Anyone know why Tax Day is April 18th this year instead of April 15th?

0 Answers

  1. Helen Ballard wrote on :

    Not all states were extended to April 18. Because of the continuing resolutons in congress it was decided the extra days to April 18 vs April 15.

  2. Edith Lundquist wrote on :

    some kind of government holiday: which means that in my job (psych doc in a Capital City) I’ll be mobbed with patients: state workers with the day off, kiddos out of school, teachers who my able assistant will do a wonderful job of not scheduling adjacent to the out of school for the day kiddos…wish I could take a day off (not really–I love love love my work) but these days are always superbusy for me!!!

  3. Jackie Mutschler wrote on :

    Washington DC celebrates “Emancipation Day” on April 15th. It is a federal holiday for that area only, giving all the rest of us a few extra days to get our taxes filed!

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