{Exercise} 9 Top Trainers for FOFs

Meet the country’s best butt-kickers. Here are 9 trainers FOFs call on to get (and keep) in shape:

1. Erica Akemi Shepherd at The Pilates Company, Woodinville, WA
FOF KatieF says, “She’s beautiful inside and out and a tough and fun trainer. Her studio, The Pilates Company of Woodinville, offers a variety of programs: BASI Certified Pilates, a Pink Ribbon Program for Cancer Survivors, Mommy and Me Pilates, and Tracy Mallet’s Booty Barre.”

2. Laura Dixon at Harmony Mind Body Fitness, Chicago, IL
FOF Susan Dixon says, “Laura is a one-of-a-kind Pilates trainer. She has a background in dance and Stott Pilates Method as well as certification in Gyrotonics, Gyrokinesis, and XtendBarre. She is quick to understand your strengths and weaknesses and will work one-on-one with you to help you improve your physical condition.”

3. Sherry Stewart, St Louis, MO
FOF janis0314 says, “Sherry is an FOF, so she knows that there are special needs for women and men over 50. She takes extra special care to make sure you have a well-rounded workout within your limitations. Sherry is also the best personal example–not a ‘Do what I say, not what I do’ trainer.”

4. Donna Perone, New York, NY
FOF Terry Perl says, “I’ve been working with Donna for more than 6 years. What I love is, she doesn’t just do what’s trendy. She focuses on functionality, flexibility, balance and strength. She’s not trying to make you into a 100-pound teenager, she’s trying to help you stay moving and keep your joints and bones in shape. Thanks to Donna’s workouts I am stronger, I have muscles, I can go up and down stairs better and I don’t say ‘ooph’ when I stand up from a squat! Every woman could benefit from a trainer like her. Plus, she’s an FOF herself!”

5. Ernestine Shepherd, at Energy Fitness Center, Randallstown, MD
FOF elegantlady63 says, “This woman is incredible and the greatest inspiration ever. She is 74 years old with the energy and body of a 20 year old. She is a champion bodybuilder and has won trophies all over the world. She teaches classes at Energy Gym and several Senior Centers in Baltimore.”

6. Michelle LeFleur at St.Joseph’s/Candler Health System, Savannah, GA
FOF Susan H says, “I have always hated exercise even though I know it’s good for me. I’ve had other trainers but it was not until I met Michelle at Candler Wellness Center in Savannah, that I understand how a good trainer can make a difference. I started with Michelle to help lose weight and get strength back in my legs after multiple surgeries. She helped me develop a training program I like and feel good about. Knowing that she’s waiting for me at the gym makes me look forward to working out. Best of all, she’s introduced me to water exercise. When I’m in the pool, I can move my knees like there’s nothing wrong with them. Michelle is not only a trainer, she’s become a friend, motivator and cheerleader for every ounce of weight I lose and every ounce of strength I gain.”

7. Jane Trahan, Baton Rouge, LA
FOF sharon k says,Jane is amazing. She actually makes me laugh out loud while I’m working out. She has been my trainer for over two years now–the longest time I’ve ever stuck with a program–because she varies the routine and keeps it interesting. I have joint issues and Jane has adapted her program to work with my joints. She has kept me more active and healthy than I’ve ever been!”

8. Josh Simmons at Forma Gym, Walnut Creek, CA
FOF merrittinmartinez says, “Josh is a trainer and a massage therapist who has taken me from an injured lump to a long distance cyclist. He can ‘kick your butt’ kindly while modifying moves to accommodate injuries. Oh, and he’s not hard on the eyes, either!”

9. Pam Roth at Fast Track to Fat Loss, online
FOF mjk1256 says, “Pam is part of the Fast Track to Fat Loss team. She is always online to answer any questions and suggest great ideas for success with diet and exercise. She has really become a friend as well as a trainer for the past few months. I’m 71, I started out in size 12 jeans and now wear an 8.”

Do you have a trainer you love and want to recommend? Click here to add him or her to Fab Faves now!

{City Guide} Top Second-Hand Spots from Coast to Coast

Are you an Old Digger?

