When A Woman Loves A Man…For 41 Years

Who is smarter, you or Jerry?

We are both smart and, thankfully, really complement each other’s shortcomings. Jerry’s got it all over me in the scholarly areas, and I am the street-smart one.

What do you most love to do together?

To begin, we love to be with each other, more than being with any others. We love to eat, drink and entertai. Spend time with our friends and children. Create beautiful homes for ourselves and spend time quietly in them.


What do you least like to do together?

Anything that has to do with tools, paint or home repair. That is left to others. Jerry’s hands were not designed to hold tools. They are better suited to hold books.

If you could change one thing about Jerry, what would it be?

Give him a better sense of direction. He’s gets lost so easily.

What’s the most important thing that Jerry has taught you?

My husband has been my personal and professional mentor and teacher.  Without him, I could never had reached the success I’ve achieved.  He loves that role, and I love having him in it.

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