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I’ve been thinking of getting a fat transfer and I was wondering if it cost extra for a tummy tuck, because I’ve had 2 kids and my stomach isn’t what it used to be.

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Hello. I am 21 years old and I have been wanting a breast augmentation since I was 14 (I’m an A-B cup). My boyfriend’s mom and aunts all got their breasts done in Colombia for half the price (they are from there), and they have advised me to go there as well. What do you think, should I.. Is it safe? What should I look for?

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I just turned 56 and I am considering liposuction, breast implants and fat transfer to my butt. Overall I am I good health. I have hypertension which is under control and has been for more than 10 years and about 9 years ago I was told I have fibroid cyst in both of my breast. At that time I saw a general surgeon who ran tests and all came back clear. A close eye was kept on it for 3 yrs with mammograms scheduled every 6 mos. No changes in size nor shape. Would you say I am a good candidate for these procedures and I would like to do all 3 at the same time? I was told by a friend that once you do liposuction the new fat will go to your back or thigh area. Is that a true statement?

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Is there such a thing as a neck lift that the scar is only behind the ear?

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I am 50 years old, breastfed my 3 children and now have very saggy non dense (according to my recent mammogram) breast. I am considering augmentation. My question is, will I still have nipple sensitivity?

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Can I have my breast lift, considering the fact that I have diabetes and am over 56?

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I am 33 yo and 5’2″ my prepregnancies weight was 115 lbs. I am done having kids and my current weight is 138 lbs. I have struggled a lot losing the weight because I have been dealing with diabetes and now hypothyroidism. I dont fit in my clothes and therefore I am depressed… Having issues with my husband because my autoesteem is now almost none existant. I used to love pics and now I hate them, even if they are of only my face, because it looks sooo round.

My question is: If I get a tummy tuck and a lipo to slim down my mid-section, which is where I need most of the help, would my face look proportionate to my body? Or would I now look fat in my face with a mice body?

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My daughter had a mole removed and developed a keloid. It’s on her shoulder she tells me it hurts. She would like to have it removed.

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