From a 1992 Armani Suit to a 1952 Chanel handbag, second-hand finds are a savvy FOF’s best friend. Here are 11 tried and true spots that FOFs turn to for timeless treasures.

1. William Temple, Portland OR
Portland’s better-vetted, lower-priced version of Goodwill sells furniture, vintage clothing and housewares. Proceeds support William Temple House’s mental health counseling, emergency social services and pastoral services. FOF Lisa Johnson says, “I love shopping at William Temple, a wonderful thrift store in Northwest Portland that my daughter turned me on to.”

2. Boomerang, Jamaica Plain, MA
FOF deeptodeep says, “My favorite place to shop is Boomerang, a large neighborhood thrift shop whose profits benefit Aids Action Committee. I find wonderful clothes there as well as cool assorted household items such as brand new West Elm sheer linen curtains that were $6 per panel (I purchased all six!) The stock changes constantly so there are always surprises and the potential for a score.”

3. Albright Fashion Library, New York, NY
FOF Linda Rodin says, “I love the Albright Fashion Library. Everyone from a Meryl Streep to a runway model goes there to get clothes for events. If you have your eye on a $20,000 designer dress, you can rent it at Albright for $2,000 a night. Or rent a Hermes handbag if you want to look groovy for a weekend.”

4. GreenFlea Market, New York, NY
FOF micheled says, “”I find great deals at a fabulous flea market on 77th St. and Columbus Ave. I bought a Tiffany vase for 5 dollars there. It had some discoloration on the bottom, but I fixed it up with a green pen. I also found a gorgeous black velvet cape lined in white with a hood and a pocket for gloves. I purchased this little gem for about $45 have used it over the years.”

5. The Antiques Garage Flea Market, New York, NY
FOF Audgar says, “My absolute favorite place for a great deal is the flea market on W. 25th St. on Saturdays and Sundays! Grab a cup of coffee and get there early!”

6. Regal Rags, Annapolis, MD. 410.224.3434
FOF Sue S. says, “This small, consignment shop just outside of D.C. re-sells only designer clothes. No one ever wants to wear their designer duds twice, with all the fancy affairs in D.C., so here they are…worn once and some with tags still on. And, the prices are unbelievable; I bought a beautiful Ralph Lauren sweater (with the tags still on) for 5 dollars!”


7. House of Lavande, Palm Beach, FL
FOF Mary Nedvins says, “”Every piece of jewelry there has a history.  The pieces are classic but carry an emotional reference to eras of days gone by.  And I know that no one else will be wearing what I’m wearing.”


8. Trashy Divas, New Orleans, LA

FOF Marybeth Bond says, “When I was writing my book, 50 Best Girlfriends Getaways, so many women told me ‘We love to go to thrift shop with our girlfriends. We take $10 and try to get something really funny for the other person.’ In New Orleans there’s no place like Trashy Divas on Magazine Street.”

9. Couture Allure, online. 617.281.8133
FOF Debra J. Bartgis says, “I met the owner, Jody on eBay seven or eight years ago. She’s very discriminating, her clothes are unique and she’s an extremely helpful seller. She will give you her opinion if she doesn’t think something is right for you.”

10. Rusty Rose Vintage Clothing, Solvang, CA. 805.688.8031
FOF joanspeirs says, “Sometimes I find the best deals on eBay, but it can be time consuming. I prefer to go to my favorite second hand/vintage clothing store Rusty Rose.”

What’s your fave place to shop second-hand? Click here to add your Fab Fave Shop.

{Food} FOF’s Best Eats from Coast to Coast

From “aaaah”-inducing cherry turnovers in Nebraska to “indulgent”  Onion Soup in Illinois, FOFs fork up the treats they crave from the neighborhood spots you have to be in-the-know…to know.

1. FOF Jerice Bergstrom: Fat Toad Caramel from Fat Toad Farm,
Brookfield, VT

“Oh my God! When you taste Fat Toad Caramel sauce over ice cream, apples or oatmeal, your mouth will start reciting the alphabet. Not ‘A’ to ‘Z’, but ‘Mmmm’ to ‘No!’ as in, ‘This can’t be real!’ They make it with their own organic goat’s milk and the ingredients are of unmatched deliciousness. Often, caramel can leave a potent aftertaste. Fat Toad Caramel doesn’t have anything but smoothness and delight, from the initial scent to the sweet aftertaste. It is simply the best caramel I have ever tasted!”

