Smart Women Finish Rich: Discover The 9 Steps To Help You Achieve Your Financial Goals And Dreams

I’ve often joked that I hope my body gives out before my money runs out.

The prospect of ever living from hand-to-mouth is mighty distressing, but I hate thinking about my financial future. I figure I’ll always be able to make an income, no matter how old I am. After all, I’ve been supporting myself since I graduated college. Never needed a man for that.

WRONG! What if I get sick and can’t work? How long will I be able to keep going before my money does, indeed, run out? I feel vulnerable just thinking about it.

And when I look at many of my women friends, whose husbands have handled their finances for decades, they’re in the same boat I am. They avoid talk of money at all costs. It’s too darn intimidating. But what if their hubbies die first? Will they be left financially secure?

One of my closest friends was literally left “holding the bag” when her husband died in his 50s. But the bag was virtually empty because his business was practically under water, and what little he had left went to healthcare costs. My friend had to create a new life on her own: Downsize her home; get a job (she hadn’t worked since college); learn how to live on a budget. It was a scary time for her.

So when the folks from Edelman Financial Services approached us about their 90-minute Smart Women Finish Rich seminars, they got my attention.

Wouldn’t it be worth it to spend such a little amount of time if what I learn could help me to take charge of my financial future, and to feel safer and more secure?

How the seminars change our attitudes about money

Grandma Rose Bach believed women should be able to take control of their financial futures, no matter what their age, income or education. Using her common sense approach to money and wealth creation, over the years Rose became a self-made millionaire—all the while sharing her wisdom and lessons with her grandson, David.

David Bach has since dedicated his life to empowering and inspiring women around the world to take control of their financial futures, just like his Grandma Rose did. He is the creator of the Smart Women Finish Rich® seminar which led to his New York Times bestselling book, Smart Women Finish Rich.

The Smart Women Finish Rich® seminar has educated and inspired hundreds of thousands of women across North America. Now it’s your turn to join the ranks of other smart women.

Coming to 10 cities between now and November 12th, these inspiring, interactive and anything-but-intimidating 90-minute sessions are brought to you by Edelman Financial Services and are taught by their Smart Women Financial Education Team—all personally trained by David Bach himself.

Normally $15, Edelman Financial Services is extending a special offer to the FabOverFifty Community to attend free of charge. Besides gaining indispensable financial knowledge, you’ll receive two copies of David Bach’s inspiring book (one for you and one for a friend!) and a seminar workbook, containing all the tools you need to get started on your financial journey.

Upcoming seminars will be held in Baltimore, Boston, Columbus, Detroit, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Phoenix, San Francisco, and Washington, DC.

If you think you’re smart now, just wait to see
how smart you’ll be after attending Smart Women Finish Rich. Get a girlfriend and sign up now!

Enter promo code BLOGS1 on the sign-up page for your complimentary admission to a Smart Women Finish Rich® session near you today!

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