{Gift Guide} GIVE foodie gifts, RECEIVE a homemade jam trio and gourmet toffee!

Feast your eyes on the best gourmet gifts to GIVE all the foodies on your list, brought to you by FOF food guru Cathy Barrow of the brilliant blog, Mrs.Wheelbarrow’s Kitchen.

Then comment below to enter to RECEIVE two of the treats: a trio of homemade jams from Sunchowder’s Emporia and a pound of almond toffee from Enstrom’s. (One FOF will win.)

Homemade Jams and Chutneys from Sunchowder’s Emporia. Available in 4 oz. or 8 oz. jars. $4 to $8.

FOF Wendy Read cooks her jams in copper kettles the old-fashioned way–without pectins and thickeners. Can’t decide on a flavor? Sunchowder’s Emporia offers a jam of the month club, $145 for twelve 4 oz. jars or $180 for twelve 8 oz. jars. The love will be spread all year long.”These are exceptional, hand-crafted jams,” says Mrs. Wheelbarrow.


Almond Toffee from Enstrom’s. Available in milk or dark chocolate. 1 lb., 2 lb., 3 lb. and 5 lb. boxes. $19.95 to $79.95.

“Quite simply, the best toffee you’ll ever have,” says Mrs. Wheelbarrow.

Around My French Table cookbook by Dorie Greenspan. $40.

“Dorie’s cookbook is really approachable. Every time you try her recipes, they work and make you look like a superstar,” says Mrs. Wheelbarrow. “And Dorie is a fellow FOF! My favorite recipe from the book is the garlic and lemon version of ‘Chicken in a Pot’ on page 206. It’s great for families or dinner parties, easy and satisfying.”

Recyled China Earrings and Necklaces from The Broken Plate Pendant Company. $20 to $120.

Did you break your Great Aunt Myrtle’s favorite serving plate? Send Broken Plate owner Juliet Ames the shards and she will craft a custom wearable delight. Talk about re-gifting! “The handcrafted earrings and necklaces are charming.” says Mrs. Wheelbarrow. “What a great reuse of broken plates.”


Heirloom Beans from Rancho Gordo. Available in 33 varieties. $4.95-$5.95 for a 1 lb. bag.

“Steve, who started the company, is dedicated to making sure heirloom beans are getting attention, and we have more than just kidney beans and black beans in our repertoires,” says Mrs. Wheelbarrow. “These are super fresh and a practical gift. They cook up really creamy and make this great pot liquor. My favorite is the black and white Vaquero variety.”

Recipe Cards from Pink Bathtub Designs, $4.50 for a set of 5.

“I think recipe cards are a fun, old-fashioned idea to bring back,” says Mrs. Wheelbarrow. “Anyone who cooks gets asked for their recipes. It’s nice to have sweet ones to give out. They’re also great for those just starting to cook, a great way to begin their recipe collections.”

Martha Stewart Makes Cookies, iPad App. $4.99.

“I’m a baker and I think Martha Stewart’s cookie app is fantastic,” says Mrs. Wheelbarrow. It has shopping lists, recipes, fantastic photos and it’s very approachable… just made for the home cook.”

Rugelach from Perl Girl Baking. Available in cinnamon and sugar, fig jam and almond, jam and chocolate and peanut butter and jelly. 1 lb., 2 lb., 3 lb., 4 lb. and 5 lb. boxes. $20 to $100.

“Made a from a family recipe and hand-rolled in small batches, these cookies are the perfect combination of sweet and savory.” –FOF Founder, Geri Brin

KitchenAid Artisan 5-Quart Stand Mixers. Available in 28 colors. $299, or $270.96 (after mail-in rebate).

“Best price ever for KA mixers this year, $299 with a $30 rebate at many stores,” says Mrs. Wheelbarrow. “This is the year to get your favorite baker a mixer and there are so many gorgeous colors to choose from… I have the silver one because I couldn’t decide.”

Cathy Barrow is the brains and kitchen hands behind the delicious blog, Mrs. Wheelbarrow’s Kitchen, and she teaches cooking classes from her D.C. home. NPR’s Morning Edition featured her in a segment on canning; Al Roker made her Thanksgiving stuffing on The Today Show, and her Sour Cherry Pie earned a blue ribbon for Overall Best Pie in the DC Metro Area.