2. FOF Cynthia Johnston: Cherry Turnovers from Lithuanian Bakery & Kafe
Omaha, NE

“Delicate, flaky, melt-in-your-mouth, perfectly-tart-and-sweet cherry turnovers make my ‘ahhh’ moment… and now I have to go get one. Okay, two!”

3. FOF Orelle Jackson: Queen City Cayenne Ice Cream from Jeni’s Ice Cream,
Columbus, OH

“Jeni is a local ice cream maker. She uses all local ingredients to make her heavenly ice creams. Queen City Cayenne is my favorite–rich, smooth, creamy, chocolate ice cream and a kick of cayenne pepper. The juxtaposition of cold and hot, creamy and spicy is a celebration for your taste buds. If you don’t live in Columbus, Jeni does mail order!”

4. FOF Lynne Troiano: Stuffed Cheese Blintzes from Lucky Dill Deli
Palm Harbor, FL

“Cheese blintzes stuffed with Romanoff cheese, strawberry preserves, sour cream AND fresh sliced strawberries. Need I say more?”

5. FOF Suzanne Bernstein: Fried Plantain from Portos Bakery
Burbank, CA

“The fried plantain chips from Porto’s Bakery in Burbank, California are AMAZING! It comes as a side to their delicious sandwiches but sometimes we just order them alone! They are thin and crunchy, slightly sweet, and sprinkled with salt. Wow! We can’t find these anywhere else, so going to Porto’s to order them is ALWAYS a special treat!”

6. FOF Rachel Hart: Baltimore Bomb from Dangerously Delicious Pies
Baltimore, MD

“It combines two of the greatest things in Baltimore: Berger Cookies and Dangerously Delicious Pies. It’s filled with creamy chocolate and not for the weak of heart. The slices are big and definitely require two forks and two mouths!”

7. FOF Barbara Wicklund: Creamy Onion Soup from Mary’s Market
Rockford, IL

“It’s difficult to describe this soup and do it justice! It’s not your average French onion soup; it has a creamy base with sweet, perfectly cooked onions and is served in a homemade bread bowl. It’s topped off with so much lightly-browned cheese that you know it’s an indulgence!”

8. FOF Myra Garber: Grandma Pizza from Umberto’s
Wantagh, NY
“The Grandma-style pizza from Umberto’s is the best! The dough is thin, with a little bit of chewiness. The tomatoes are sweet, but with a hint of freshness. The cheese has just the correct amount of salt.”

9. FOF Sue Stebbing: Mussels from Skipper’s Pier
Deale, MD

“The mussels in white wine sauce with garlic, herbs and lots of freshly baked bread to dip with is an ultimate treat. Sitting at the dock bar that extends into the waters of the Chesapeake Bay, eating mussels, watching boats go by and listening to live music on a Sunday evening is what life is all about.”

What’s your favorite local treat? Comment below and tell us.

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{City Guides} Your perfect long-weekend plans! 9 great getaways recommended by FOFs

From a Washington State winery with breathtaking views to a storybook coastal town in Connecticut, FOFs know the best off-the-beaten path spots across the country for long-weekend travel.

Kenwood Vineyards, Sonoma Valley, CA
FOF nettie54 says, “This cozy winery is located in the beautiful Sonoma Valley. Kenwood’s grounds are just lovely with a picnic area for you to enjoy their wine while you have lunch. The staff is very helpful and have steered us towards wines we may not have ordinarily picked. I would recommend this little gem for anyone who is visiting the San Francisco area as a little side trip.” Read more.

Cave B Inn at Sage Cliffe Winery, Quincy, WA
FOF lifeiswonderful2 says, “Poised 900 feet above the Columbia River, Cave B Inn surrounded by estate vineyards & fragrant orchards, offers breathtaking views of sky, water and canyon. Comprised of 30 guestrooms, the inn includes a full service spa and a swimming pool…” Read more.

