Take The Guesswork Out Of Kegels

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Nearly 18 million women leak when they laugh, sneeze, run or jump. Are you one of them?

image1Childbirth, menopause, and other life events, can thin out your vaginal tissue and weaken your pelvic floor muscles, as well as the ligaments which help support the bladder.

These weakened structures can cause the bladder to shift downward, and prevent the urethra from closing properly, resulting in urine leakage during moments of physical stress like coughing, laughing, jumping, lifting or running.

Although the American College of Physicians recommends pelvic floor muscle training (Kegel exercises) as a first-line treatment for bladder leakage, 50 percent of women who try these exercises do not contract their muscles correctly, and give up. Instead, they’ll often turn to pads to “fix” the problem.circle

Now, there’s good news: The FDA has recently approved a discreet, pelvic floor training system, called PeriCoach. The device is inserted into the vagina for your Kegel exercise sessions and features three sensors to monitor the strength of your contractions. The device is synced with a smartphone app, which analyzes the data and sends it to your doctor, who can help guide you. Even more, the app will send you reminders to make sure you’re staying on track with your exercise sessions!

“Non-invasive pelvic floor muscle exercises are great for treating urinary incontinence.  However, many women find Kegels difficult to do on their own, and they become frustrated with the lack of progress,” said Dr. Leslie M. Rickey, associate professor of urology and obstetrics, gynecology and reproductive sciences at Yale University.  “PeriCoach offers reassuring, visual feedback and allows clinicians to monitor progress between visits.”


PeriCoach can be purchased online, where you can upload a prescription from a doctor, nurse or physical therapist. Learn more about this innovative system here.

Why Cleansing Your Vagina With Soap Just Won’t Do!

When I was a teenager, my mom advised me never to use soap on my face because it would dry out my skin. “You’d be better off just using water alone,” she said. I actually listened to her, and started using Noxema every single day to cleanse my face. (I’ve seen moved on to other brands). It tooks years before I applied the same practice for my body, and now I use sugar body scrubs and washes that help to keep my skin hydrated.

So why didn’t I think about my vagina during all these years, at least in terms of how I cleansed it?

Why? Because it never occurred to me that the skin of my vagina could dry out, too. No one ever told me it could. Not my mother. Not my friends. Not my doctors.

It could, and it did.

Fortunately, it’s not taboo to talk about vaginas these days. But never in my wildest dreams could I ever think I’d sit down with a handsome man from Rome, Italy, to talk about dry vaginas. But sit down I did, with Giorgio Chiozza, to discuss a feminine intimate hygiene line he produces, called Lubrigyn, that he claimed would relieve vaginal dryness using hormone and paraben-free, completely natural ingredients.

Manufactured by Uniderm, Giorgio’s Rome-based company, Lubrigyn has been successfully selling across Europe since 2004, and now that CVS is carrying it in most of their stores, American women will have the chance to use it, too. When Giorgio recently came to the United States to visit his distribution center in Florida, he and I met so I could learn more about his two products: Lubrigyn Lotion and Lubrigyn Cream. The cream is FDA approved but does not require a prescription.

showerLubrigyn Lotion, a creamy, lubricating, moisturizing and cleansing formula, can be used everyday, in the shower as a regular soap substitute, or applied with a tissue, without water, Giorgio told me. Besides its soothing, softening and refreshing ingredients, including sweet almond, jojoba and olive oils, chamomile and aloe vera, the lotion contains sodium hyaluronate, a powerful, active ingredient that attracts and holds on to water.

Used in many of today’s skin care products, sodium hyaluronate is considered the ultimate moisturizer for facial skin. It also helps the vaginal tissue stay supple and moist, Giorgio emphasized. “Replens, a leading lubricant and moisturizer brand, doesn’t have this active ingredient,” he explains, “nor does any other lubricant in America.” “Lubrigyn also is a cream, not a gel, which allows it to better absorb into the mucous membrane.”

Lubrigyn Lotion doesn’t foam, unlike many other feminine moisturizers and cleansers, which actually allows it to maintain the natural protective barrier of the vaginal tissue, also called the hydrolipidic film. Consisting of water and oils produced by the sebaceous glands, the film retains moisture and protects the skin from germs and fungi. As we age, the film dries out and loses elasticity, which can lead to all sorts of problems, including itching, bleeding and pain during sex.

Besides menopause, vaginal dryness can be caused by diabetes and antidepressant drugs such as Zoloft. Even younger women, who take birth control pills, can have it.

