A Cult Skin Cleanser In the UK Comes To The US!

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Funny how I remember snippets of advice my mom gave me here and there when I was a teenager, like never to wash my face with soap. “It will dry out your skin,” she told me in no uncertain terms. Heeding her words of wisdom from that day forward, I’ve used countless cleansing lotions, creams and gels on my face–drugstore to prestige brands–but never stayed faithful to a single one.  

When Liz Earle recently asked if I’d try its Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser, I eagerly accepted the offer. Although I’d never heard of the product, it’s become a big cult brand across the pond since it was formulated 23 years ago by Liz and her good friend, Kim. They had just become mothers, moved from London to the Isle of Wight in the countryside, and set out to create a cleanser that would work on Liz’s sensitive, eczema-prone skin as well as on Kim’s oily skin.   (more…)

Win Distinctive MarlaWynne Jewelry

Marla Wynne, one of HSN’s fashion stars, has designed a jewelry collection as distinctive, versatile, and effortless to wear as her signature apparel.

Taking her inspiration from art, nature and the diverse architecture she studies while traveling the globe, Marla loves to create modern, tactile pieces. “I pay great attention to how a piece feels on the body,” says the woman who used her passion, drive, and a new sewing machine to launch a fashion career when she became an out-of-work Hollywood producer over a decade ago.


Holiday Glitter Belongs On The Tree, Not On Your Face

Just because you’ll be going to a string of glittery holiday parties doesn’t mean your makeup should be glittery, too.

That look may be cute on a 20-something, but about the only thing it will do for a FOFace is make it look like a clown. Take it from Tricia Cusden, who knows a thing or two about making up older faces, at holiday time and throughout the year.  Not only is this fab-looking Englishwoman over 50; she created a cosmetics collection precisely formulated to benefit the older face, after endlessly searching the stores for suitable colors, textures and consistencies.
Makeup IS NOT created for aging skin that’s dry, uneven, mottled, and sagging. It’s developed for the fully hydrated, toned and taut skin of 20 to 40 year olds. So, when we apply the makeup designed for younger women, it typically cakes up in our fine lines, creases and wrinkles; dries out our skin even more, and the colors are either too bright or too dull. (more…)

Bless The Ladies In Your Life!

On my 36th birthday last week, I received a gift in the cutest cardboard box I’ve ever seen, with adorably sketched beauty products on the outside. From the looks of it, I just knew something great would be inside. I wasn’t wrong!  

A gift from my mom, this was my first month’s delivery from a beauty subscription service called Bless Box.  

When I opened the package, the contents kept spilling out since it was jam-packed with goodies. Each month’s Bless Box has a theme, and this month’s is Shades of Fall. It included five amazing Maybelline mini eyeshadow palettes, each one with six rich autumnal shades. Some are even shiny and sparkly, just in time for the holidays. A mascara promises to make my eyelashes bigger and bolder; a new Essie product will strengthen and color my nails, and a long-last “matte ink” will make my lips irresistible. There’s also a cute eye mask for my beauty sleep; a super hydrating mask; warming mineral bath, blush papers and more!

This amazing gift made me curious about its creator, so I did a little investigating and found out that Bless Box was launched by beautiful and talented Sazan Hendrix, a popular fashion and beauty blogger. When Sazan decided to make a surprise appearance at the wedding of one her big fans, she presented the bride with a box filled with an assortment of her favorite products. The reaction was overwhelming, not just from the bride, but from many of the guests, who oohed and aahed over all the gifts inside.


The First Cosmetics Collection Ever For Fab Women Over Fifty (Even 45)!

If I gathered all the makeup I’ve bought over the decades, it would resemble a small mountain. And, to think of the money I wasted on foundations, lipsticks, eye shadows and blushes that I tossed out because I discovered they weren’t the right colors, textures or consistencies after using them a few times.

Makeup IS NOT created for aging skin that’s dry, uneven, mottled, and sagging. It’s developed for the fully hydrated, toned and taut skin of 20 to 40 year olds. So, when I applied the makeup designed for younger women, it caked up in my fine lines, creases and wrinkles; dried out my skin even more, and the colors were either too bright or too dull.