Crockett’s Run Luxury Cabins and Lodges, Logan, OH
FOF leej5 says, “Crockett’s Run is a very romantic place to visit. You can do anything from canoeing to antique shopping. I really enjoy relaxing in the hot tub right on the deck under the pine trees!” Read more.

Saranac Lake, Saranac, NY
FOF leej5 says, “How gorgeous the scenery is with the mountains around you in all directions, lively water beneath, a stillness that creeps up on you as you leave all cares behind. We read, ate, swam, played games. Slept so well! Ate so much! It’s my FAVE place to be, where I feel in harmony-mentally, physically, and spiritually- so alive.” Read more.

The Berkshires, The Berkshires, MA
FOF rokoren says, “We stayed at the Thaddeus Clapp House in Pittsfield, MA. It is located one street off of the main street and you can walk to many restaurants, the Performing Arts Theater and the movie theater. There is so much to do in the Berkshires.” Read more.

Old Saybrook, Ct.
FOF sp says, “Walk the beach at sunset, check out the boats from all over the country docked at the marinas at Saybrook Point. Play mini-golf with one of the best views you’ll ever find. History, antique shops, art galleries and natural beauty.” Read more.

Fort DeSoto State Park, St. Petersburg, FL
FOF maydaycolorado says, “The beaches are white sugary sand and the Gulf of Mexico water is that absolutely beautiful azure blue!  Spend the day watching boats go by, playing in the water, camping, having a barbecue…or just relaxing with a good book on the beach!” Read more.

Red Mountain Spa, St. George, Utah
FOF Jenni Lipa says, “Set in the midst of Red Rock country, Red Mountain Spa is one of my all–time favorite destinations. I’ve been there once a year for the past ten years, and I always leave feeling rejuvenated…” Read more.

The Beaches of Carmel, Carmel, CA
FOF Diane Danvers-Simmons says, “I’ll take my dog and walk along or just sit by the ocean.” Read more.


Know an under-the-radar weekend getaway spot that you don’t see here? Add it to your Fab Faves now!

{City Guide} Dallas

Dallas is known for its architecture (with buildings designed by the renowned I.M. Pei and Frank Lloyd Wright), barbecue and, of course, The Dallas Cowboys. However, FOF’s know it’s also home to some Fab shops, spas and suppers. Here are some of their Faves:

1. Johnny Rodriguez Salon
FOF Julie Harrison says, “I go to Kathy Hill at Johnny Rodriguez Salon. Kathy makes it so that you look fresh and you’re not out of date.” Read more.

2. Short Suzy Facials
8215 Westchester Dr
FOF Jane Grant says, “I indulge by getting a micro-dermabrasion facial once a month from Suzy Short.” Read more.

3. Allie-Coosh Store
6726 Snider Plaza
FOF louis545 says, “You have the option of buying right off the floor OR having something made especially for you. The woman who finds it difficult to walk into a large department store and buy right off the rack would love Allie-Coosh! Read more.

4. The Grape
2808 Greenville Ave
FOF Jane Grant says, “The grape is intimate and wonderful and always has excellent wines. Their signature dish is the mushroom soup, and I always order the fish special.” Read more.

5. Stephan Pyles Restaurant
1807 Ross Avenue at St. Paul Street
FOF Jayne Norwood says, “It’s casual, elegant and serves Southwest and Peruvian food. They know how to treat customers. The Heaven and Hell chocolate cake is to die for!” Read more.

6. Nana Restaurant
2201 Stemmons Freeway
FOF Paulette Martsolf says, “Great food, great service, but it’s all about the view. Nana’s has a wonderful skyline view of Dallas.” Read more.

7. Lakeside Park
Lakeside Drive and Armstrong Avenue
FOF Callie McDole says, “There’s a little park with a creek running through it and benches for people to sit and read or just enjoy the beautiful and peaceful surroundings.” Read more.

8. Fuji Yama Japanese Restaurant
18217 Midway Road
(not on map)
FOF Freestyleme123 says, “Simple, tasteful and oh! so relaxing… sit at the bar…and watch Diego in action. Have the Mango Tango… the Franford Roll, the Salmon Roll and the Butterfly Kisses.” Read more.

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