7 ways to step out of your comfort zone


1. Splurge on something you really want when
you’re a tightwad


2. Make the first move with a romantic interest

flirting-signs (2)

3. Take yourself out to a fabulous dinner


4. Wear a bold color you’ve never worn before

older women serenity bold color

5. Admit an insecurity


6. Be magnanimous to a co-worker,
even if you don’t like him


7. Have a professional photoshoot of yourself


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  • Rebecca Kleine

    Wonderful ideas discovered just in time for a woman who needs a boost … or three.

  • Marcia Sawyer

    These are great. I’ve already done a few of them and it’s an exhilarating feeling.

  • I love these ideas. I must add them to my bucket list!

    • Geri

      hi kathy,

      so glad you do. and for telling us!

      Geri Brin

  • Camille

    Wow…..at my job, I’d get crusified for # 6! Any human contact is considered inappropriate!

    • Geri

      hi camille,

      we meant just be good-natured to someone at work who you might not like. isn’t that allowed at your job?