To enter to win a trio of homemade jams from Sunchowder Emporio and a pound of almond toffee from Enstrom’s, comment below and answer: What holiday treat do you most look forward to?

Contest closes December 13, 2010.

(See all our past winners, here.)

Thank you for entering. This contest is now closed.

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  • Jenisdik

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  • Irishstar

    For Christmas-homade divinity. For St.Patricks Day authentic Irish fare—corned beef and cabbage, colcannon and Irish soda bread!

  • Sue S.

    I know this will sound boring, but I look forward to the Peppermint Bark candy that is everywhere this time of year. Oh yah, I should have said this first…eggnog (spiked, of course!)

  • Sue Zinger

    I wait all year to get a Plum Pudding with brandy butter sauce on it. Hmmm Delicious!

  • sharon

    I love warm homemade cinnamon buns with a cup of Christmas Blend coffee and a splash of Baileys….

  • Patricia Assanowicz

    My friend makes this truley AWESOME Red and Green swirled cheescake. The red and green has a peppermint flavor. She makes this from scratch. I tryed to get the recipe and even tryed to peek and she caught me, she said it is a well guarded family secret, she did promise me the recipe one year. I keep checking my stocking!! The cheesecake is about 3 inches high, with red and green swirls throughout, on the top she makes her own toffee crumble for the bottom and top, and sprinkled all over the top, not over done just enough, she makes from scratch little tiny Christmas trees in red and gold, bakes them and puts them on the side and top of this fabulous peppermint cheesecake, if I ever get the recipe I will share. I could go without eating anything else and just eat this cheesecake, it is soooo creamy and delicous. She told me it takes her all morning and afternoon to create this, I believe her, I can’t wait for Christmas day and the BEST darn cheescake I have ever seen and tasted, peppermist swirled cheesecake, only made for Christmas.

  • RuiYing

    I love pie! I also love a good sweet ham. But you can’t deny me some pie!

  • hsbelvis

    Chocolate/coconut bon bons! I make them every year. It’s a tradition we can’t pass up, no matter how time consuming they are. They are my biggest indulgence during the Christmas season.

  • Catherine Orth

    A little spill of Baileys in my coffee on Christmas Morning, sit back take a look at all my hard work and feel the spirit.

  • Derek Schutzler

    Love the toffee, it’s always a big hit around Xmas!

  • Kristine P

    I look forward to all the home cooked treats/

  • Ysconsin

    the toffee looks mouthwateringly amazing, especially the dark chocolate

  • Nancy

    Wonderful & Festive Holiday Treats:
    Eggnog & Any Home Made Cookies!

  • Nancy

    The holiday treat I most look forward to is monkey bread on Christmas morning. Even though my kids are not babies any longer, I still get up early and bake this ooey, gooey bread for them to have after we open presents. The house is filled with the smell of cinnamon and brown sugar–yum! Wash this down with an oh-so-fattening glass of eggnog, and my Christmas sweet tooth is dancing a jig!

  • Sally England

    The treat I look forward to every holiday is my mom’s dark rum fruit cake. She makes it from scatch and it is very heavy and moist. The cake itself is almost black in color. This year my mom is not able, at age 81, to make the cake so I will be giving it a try. She’s a tough act to follow. Wish me luck! Happy Holidays!!

  • Margarida

    The holiday treat I most look forward to are mince meat pies.

  • deelang

    I look forward to making the traditional Bread Pudding with Whiskey Sauce for my family. I gather the ingredients and make it a couple of days ahead so that it will have all the flavors running through it! We serve it on Christmas Eve while opening up our gifts after midnight. I can’t hardly wait. Countdown!

  • hofken

    I did go back to school about 13 years ago and got a law degree. SO WORTH IT! Now, if I could go back to school for anything, what would it be to learn Spanish. I know just enough to know I can’t speak it. It would really help me in my job as a public defender.

    [email protected]

  • Sandra Marshall

    The holiday treat that I look most forward to is Blue Bell Peppermint ice cream. This flavor is only offered around Christmas time and it is too wonderful to imagine.