“Foam is always more aggressive than oils,” Giorgio explained to me. Cleansing is an electrical process. Simply put, the foam makes positive electricity around the dirt on our skin, reacting with our body’s positive electricity, and weakening and removing the hydrolipidic film at the same time it’s removing the dirt. “Lubrigyn preserves it,” Giorgio asserted. So while we usually associate foam with cleansing, it’s actually not a good thing when it comes to our vaginal tissue!

A 7-fluid ounce tube of Lubrigyn Lotion is approximately $12 and should last 45 days. A package of 15 Lubrigyn Wipes is currently included with the lotion, which is mighty handy when we’re traveling. Designed to gently but effectively clean and deodorize our intimate area, the wipes are infused with many of the same ingredients in the lotion and are hydrating.

lubrigyn-cream-300x288Lubrigyn Cream, a more concentrated version of the lotion, contains the same active ingredients, Giorgio said, and can either be used as a vaginal moisturizer, two or three times a day, and/or a lubricating cream before intercourse. “It helps rebuild the collagen in the vagina that is depleted after menopause,” he added, and is effective in relieving more “severe symptoms” of vaginal atrophy. The cream is dispensed with a 1.7 fluid ounce airless pump, and also sells for approximately $12.doctor_new

I have been using the lotion and cream since Giorgio gave them to me at our meeting, and I highly recommend them. They’re not oily, sticky, or irritating, and the cumulative effect of the cream is definitely noticeable. 

I also invite you to read a concise, easy-to-understand, and fact-filled article on the physical effects of menopause, by Dr. Michael L. Krychman, a gynecologist and sexual health specialist, and to download his clever and colorful guide called How To Get Your Sexy Back: 12 ways to improve your sexual health and well being.


CLICK HERE to give your vagina the tender loving care it deserves.

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Stop Googling every time you have a new physical symptom. By the time you’ve clicked on 35 sites, you’re convinced you’re not long for this world, even if you have nothing more than a slight ache in your left shoulder.

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POLL: Is Menopause Getting The Best Of You?

It’s always enlightening (and sometimes entertaining) to learn what other women in our generation are thinking and doing. Every Thursday, FabOverFifty asks members of our community a series of simple questions about pretty complex issues, then we report the results to you the following week.
Today, we’re asking about menopause. Certainly not an entertaining issue, it’s one that can take a big toll on our health and well being, and deserves our attention. Please answer our anonymous poll so we all can learn how menopause is affecting other women, and what we’re doing about it.


Please Don’t Let This Leak Out!!!!!!

Once upon a time you could hold in your urine for hours on end, until quite suddenly, you were horrified to feel some leaking while you jumped around in exercise class one fine day! At first, you ignored it, but it happened again, at the gym, and then when you sneezed. You’re embarrassed to tell anyone, including your doctor, but you’re worried about what’s going on.

What’s probably going on is that you have a condition called “light bladder leakage,” or “urinary incontinence,”  but you’ll be glad to know that you’re far from alone.  LBL is extremely common, affecting as many as 30 percent of American women.  It should also please you to know that the problem often is quite treatable.

How Contact Lenses Affect Your Eye Health

Over 30 million Americans wear contact lenses, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. While they provide all sorts of benefits, from allowing us to show off our beautiful eyelashes to exercising without the hassle of frames, they can also be real drains on our eyes.

Contact lens wearers require additional lubrication to comfortably and safely accommodate these “foreign objects,”  and oftentimes, our eyes can’t produce the necessary amount of tears. This can lead to a common problem, known as dry eye, which is characterized by itchy or scratchy feelings in the eyes, redness, blurred vision, and excess watering, which means your eyes are responding to discomfort.

Anywhere from 40 to 90 percent of contact lens wearers do not use their contact lenses correctly, the CDC also reports. Lens wearers may sleep in their lenses, or fail to clean them properly with solution, which can lead to eye infections and uncomfortable inflammation.

Fortunately, there are ways to keep your eyes consistently healthy, so your contact lenses don’t cause dry eye.

While you easily can pick up artificial tears or soothing drops at the drugstore, to help relieve dry eye, they do not support long-term eye health or protection against future dry eye.

eztearsInstead, strengthen your eye health, from within, with EyePromise EZ Tears, softgels taken orally. These doctor-recommended vitamins  provide consistent comfort against dry eyes by delivering a powerful blend of vitamins A, D3, and E, as well as fish oil, Omega 3, and other natural ingredients.

Help prevent dry eyes by nourishing from within. Drop the drops and learn more here.