Happily, Tricia Cusden was thinking much the same thing across the pond in England, and she set out to create a cosmetics collection precisely formulated to benefit the older face.


A Hair-Raising Giveaway

If you crave the voluminous and vibrant hair you once took for granted, this exciting giveaway is just for you! 5 lucky ladies will win the game-changing Hair Volumizing System by VOLAIRE.

Typical volumizers may weigh down your hair by coating the strands to make them thicker. Exclusive VOLAIRE AirWeight Technology combines nourishing ingredients with unique,  positively charged microspheres that literally attach to each negatively charged hair shaft to create more space between individual strands for beautiful, weightless volume.

It’s not magic. It’s science. And it works. (more…)

Voila! From Flat To Full In Minutes

OMG! I swear I have a bald spot, I thought, as I was drying my hair a few years ago.

Yep, that’s just what it was, I learned, after researching menopause and hair loss. Four out of 10 women have thinning hair that comes with hormonal changes as we age. The muffin top, jiggling underarms and jowls arrived first. And then, this!

Since that unsettling realization, I’ve tried countless volumizing products, and even had a hair piece made to give me fullness. The products further weighed down my already flat hair, and the hair piece became a pain-in-the-neck to maintain.

At long last, a revolutionary Hair Volumizing System called VOLAIRE is taking the haircare market by storm, and becoming a godsend to millions of women, including actress Kristin Davis. “My hair was full when I was young, then one day I went to put it in a ponytail and it wasn’t there. It had become thinner, drier and damaged,” the 51-year-old actress remembered. (more…)

Your Chance To Own A JeNu For Only $99

Anyone who follows FabOverFifty knows I’ve been delighted how the JeNu Ultrasonic Infuser System continually maximizes the absorption of my skin care products (by an average of 6 times, as a matter of fact), and visibly reduces my wrinkles and lines!


Look Fabulous Forever With The First ‘Pro-Age’ Makeup Collection

If foundation, blush, eyeshadow and lipstick are supposed to perk up our faces and make us ‘prettier,’ why do most of the products we use as we age inevitably disappoint us?  

Foundation sinks into our wrinkles and pores, and doesn’t balance our skin tone; lipstick “bleeds” all around our lips; eyeshadow that looked so lovely in the case cakes up on our lids, and blush makes us look a bit like a clown.  Even when we manage to find a product we like, our face never stays fresh-looking throughout the day or evening.

Anti-aging creams, serums, and lotions may be all the rage in skin care these days, but what’s up with the trillions of color products out there? What’s happening is that these products–from the inexpensive stuff at the corner drugstore to the ridiculously expensive cosmetics in specialty and department stores–simply aren’t formulated for older skin. Older, as in drier, less elastic, more wrinkled, lined and uneven skin!  Changes in the skin invariably affect all of us, and the cosmetics brands we used in our 30s and 40s just can’t compensate for them.

We may live in a youth-obsessed world, but Tricia Cusden, a 60-something British woman living in London, was determined to create a cosmetics collection specifically formulated to bring benefits to the older face. And, she did! Called Look Fabulous Forever, it’s literally changing the faces of women who apply it, and disrupting the beauty industry across the pond. Women started flocking to Tricia’s brilliant online beauty tutorials from the moment she introduced her line in 2013. They now have millions of views.  And, even though she hasn’t actively promoted LFF to American women, we represent 20 percent of her business!

Photo by Daniel Hanbury (more…)

9 Sensational Summer Haircare Tips

Summer may be a time to have loads of fun outdoors, but the incessant heat and humidity can play havoc on our hair. Take the advice of these wise FOFriends, and your tresses won’t look like they need a vacation after you’ve taken yours!

Sleep on a silk pillow for much more manageable hair the following morning. Works even after a sweltering and sweaty sleep.”

After you shampoo, apply a good conditioner like Aveda damage remedy, leave in hair for 15 minutes to half an hour.”