Your Many States Of Matrimony

Once. Will be 37 years in 2017, and we were together for 4 years prior to that….would do it again in a heartbeat! He is the BEST!”

Vicki Koller Hartman


I was married once. Hoped to be married for a lifetime like my parents, but my ex had other plans, like a girlfriend while we were still married and he got abusive. I’ll probably will never marry again. Been single 18 years.”

Jolene Burke

2. My first love passed from cancer and I have been lucky enough to find my 2nd love and still going strong. Both men wonderful and I know that I have been blessed everyday.”

Zina Rumfelt


“Once. Married 39 years, dumped for a young chickie who dumped him 2 years later. I still have trust issues when it comes to men, but being by myself is really nice!!”

Donna Wekerle Anderson

Once. Divorced now but still friends. He’s remarried and I’ve been with someone else for 18 fantastic years. Maybe one day we will get married. Who knows what 2017 will bring?!”

Monica White

Married twice. First one young and my mom had just died from suicide. Two beautiful children. Second marriage going on 12 years. He has a sick liver. Not sure where life will take us. Not sure I’d marry again. It’s been interesting for sure.”

Cass Kaul Schettler


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