Your Many States Of Matrimony

Twice, was quite fond of the first one, but he would just not be good. Second one was childhood friend, known him almost all my life. If you had told me when I was younger that I would end up married to him, I would have thought that was hilarious. We’ve now been married over 40 years. So, I think it will be okay.”

Mary Tracy Hollifield

38 years to the guy who still makes me smile and thinks I am Sophia Loren and Carol Burnett rolled into one. The guy’s in love..can’t fight it.”

Phyllis Adams

One time is enough. Never again. I don’t care who I meet. The only reason I see to get married is for children or insurance needs. Other than that, eh.”

Robbie Massie Morrow

Twice to the same man. Married first in Vegas, then 16 years later in church. Married 46 years.”

Connie Armendariz Herrera

Las Vegas Wedding

Once. Forty years of bliss. Just lost my husband on Thanksgiving day.”

Laura Cello Woodham

Once. 46+, childhood sweetheart, got married on 5th anniversary of going together, two amazing college grad adult children. I think it’s going to last.  Unless it’s insurmountable, like life threatening or chronic infidelity, just REFUSE TO GIVE UP ON EACH OTHER!”

Denise Kennedy

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