decades ago. So we’re leading the conversation about sexual health, and thankfully, brands are stepping up to deliver products that promise to help give us the best sex lives possible.