When A Woman Loves A Man…For 41 Years

What attracts you to Jerry now?

Would I sound boring if I said those same things keep me in love with him?

What are your three best qualities?

I am willing to take on challenges and work hard to be successful at them. I am a person of conviction and feel it important to carry that though my personal and private life. I am a leader who sets high standards and instills them in others.

What are your three worst qualities?

Judgmental. I want what I want and often am not flexible. Always a work in progress…Overly assertive and can be blind to how that affects others.

What are Jerry’s three best qualities?

Jerry is a kind and loving man. What you see is what you get. No guile. Treats others as he wants to be treated himself. He’s generous with himself, his love of friends and family, and his material things. Smart, Smart, Smart.

What are Jerry’s three worst qualities?

Dominates conversations without being aware that others have things to day. Has a hard time controlling his anger and paints himself, often, into corners. Sketchy table manners??  Hahahha….

To what do you attribute the success of your marriage?

Mutual respect and admiration. Jerry knows I like to be in first position and he happily gives it to me. We have learned how good we are for each other and try to not put that at risk.

With how many men were you involved before you met Jerry?

Casually, lots. Intimately…3

Did you ever think of separating or divorcing?

marriageYes, we had a rocky period.  Who doesn’t? 40 years is a long time. With the help of lots of marriage counseling we learned how to listen more to each other.  To be more intimate and aware of each other’s needs.  To blow off steam when necessary rather than hold it in.  To say ‘thank you’  and ‘I’m sorry.’

DRUM ROLL:  Appreciate your partner for what he does well and forgive him for his weaknesses.

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