  • Juls

    Peppermint ice cream with homemade cookies.

  • Teri Davis Newman

    The biggest treat I look forward to is seeing my family all together and visiting with everyone as I live halfway across the country from my family’s home. Nothing is better than seeing my beloved nieces and nephews, siblings and parents. I won’t have my parents forever as my dad is almost 80 and my mom is in her 70’s and every day with my family is a precious gift and the treat I look forward to the most.

  • Roxy

    The biggest holiday treat for me is to be able to share time with friends. I love all the rich seasonal treats, but nothing is better than sharing a cup of coffee with friends!

  • deb

    I love sandtarts. The family gets together after
    Thanksgiving and we bake about 60 doz. Its a
    great tradition.

  • Tricia Douglas

    Believe it or not, my mom’s fruit cake! It was always the treat of the season. Now my mom is 95 and if she was able, I’m sure she would be in the kitchen using the same delicious recipe!

  • Christine Norman

    A box of fresh fruit with dates and figs.

  • L Carcaise

    Cookies, cookies, cookies, might as well be truthful.

  • Martha Keizur

    Cranberry bread – warm from the oven with a little butter… yum!

  • Laurie

    home made turtles.. all the yummy caramel, chocolate and pecans… they melt in your mouth! Yummy!

  • Chuck

    I look forward to Christmas cookies

  • Patti

    Italian food – all of it! On Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

  • Nancy

    I absolutely love Enstrom’s chocolates. Every year we send some to my father-in-law – then include a box for ourselves. We both look forward that that coming in the mail – Christmas doesn’t start until the Enstroms arrives!

    In fact we substituted another goodie one year for my father-in-law and he called after Christmas. Thanks us, but very gently told us if he couldn’t have Enstroms, he’d rather not have anything.

    Just wanted to let you all know in case you haven’t tried it. Don’t mean to be an advertisement – but Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without it 🙂

  • Abby GB

    Enstrom’s Toffee! We’re completely addicted, and dream about it until the day the box arrives. We’re tempted to place a standing order for the stuff, but know how dangerous that would be.


    Probably old fashioned fudge and divinity. It’s always such a concern if the humidity is too high and the divinity might not ‘set’ just right.

  • Jacqueline Scott

    I love the Christmas cookies with all the icing and sugar decorations. I think that the sugar cookies are the best and they fill the house with delicious scents when they are being baked.

  • Stephanie V.

    most look forward to sees chocolates – milk chocolate buttercreams – yum!
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  • Gina P

    I love hot chocolate, orange frosted rolls and (meatless) pigs n blankets on Christmas morning, all while listening to my old scratchy Christmas albums.

  • Sandy

    My step-mom’s rum balls. Yummy! But just one. More than that and I’m sliding under the table!

  • diana s.

    any holiday treat or heirloom recipe that someone takes the time to make/bake for a get-together. We are all so busy that most people buy ready-made items, so I love tasting homemade treats!

  • cindy

    My favorite holiday treats are egg nog and pumpkin spice lattes. I look forward to them all year and since they are only available during the holidays it makes them that more special.

  • Becky McKinney

    The cookies and baked goods my husband makes and his sister’s party mix.

  • Dee Ellison

    If I could go back to school, I would definitely study photography. I get my energy from nature. To be outdoors and show the impact of nature’s beauty on me is a gift. To learn better how to capture what I feel would be wonderful.

  • susan

    every year i host a cookie exchange party, and it is always a treat – pun intended! – to sample other delicacies. and this year i made my own jam, so i would love to try this!!!

  • Susan

    Although I bake all year through, I enjoy baking numerous different cookies for my Christmas Collection. Each year I try one or more new recipes. 🙂

  • pauline bunt

    Every Christmas I make at least 5 different cookies and 2 or 3 cakes. Part of the fun for me is to find different recipes every year so that my guests never know what to expect.

  • Doris Sullivan

    We have an italian tradition my mother brought over from Bella Napoli when she came over to America in 1950. Italian bread with chunks of salami, ham, provolone, parmesean and sun dried tomatoes. YUMMMY!

