6 Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Solo Vacation

1. Develop your photography skills

Most of you already take cameras when you travel, as you’ll be left with great memories of your trip. But taking photos can be more than just point-and-shoot. Why not invest in a new camera, or spend some time before your trip actually learning all the settings? You might be surprised at how much your camera can do, and you’ll get some pretty impressive photos out of it!

2. Get out of your comfort zone

If you’re in a major city, go to a different neighborhood for each meal. When traveling alone, it’s easy to find a restaurant near your hotel and get comfortable eating all your meals there. But where’s the fun in that? Make a point to try a restaurant in a different part of town each night. This will also give you ample opportunity to become familiar with the transit system—what an accomplishment to be able to go home and say you mastered the London Tube!

3. Don’t schedule every minute

While it’s good to have a plan, this is a vacation—a chance to take a break from your very scheduled life at home. Have plans for museums and sights to see each day, but leave plenty of time for wandering. Sometimes the most memorable moments happen when you’re least expecting them!

4. Forget the electronics

If you can, stay off the internet and phone for a least a couple of days. It can be tempting to want to check in with friends and family back home, but it will detract from your solo time… That’s why you took this trip, right?

5. “Paris, je t’aime!”

If you’re traveling in a country where you don’t speak the language, don’t let the language barrier scare you! Write down a list of basic phrases and try to make it a point to use one or more several times a day. Oui?

6. Establish new habits

Everyone has little things that they’d like to accomplish, but that often get pushed aside in your everyday life. Take this time to start the book that’s been gathering dust on your shelf for months, or begin those morning walks you’ve always wanted to take. You’ll have more to bring home than just souvenirs!

Remember, you don’t have to go away to take a solo vacation. Maybe your alone time is taking a spa day for yourself once a month, or a weekly trip to the movies. Whatever it is, this is your time—so you do you!

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