To Botox or not to Botox? I’m unhappy with the vertical lip lines, but don’t want to look like a cartoon character. Would like to hear from those who have — and haven’t!

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  1. kmhamgrp@aol.com wrote on :

    I too have vertical lip lines and feel they age me more than anything else. I have had botox in other areas as well as botox near your lips that turns up your top lip ever so slightly (in my case anyway), but truthfully it did not really help in a significant way. I have also had lip filler, and if you have a really good and qualified profession do the injection, you will not in any way shape or form look like a cartoon character. In the end, the lip lines are very, very challenging according to dermatologists I’ve spoken with. I would speak to your dermatologist or someone qualified at a medi-spa and see what might be best for you. Personally, back to Botox, I have amazingly positive results with very significant results. In my case, it just was not the fix for the lip lines.

  2. Marla5115 wrote on :

    I absolutely love Botox. If it’s done by a competent board certified doctor it can do wonders for frown lines and smile lines around your eyes, and look very natural. For lines around your mouth you would not use botox but rather a dermal filler.

  3. Geri Brin wrote on :

    I’ve had Botox a few times and thought it was more or less a waste. too much money and didn’t change my looks dramatically.

  4. Sharon Nord wrote on :

    Personally I have had Botox many times and I really like it. I always tell the Doctor please be conservative. I agree with everyone that you don’t want Botox in your lips, filler is the way to go if you want to lessen those lines, you don’t have to look like many Hollywood stars with those giant lips. Don’t worry about the needles it’s just a sting and an ice pack afterwards really helps. Good Luck and let us know how you did!

  5. Ruth James wrote on :

    Hi! I’ve wrestled with this for years until the lines became more real that I perceived! At 56 I “gave” and tried Botox both between my eyes and on my vertical lip lines. I was/am and will continue to be pleased with Botox between my eyes but won’t do it again on my lips. As another guru mentioned, it only works where the muscles pull. Right now I’m considering one of the fillers many mentioned.

  6. Tami Abiuso wrote on :

    My sister works for a plastic surgery group and she is 56 years old. She gets to have Botox injections for free. It is not used below the eyes, so never on the lips or around the lip area. For that you would need a “filler” injection such as Restalyne or Perlane. But, for her forehead region and the lines between the eyes, it works wonders. My sister looks at least 10 years younger than 56. Not painful at all she tells me.

  7. Gina Parker wrote on :

    I have had botox injections twice, for my between the eyes “cleavage”, and I loved it. It didn’t hurt more than a pinch, and the results lasted months. People stopped asking me “are you angry about something?” because my scowly forehead was relaxed and smooth. I plan on going in June and getting it again. My doctor charges $10 a unit, and I take 25 units in the forehead. Having said all that, I think botox is not the treatment you’re looking for – I would check into a filler, such a juvederm or restylane – botox paralyzes the muscles it’s injected in, so I don’t think you’d want that on your mouth!! The forehead and crows feet are the most popular locations for botox. Lots of plastic surgeons offer free consultations, so I’d suggest contacting a reputable doctor and go from there!! Good luck!

  8. Teri Newman wrote on :

    Botox only helps lines that are caused by muscle movement and those lip lines won’t be helped with it–get a collagen filler like Juvederm instead. It lasts the same amount of time and has a comparable cost.

  9. Jennifer Snowdon wrote on :

    I did have the realization that the lips themselves diminish and as they do the bridge supporting the upper lip begins to sag and then lines appear. I am not into needles or chemicals. My mentor said, “One of the most inexpensive facelifts is a smile!” And I find that works in all sincerity. Also there are some great facial yoga regimes to tone and lift the cheeks which tighten the lips and on! Then a good serums and some microderm and there are lip plumpers that are not all chemical.

  10. Marilyn McMillan wrote on :

    Needles? No thanks! I’m the one they have to scoop off the floor when I get a shot! Creams and lotions are much less scary, thank you. Besides, whenever I think of Botox, images of movie stars tripping over their lips (your cartoon characters), who can’t smile, and have the perpetual “surprise!” (or the “I just had a lobotomy) look on their faces come to mind… Yep, I’ll take a good moisturizer any day…! Just call me Wimp…

  11. Kari Solyntjes wrote on :

    I have not done botox ever so I can’t comment on that. But there are very effective lasers and peels that can help with that issue. Also I like to use Lisa Hoffman Beauty’s Night Lip Serum – it’s good for lined lips and the lines around the lip area.

  12. Loraine Alcorn wrote on :

    I have not had botox and though I did want to try it my friend came out looking weird so I changed my mind I have good luck with creams and serums so I’m not considering botox now Ill stick with my favorite beauty products that work well if used diligently

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