How To Take Control Of Your Health This Fall & Winter

Cold and flu season is approaching, and it’s better to plan ahead than to wait until you’re already sick! We’ve partnered with CVS Pharmacy to make sure you know the best ways to keep you and your family healthy in the coming months.

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Introducing MonaLisa Touch: A Beautiful New Way To Treat The Painful Symptoms Of Menopause And Help Make You Smile Again

This post is sponsored by Cynosure, the distributors of MonaLisa Touch.

“We’ve broken the taboo of saying the word ‘vagina,’ and it’s about time!” says Geri Brin, founder of FabOverFifty.“I’m delighted that conversation about sexual health is out in the open, when women no longer are embarrassed to discuss intimate issues.” 

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A Love Letter To My Estrogen Patch

Almost six months ago–Wednesday, April 20th, to be precise–I put on my first Estradiol patch, which dispenses 1 mg of estrogen a day through my skin.

I started taking estrogen again after bidding it adieu seven years earlier, because I could no longer stand what was happening to my body without it. Weight gain.  Thinning hair. Lipid levels out of whack. Skin sagging on my face, not to mention elsewhere. Bones weakening.

It was especially disturbing when the cardiologist I was seeing started pushing statins to lower my cholesterol, and I mean pushing. My good and bad cholesterol numbers had always been impressive (a doctor once joked that I could get infusions of bad cholesterol and still have great numbers!) but they started creeping up, post estrogen, and it took me years to connect the two. The cardiologist, a woman in her fifties, didn’t have a clue about the benefits of estrogen for our lipid levels, or heart health, but she sure sounded like she was a lobbyist for the pharmaceutical companies that sell statins, one of the most prescribed drugs in the US.


I recently had a full blood workup and a fasting 24-hour urine test and, lo and behold, my cholesterol numbers markedly improved. Here’s how they look.

Although my overall cholesterol, at 206,  is still a bit high, the numbers that are far more significant are the 20 percent  improvement in LDL (bad) cholesterol and a 19 percent improvement in non-HDL cholesterol.  

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[POLL] Are Your Eyes Getting Dry?


We must not take our eye health for granted. Occasional dry eye is a common condition in women over 50, which can be treated. Learn if your precious eyes have it and what you can do to relieve it.

1. Do you experience any of these symptoms of dry eye? [Check all that apply]

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2. If you experience any symptoms, do you know the main reason you have them?

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3. What do you do to alleviate the discomfort of dry eye? [Check all that apply]

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4. If you use artificial tears to alleviate your occasional dry eye, why do you use them? [Check all that apply]

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5. Did you know that artificial tears are only a temporary solution, and don’t support long-term eye health or provide protection against occasional dry eye in the future?

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Don’t Let The Internet Make You Sick

If you’re like me, and most every woman I know, you race to Google every ache, pain or unusual physical symptom that pops up.



Occasional Dry Eye: The Often-Ignored Menopause Symptom

While hot flashes, loss of libido and sleeplessness always are associated with declining levels of estrogen and other hormones during menopause, occasional dry eye is another common symptom that gets little, if no, attention! Recognizing the importance of our eyes to our overall health and well being, FabOverFifty is partnering with EyePromise during Menopause Awareness Month.

Both men and women past the age of 50 experience increased dryness in their eyes, but the condition is nearly twice as likely to occur in women,” says Sean Mulqueeny, O.D. of Mulqueeny Eye Centers in St. Louis. “It’s a result of the decrease of the hormone androgen, which causes the eyes to lose moisture.”


Would You Want To Know If You Had Alzheimer’s?

That’s a hard question. On one hand, yes, so that I could prepare my family and make sure that they understand about this dreadful illness. But on the other hand No, because it would make me miserable and the thought of my mind becoming nonfunctioning would scare and depress me every second of every minute of every day.” Pamela Martin

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“There’s No Way I Could Have Syphilis!”

“There’s no way I could have syphilis,” you say. “That’s what YOU think!” I say.

Deb, in her 70s, had a long-term affair with a man (we’ll call him Eddie) who used to make frequent business trips to Bangkok with his boss, and he told her, more than once, how Mr. Boss Man would pay to have sex with teenage girls. “The girls would be on show behind one-way glass,” Deb remembers her boyfriend telling her, “and his boss would choose the one he wanted.”

A few years ago, Deb’s doctor recommended that she have an STD panel (as in sexually transmitted diseases), to rule out the possibility that she had syphilis, among other diseases.  “I told my doctor that was crazy, how could I possibly have syphilis,” Deb said, “but she responded that women or men who’ve had unprotected intercourse (anal, oral or vaginal) with more than one partner should be tested, so I went ahead and had my blood taken.” (more…)

How To Combat Acid Indigestion Naturally

It’s likely you or someone you know has experienced acid indigestion, more commonly known as heartburn.lead


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If you’ve been using bar soap or body wash to cleanse your intimate areas, you’ve been washing your body all wrong!

Your vaginal tissue needs a far more delicate cleansing and hydrating treatment, so we’re excited to offer five lucky ladies the chance to win the best treatment we know, called Lubrigyn. Made in Italy, its line of feminine care products is tremendously popular with European women, and now it’s available in the US! Each of the five winners will receive: (more…)