How Did Your Husband Propose?

We like the good ol days, when marriage proposals were charming, and the bride’s 42 best friends weren’t involved in making it a staged production. Here are 10 proposals we love!

This is my favorite story: Michael told me in August of 1983 that he wanted to marry me, but he was waiting for an ‘act of God’ before he did. We had planned to be married that January while I had a semester break.September passed and he hadn’t asked. I was getting concerned and nervous because I couldn’t seriously start planning until Mike officially proposed.

“On October 2, I was invited to Mike’s father’s birthday party, where I would meet most of his family (we are talking 60 or more people). On the way to the party, Mike asked if I would like to take a walk around the wooded lake where he would spend time fishing and hiking as a boy. We were early and it was a beautiful early fall day, so it sounded like a good idea. As we were walking up this wooded path, Mike saw a green trash bag thrown to the side. I said “Isn’t it terrible that people leave their trash behind like this.” He agreed, and proceeded to open the bag! I said “Eww, don’t do that, you don’t know what’s in there!” He reached in a took out a blanket. Just a few feet away, there was an overlook that looked down across the lake. He laid out the blanket and then took out two champagne glasses.


“Quickly, he ran down to the lake and pulled up on a rope that had a wine bottle knotted to the other end. He ran back up, got down on one knee. Now, I have to interject here that we discussed no ring since we were both dirt poor. We laughed about giving me a beer tab as an engagement ring, and I would be happy. Back then, the tabs pulled off the cans. Mike pulled a beer tab from his pocked with the tab part curled up…he put it on my finger and said, ‘Will you marry me?’  In my elation, I looked down at the beer tab which had slipped sideways and exposed a small sparkling diamond on a gold band at which time I squealed, ‘That’s not a beer tab!’ Of course, I said yes! The next question I asked, ‘What act of God were you waiting for?’ He said, ‘look at the trees.’ The trees that reflected in the lake were starting to take on the reds, golds, and oranges of Fall. He wanted the day to be picture perfect and full of God’s glory. It was the best day of my life (at the point) and is still one of the top two. Sadly, my husband died in a work accident just before our 20th Anniversary, but telling about this day brings him back to me and I feel myself smile.”

Wendy Peppler Koch

Without a damn ring!”   

Butta Fly

We were in Mexico visiting his family, and all of a sudden during breakfast, he said ‘Hurry! I want to take you somewhere.’ So, off we went to a bakery and bought a tres leches cake beautifully decorated. I got excited thinking about who’s birthday it was and, on the way back, he said, ‘Just one quick stop.’ We stopped at the justice of the peace, and he said ‘Let’s get married!’ and we did! We have no pictures, nothing, but I have the groom and he has the bride 28 years later. I’m very happy and he says he is, too.”

Darlene Chavez Gonzalez

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Richard: Labor Day weekend 1969

Sarah: August 1969 in New York City

2. How did you meet?

R: Dating service

S: Computer dating service

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If you were blessed, you had parents who took great care of you and would do almost anything to ensure that you were happy, healthy and prepared to become the person you are today. As the years turn into decades, your parents sometimes become the ones who need you to take care of them.

Some of us are lucky enough to be the wives, the companions, or the sisters of men who help care for their parents (and parents-in-law) as well as they took care of them. Meet some of these great men:

“Yes…One thing I can say about him…he was always very devoted to his parents…saw them every weekend without fail..rang them almost daily…my father-in-law passed away about a year ago..he now sees his mother all the time, and helps where he can…

He is helping to renovate and sell her house at the moment…I have finally admitted he loves his parents a great deal more than his own family..we separated recently..I love his parents too but it came at a cost.” Carine Munro


“My husband was very involved in caring for both of my parents as they became disabled. My mom and dad were both so appreciative and loved him dearly. Very few would have done the things he had to do. It made me love him more.” Carolyn Thomas


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