When A Woman Loves A Man…For 41 Years

Catherine and Jerry met 41 years ago and married three months later. Catherine reveals two statements they learned they had to say to help hold it all together.

FabOverFifty When and where did you meet?

Catherine: We met at the Madison Avenue offices of Young and Rubicam (an ad agency) in September of 1975.

How did you meet?

Jerry had the office across from my brother Bud. I was visiting Bud as I was between appointments and it was a very rainy day in Manhattan and I needed to use his office phone. Jerry came strolling down the hall, returning from lunch, and Bud made the introduction. He invited me into his office, where we struck up some interesting conversation which I was convinced would lead to date. But, it didn’t. When he didn’t call me, I checked in with Bud to find out why. As it happened, I was wearing a family diamond ring on my right hand the day I met Jerry. Not knowing that was NOT the engagement ring finger, Jerry thought I was engaged. Bud cleared up that mistake.  Jerry followed by calling my answering machine and invited me on a date.

How old are you?


How long have you been married?

40 years

Tell us about your career.

I work in the housewares industry and have for almost 45 years. My job is wonderfully diverse: I do sales and marketing along with product development for manufactures in the home products industry. My specific concentration is on the large retailer Bed Bath and Beyond.

Are you still working? If yes, what are you doing?

Still working and loving it. Still growing my business and even expanding it.  Same job.

How old are your children?

29 and 31

41-yearsWhat attracted you to Jerry when you met?

He was the smartest most eclectic and eccentric man I’d ever met. He was kooky but he walked his talk. When he said he’d call, he did. I knew he was responsible. I wanted and needed that.

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