What should I wear to an afternoon Bar Mitzvah?

5 Answers

  1. Paula Fogle wrote on :

    Modest, but “fun.” Nothing sleeveless, too short or too low cut. Something similar to what you would wear to an afternoon wedding.

  2. Ann Rosenstein wrote on :

    Wear something comfortable, tasteful and dressy. No jeans! Business casual with a bit of flare is always safe. Think of how you might want a friend to dress for one of your family member’s special occasion. Wear comfortable shoes as there might be dancing!

  3. Ruth James wrote on :

    I agree with gerdi … something modest and “church/synagogue” appropriate.

    That being said, is there a party or reception afterwards? If so you might consider something sleeveless you can put a shrug, sweater or jacket over at the service but remove later.

    • Geri Brin wrote on :

      good idea about the shrug. thanks.

  4. gerdi scheffler wrote on :

    Dress similar to what you would wear to a wedding or to church/synagogue. A dress should go to or below your knees.

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