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An Unlikely Duo Continues Their Menopause Mission

Many sons are squeamish when their mothers even mention something like kissing, no less bring up more intimate subjects. Not Jack Dolgen!  He’s so comfortable with his mother Ellen’s career as a menopause maven, that he joined forces with her to write a book called MENOPAUSE MONDAYS: The Girlfriend’s Guide to Surviving and Thriving During Perimenopause and Menopause.


“If you think YOU have mommy issues, talk to me,” quips Jack, a comedy song writer who previously collaborated with his mom on a music video called A Singing Uterus Explains Perimenopause and Menopause, with the mission “to prepare the younger generation of women for perimenopause and to take charge of their fertility.”

Besides being the only menopause guide written by an unlikely duo, Ellen and Jack’s new book can be downloaded for free. “We wanted to ensure that there are no financial boundaries for women seeking the information and help they need,” Ellen said.  Apparently, thousands of women welcome the help. The book has been downloaded over 40,000 times, she noted.

bookFABOVERFIFTY: What can readers expect to find in the book that they won’t find anywhere else?

ELLEN: This is a comprehensive guide to all things menopause, including the symptoms, treatments, and long-range effects on a woman’s health. We share the expertise of numerous specialists,  to replace confusion and embarrassment with medically sound solutions, presented in an entertaining and informative way. The reader will find detailed descriptions and treatments for the symptoms they or their loved ones may experience, from hot flashes and mood swings to mental fogginess and loss of libido.

Besides sharing the latest research and proven treatments, our book offers guidance to finding a menopause specialist who’s right for you, and provides a clear explanation of which tests to request.  We discuss the latest studies on hormone replacement, as well as alternative therapies and remedies. We discuss the long-term health problems that can face women, such as osteoporosis, heart disease, high blood pressure, and thyroid issues.  Finally, we share the real-life experiences of women—and those who love them—as they traverse the crazy ups and downs of perimenopause and menopause. The book was a labor of love!

Where did you find the women who gave you real life anecdotes?

ELLEN: Through my website, EllenDolgen.com, I receive oodles and oodles of daily emails from women and the people who love them, looking for menopause support. So, I reached out to some of them and asked if they would be willing to share their stories.  Everyone said yes!  I’m a firm believer in sharing. When we share our stories, we help others who are in the same perimenopause and menopause boats realize that they are not alone.

When did you realize your passion for helping women, and  their partners as well, through menopause? An ‘aha’ moment?

ELLEN: For me, menopause education is a mission which was spurred by my own experience struggling with the symptoms of menopause.  My menopause career started when I found myself in a complete brain fog during a business meeting. Not knowing a thing about perimenopause and menopause I assumed I was experiencing early symptoms of Alzheimer’s… and so began my “encore” career.

My husband now calls me  “The Vagina Whisperer!”

I have devoted the last decade of my life to helping other women during this often difficult time. I’m not a doctor or scientist, but I have “talked the talk” with countless menopause experts, so that I can “walk the menopause walk” with others and share the keys to this menopause kingdom.

If there’s one thing you could tell women about menopause, what would it be?

ELLEN: Some women breeze through perimenopause and menopause, but most deal with one or more of the myriad of emotional and physical symptoms of menopause. If you are having symptoms, reach out and get help! Unlike our mothers, we have many options to effectively deal with our physical and mental issues. The key is to find a good menopause specialist who will be your partner in this menopause business.  Be sure to be open and honest about your symptoms so that your specialist can develop an individualized plan that will fit your personal health needs.  Use our new free eBook to help you become your own best health advocate. You can lead a happy healthy life in menopause and beyond!

My motto is:  Suffering in silence is OUT! Reaching out is IN!

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15 Yummy Recipes to Protect Your Heart

This post is sponsored by the Institute for Vibrant Living (IVL).

It’s hard to keep up with trending health concerns, but one thing is certain: Women need to love their hearts a little bit more. As a matter of fact, heart-related illnesses cause more deaths than breast cancer. With a rise in preventive cardiology, as well as the development of more heart friendly products, we were interested to see what we could cook up using a new–and free–eBook of heart healthy recipes.

15 Delicious and Easy Heart Healthy Recipes focuses on superfoods, inflammation, and overall cardiovascular health, offering 5 recipes for each category.


Why Your Eyes Are Dry

Are you one of the 40% of Americans who suffer from occasional dry eye?

At one point or another, you’ve probably experienced a symptom of dry eyes, a common condition in which the tear ducts don’t produce sufficient tears to lubricate and nourish the eyes.


Normal and healthy eyes constantly bathe themselves in tears, which  help protect against eye infections, wash away foreign matter in the eye, and keep the eye surface smooth and clear.