  • katie

    We Have fondue on x-mas eve and I love that and toffee

  • Susan Lockwood

    I love making all sorts of holiday goodies but my favorite has to be blond peanut butter fudge.

  • Kim Cage

    I most look foward to having some delicious fruit cake!!!

  • Christian

    I most look forward to baking my homemade cinnamon rolls. They take hours…and I have to get up at the crack of crazy to start… But they make my family so happy!! YUM!

  • laurie

    Since my Holiday Treat that I look forward to is Latkes, and that doesn’t sound so glamorous, I would have to say that during the Holiday Season that I look forward to anything that is made from scratch, like a Grandma’s recipe for great pumpkin bread, butter pound cake, or a great cinnamon streusel swirl something…yum

  • Anne

    My husband’s brother makes candy – every single year he turns his household into a candy factory. He makes toffees, chocolates, brittles, fondants, etc. All from scratch – none of this buy some coating chocolate and dip your candy into it – you can taste the butter, vanilla, liqueurs, oh my gosh! HE is a chemist, and it shows, because every texture is perfect. He really knows his way around candy making.

    HE sends every relative a big shirtbox of candy. You can smell it as the UPS guy drives down the street with the package. I don’t eat any other chocolates (well I might try a See’s but that’s it!) anymore.

  • stephanie

    the holiday treat i most look forward to?? christmas cookies~!! especially the cookie that has crushed walnuts in it’s sugar-cookie base, with a dollop of raspberry jam in the center!!! drool drool! lol!

  • Sue S.

    I hate to admit it, but I look forward to eggnog (with liquor thank you very much)!!! That stuff is kick-butt and so fattening…..I just love it.

  • Cynthia Madsen

    Divinity! Melt in your mouth, sweet, light as air-divinity. Mom, Grandma and used to make it together-such a sweet nostalgia!

  • Judy Guenther

    Love my Kitchen-Aide!

  • beth w

    I always make banana nut bread for the Christmas season. It is my husband and son’s favorite…the smell of it baking…is a Christmas smell at our house. I had some overripe bananas this past summer and made some banana nut bread and my younger son came in from work and said, “it smells like Christmas in here…”. A friend gave me some Amish peanut butter spread, with the recipe included, last year…it will become a new favorite of mine…delicious, especially on toast! too fattening, except for special times….

  • Laura

    Drinking “mate” with my family beneath the shade of a tree in the countryside 🙂

  • Kathy

    I love sauerkraut balls!!

  • Terry

    Sugar pie, date squares, oatmeal cookies and maple fudge! Love anything sweet, my Mom made an amazing fruit cake it’s been a long time, now I’m wishing for some!

  • Terry Perl

    Great list, FOF! Covers a lot of giving.

  • Leona E Gibbs

    I love fruitcake-I can hear the boo’s already, but I really like it,

  • Maggie Smith

    I love butterscotch pie! Yummy

  • Kim Law

    I love the homemade fudge and peanut clusters that I make. They are so chocolatey good! I also love the cranberry orange salad that I make every year. It is a gelatin delight and just tastes like Christmas!

  • Robyn Ely

    Well, it’s not fruit cake that’s for sure. Being Northern European I think my favorite would be pickled herring.
    But now that I reside in Hawaii, I cannot find it anywhere.

  • Sanda Martel

    Ambrosia! Takes me back to childhood when my mother bought fresh coconuts to make this holiday treat. Ah, the scent of orange peel! the coconut yielding its milk and meat to produce this once-a-year treat ! Ambrosia truly is food of the gods!

  • Janice

    I’m like Alana – gingerbread cookies, chocolate chip cookies, etc. The more the better 🙂 This snackoholic loves her sweets 😉

  • Laura Clark

    I may be the only person in the whole word who actually likes fruitcake and looks forward every year to getting one!

    baazinga9 at yahoo dot com

  • Alana

    I love holiday cookies! Warm gingerbread cookies, sweet sugar cookies, toffee, chocolate, you name it, I really enjoy making and eating holiday cookies with a cup of warm cocoa.

  • Emily Hanhan

    Mom’s sausage balls! So simple, so delish.