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If ever there was a generation of Can Do people who are always excited to accept and meet new challenges, boomers are it!

Whether we’ve run marathons, schussed down mountains, or bopped along with Richard Simmons, we’ve grown up energetically exercising our bodies–and minds. Even when Can Do people are working at the jobs we love, we’re determined to give them our maximum energy.  

Once a Can Do person, always a Can Do person!

We may no longer be 25, but we still want to be as full of life as we were back in the day. It’s crucial to know, however, that we naturally lose up to 8 percent of muscle mass every decade, starting when we’re 40 years old. And, if we don’t do anything to prevent this loss–like exercising consistently and eating sensibly–we’re going to move more slowly, start losing our balance and slow our metabolism. It’s especially important to maintain our strength and energy if we’ve experienced an aging-related setback, whether it’s surgery, an accident, or a bad flu that can take it toll on the toughest among us! (more…)

The Unsweetened Truth About A Disease That Affects 10% Of Us!

I worry about getting
diabetes type 2.

My mother was diagnosed with it in her 70s, and her father had it, too, which I read increases my risk for contracting the disease. Most of us know that diabetes is a result of too much sugar in the blood, but did you know it can lead to complications including nerve damage in the feet, kidney and cardiovascular disease, skin issues and eye problems? When I felt slight tingling in my feet, on and off during the last few weeks, my concern escalated, since that’s listed among the symptoms. I’ve also been eating entirely too many sweets for a few months. Ice cream. Chocolate- covered graham crackers and pretzels. More ice cream. (more…)

[GIVEAWAY] Relieve Your Occasional Dry Eye

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Occasional dry eyes isn’t a well-known symptom of menopause, but perimenopausal and menopausal women can suffer from this uncomfortable condition, as well as from  itchy eyes. “A disruption or imbalance of hormones can trigger increased surface eye inflammation in patients over 50 years old,” reports Sean Mulqueeny, O.D. of Mulqueeny Eye Centers in St. Louis.  


10 Essential Facts About Women and Migraines

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Did you know that women are three times more likely to experience migraines than men?[v]

More than 32 million Americans, 70 percent of whom are women, suffer from migraines, according to, the Mayo Clinic website. Anyone who has ever experienced a migraine knows it is a headache like no other and can be completely debilitating.  To help you understand the nature of this condition, and reduce your chances of getting a migraine, FabOverFifty sat down with Heather McCoy, Doctor of Nursing Practice and board-certified in headache medicine by the National Headache Foundation. Dr. McCoy treats her patients at Integrative Headache Care in Scottsdale, AZ.

1. What is a migraine, In layman’s terms?

A migraine is a complex, neurologic condition associated with episodes or “attacks” of symptoms that last several hours to several days,[i] including severe pounding, throbbing pain on one or both sides of the head, nausea, an aversion to lights, sounds, and smells, all of which are worse with physical activity.[ii]


How To Become A Sleeping Beauty (And You Won’t Need A Prince Charming)

Do you know a woman (or man) over 45 years old who tells you that she needs only about four or five hours of sleep each night, that she feels perfectly fine the next day and can function beautifully?

In the meantime, you don’t feel tip top unless you sleep at least seven hours, which has become increasingly harder to do. Night sweats one night. Worrying about mounting problems at work the next. Even when everything seems to be going just dandy, you toss and turn half the night!   (more…)

How To Maintain Joint Health

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After working out with Vann recently, I felt stiffness in my left knee when I walked up and down stairs. Uh oh. What’s going on inside that knee? What causes me to have occasional joint stiffness, and besides, what’s a joint anyway?

Vann told me to take it easy on the knee and instructed me to do a specific stretching exercise, which eased the stiffness rather quickly. But I wanted to learn more about my joints, so I called Osteo Bi-Flex, which manufactures a broad line of supplements for joint health. I’d been seeing their TV commercials a lot lately, and we had started to work with the brand because joint, bone and health concerns surely can impact our lives. (more…)

[INFOGRAPHIC] How Well You’re Taking Care Of Your Health

FabOverFifty wants all the wonderful women in our community to be happy and healthy. That being said, of the 200+ women who took our latest poll, many of you don’t seem to be on top of your health as much as you should be. Some of these results are too high, or too low, for anyone’s own good.

[POLL] Are You Taking Proper Care Of Yourself?

A number of women we know make all their critical doctor’s appointments during the same week every year. That way, they don’t worry about forgetting any of them. “Time passes so quickly nowadays that one year I completely neglected to see the dermatologist,” a FOFriend told us.

Please take a couple of minutes to answer the health poll below, and we’ll report back on how you compare with other members of the FabOverFifty community when it comes to taking care of yourself. (more…)

The Sleeping Habits of Women 45+

Ask a woman over 45 years old how well she’s sleeping, and you’re likely to hear “not so well!”

Look at the results of an exclusive FabOverFifty sleep survey of 250 women and let us know if you have a great way to become a sleeping beauty.

Take This And You’ll Sleep Like A Baby!

If you have trouble sleeping through the night,  for any reason--anxiety to hot flashes–I urge you to try a product I’ve been using for almost two years that has given me night after night of glorious uninterrupted sleep I could only dream of before. It even worked the few times I had a cup of coffee after dinner; it just took a little longer to get to sleep.

I learned about Sambrosa Sweet Dreams when the brand invited me to try it in the fall of 2015. Now, I order 5 bottles at a time because I NEVER want to be without it. Vann Duke, my trainer, loves Sambrosa, too, and he won’t dare put anything into his healthy body unless the ingredients get his stamp of approval!


I’ve had sleep problems since my mid 30s, when I’d pop up in the wee hours of the morning and toss and turn, unable to get back to bed.

In an effort to deal with my wakefulness, I’ve tried all sorts of plans and potions, from getting up to work at 3 a.m., to the prescription drug Ambien, to over-the-counter liquid melatonin. Ambien knocked me out pretty quickly, but made my sleep fitful, filled my head with weird dreams (weirder than usual!) and left me feeling groggy in the morning. Melatonin takes hours to start working, so you’re out of luck if you don’t remember to take it until you’re ready to retire. (more…)