Where can I find the perfect pair of black pants?

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  1. Victoria Salti Wilson wrote on :

    There are so many brands out there with great fitting apparel. I have always been able to find my pants at either Khol’s (Vera Wang) or Macys (INC). I have never been unsatisfied with either brand. I am a cautious shopper and I try them on to be certain.

  2. pat atwell wrote on :

    Black pants………………I have found two that I love. At Talbots and Chicos. I have thighs, UGH!!! But thats me, and both stores carry pants that are made for different body types. Also if the pant fits almost perfect, its worth the extra money to have them tailored!!!! And Like Sherrie wrote, all her questions are spot on!

  3. Dralene "Red" Hughes wrote on :

    Coldwater Creek (has several different pant styles to fit every body), Chicos also has some nice pant styles (but their sizing is completely different than anyone elses – so ask for help on the correct size) – these have been the best places for me in finding pants (and I live in pants or jeans). Best wishing in finding the “Perfect Pair”! ;-D

  4. Andrea Lawley wrote on :

    The perfect pair of black pants (dress or casual) can always be found at Chico’s. They come in a variety of sizes, heights, fabrics, are reasonably priced and the company is wonderful. They also have different cuts which makes a huge difference depending on your build. Give them a try; think you’ll be pleased. Andy

  5. Mary Montgomery wrote on :

    Black Pants are a wardrobe essential. I find that different designers cater to different styles and shapes. I can reccommend three popular labels who might have exactly what your looking for. Oscar De La Renta for a refined tailored look. Ralph Lauren for a more sporty, yet tailored look and believe it or not Eddie Bauer makes a comfortable everyday pant/slacks that look great and wear well. All are good quality and offer a range of prices and choices depending on your budget and style.

  6. Geri Brin wrote on :

    if your budget will allow, I’d recommend buying the exact fabric you want from a fabric shop and taking it to a reputable tailor. Tell him just want you want, he’ll measure you and you’ll get a pair of pants that fit you perfectly.

  7. Susan Grant wrote on :

    Hi Eve,
    I think most women are perpetually searching for the “perfect” black pants, but “perfect” is totally subjective, depending, as Sherrie Mathieson observed, on body type and style preference. The latest trend is wide legs, but skinny are still being worn by many women and bell bottoms are back, but hopefully not being purchased by any of us who wore them the first time around! For a classic cut, I would probably suggest Lord & Taylor, Ann Tayor or Ralph Lauren and for edgier styles, anywhere from H & M to Bloomingdales, or Barneys and Bergdorf’s, which both carry Piazza Sempione, which makes a great classic fitted style. Bergdorf’s also carries Eskandar, which is a wonderful brand for larger women.

  8. Gail Garramone wrote on :

    It is dependent on your lifestyle and body type, ultimately, but Ralph Lauren is the master of classics and Akris is also a great resource which offers slightly more edge. I have a pair of black Akris that I wear all the time.

  9. SHERRI STECK wrote on :

    Ann Taylor may be a place to consider, they have several different styles to fit a wide variety of body types.

  10. gerdi scheffler wrote on :

    White House Black Market is always a good choice.

  11. Sherrie Mathieson wrote on :

    Black pants are a wardrobe staple but they vary enormously.
    First a few questions:
    Your size and height?
    Are you short, regular or long-waisted?
    Are you looking for everyday work pants?
    Are you very conservative or do you want a bit of trend in your style?
    What is your budget?
    Once answered–only then can anyone really zero in on a semblance of the “perfect” black pant.
    Sherrie (www.sherriemathieson.com)

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