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{Poll & Giveaway} Tell Us About Your Skin

2014 July 15

Brought to you by DerMend Moisturizing Bruise Formula

Let’s face it—our skin has changed a lot over the years. It’s sagging, it’s dry, and it’s thinning. Fortunately, we have more “help” than ever to keep our skin
looking beautiful.

We want to hear your thoughts on your skin—every person who answers this poll will be entered to win 1 of 2 $50 Amazon.com gift cards! Tell us what’s on your mind.


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Oprah Took Her Advice to Heart. So Should You.

2014 July 14

Once featured in Oprah Magazine as Oprah’s cardiologist, Dr. Annabelle S. Volgman is professor of medicine and medical director of the Heart Center for Women at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago.

She received her medical doctorate degree from Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, in New York, and did her internal medicine training at the University of Chicago Hospitals and Clinics and her cardiology fellowship training at Chicago’s Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

Dr. Volgman has been a prominent leader of the American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women movement and has received numerous awards from the AHA, including the 2011 Coeur d’Or Award.

FOF’s Geri Brin talked to Dr. Volgman about AFIB and Preventive Cardiology, important subjects about which most of us know little. Learn about them right now, so you’ll make sure to keep your heart healthy for the future.


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The Truth About Diet Soda

2014 June 30


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5 Minutes That Can Save Your Skin

2014 June 18


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Are Health Issues Getting In Your Way?

2014 June 17

This blog post is sponsored by MSD Consumer Care, Inc., the makers of Oxytrol® For Women.

According to a MORE magazine reader panel of 1,857 women 50 and over, 97% of women say that in a perfect world, they would reinvent themselves in the near future.

Are you one of them?

If you are, make sure health issues aren’t stopping you. Overactive bladder, for instance, affects 20 million women in the U.S., and may also affect a woman’s ability to open a new door in her life.

OAB is characterized by a number of symptoms that can be physically burdensome and emotionally draining, including a strong urge to urinate right away and the need to urinate more often than usual (eight or more times a day), with or without leakage.


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A Must-See If You Despise Exercise

2014 June 12

I hate exercise. I really hate exercise.

Yeah, yeah I know how important exercising is for us, especially as we age, but it’s just not my thing. I walk the dog every day (actually, I stroll with the dog), but I’m pretty sure that doesn’t count. I don’t drink alcohol (not even an occasional glass of wine), don’t smoke and I eat pretty well, but I’m also sure those wonderful habits aren’t a wash for the absence of aerobic and “weight-bearing” physical activity.

I usually make my way to the other side of the room when I sense an exercise evangelist approaching me. Not so with delightful Deb Horn, the first fitness professional I’ve ever encountered who has figured out exactly how to motivate women like me. And that’s a big deal. Although it’s doubtful I’m going to become an exercise fanatic anytime soon, I’ve actually started to follow Deb’s sensible program.

Deb and I made a two-minute video so I could share my experience with any of my FOFriends who would rather take a physics class than even attempt to do a pushup. If you’re one of them, do yourself a favor and watch.


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How Cocoa Flavanols Can Help Support Healthy Circulation

2014 June 9

It’s important to keep our blood flow fab as we age, which is why we need to pay more attention to circulatory health post-fifty. You may not have thought about this before, but your circulation affects your body from head to toe.

“As we age, our vascular systems stiffen, our blood vessels become less flexible, and blood doesn’t flow as easily as it once did. All of which can really compromise us in many different ways, from cold hands and feet to low exercise performance,” says Frances Largeman-Roth, registered dietician and best-selling author.

There are easy ways to keep your circulation in tip-top shape. Cocoa flavanols, for example, help support healthy circulation and it’s simple to incorporate these powerful plant-based nutrients into your daily routine. Decades of scientific research demonstrate the power of cocoa flavanols to positively impact blood vessel flexibility.

That’s why Frances has partnered with CocoaVia®, a daily cocoa extra supplement that provides a guaranteed, concentrated dose of cocoa flavanols. You can take 2 to 4 capsules a day, or mix a flavored stick pack into one of your favorite drinks, smoothies, or shakes.


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{Tested} Kiss My Itch Goodbye

2014 May 29

Itching for relief?

Last month, we asked you what causes your skin to itch. We heard all sorts of answers, from dry weather and skin allergies, to poison ivy and bug bites. Then, we asked 20 FOFs to try Kiss My Itch Goodbye ($9 for 2oz), a potential scratching savior!

The special patented formula is made with grape seed oil, shea butter, and other natural ingredients. It works best when applied right after showering, according to the manufacturer.


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Why You Need More Lavender In Your Life

2014 May 22

Lavender shows up in more places than you’d expect—in your garden, skin creams, and even in the fancy macaroon shop that just opened around the corner. However, there’s one important place where you might not find lavender, but should, and that’s in your bedroom!

Enter FOF Valerie Bennis, the founder and president of Essence of Vali, which specializes in “essential oils.” Extracted from plants mainly through steam distillation, these oils can benefit your mood, mind, and general well-being. Products that contain lavender essential oils can help you get a great night’s sleep.

“Our sleep products are best sellers, even with hotels around the world that want to pamper their guests,” Valerie said. “The lavender plant has sedative properties in its chemistry that can impact a person’s sleep.” To honor Sleep Better Month, the Essence of Vali Sleep Kit is $30 for the rest of May (regularly $50). It includes massage and bath oil, sleep balm, soothing mist, and a sleep concentrate.

“I want to help women age gracefully through understanding the power of healthy living—lavender in the bedroom is a great place to start. Nothing gives you more energy than a great night’s sleep,” Valerie added.

A drop of the sleep concentrate on your pillowcase and/or a few sprays of mist on your bed linens is all it takes. And you can always treat yourself to a soothing bath with the massage & bath oil or receive a calming massage.

The sleep balm is easily transportable and can be dabbed above the upper lip and on pulse points. You also can spray the mist, in whatever room you’re in, to enjoy the soothing effects of lavender throughout the day. It makes a wonderful non-toxic room spray.

Besides the special price on her Sleep Kit, Valerie is offering FOF members a generous 20% off on all of her oils, which are 100% natural, hand-blended and made in the United States. Enter code FOF2014 at checkout.

Click here  to order your Sleep Kit & enjoy Valerie’s discount while it lasts!

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{Giveaway} Replenish Your Skin’s Barrier

2014 May 21

Bye bye, bruises.

Our skin thins over time, which means our natural barrier against bruises does, too. Even a little bump can result in an unsightly bruise, so it’s important for us to do everything we can to protect ourselves! Fortunately, our friends at DerMend have developed a fabulous formula, rich in ceramides, retinol, and arnica oil, to help restore the skin’s natural barrier and help defend against future bruising.

FOF Jennifer tried the formula and loved it: “I saw definite improvement in my skin the first day I used it. By the third day… I was sold!”

FOF Julie said: “DerMend helped my bruises and my spider veins! My skin also felt so soft after using it.”

Now is your chance to win a tube to protect your skin. Use DerMend ($29.99 for 4.5oz) twice a day on your arms and legs to help replenish damaged skin and help prevent future bruising. 10 FOFs will win!


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